Trinity Life Church

Week 1

Repentance and the Great Commission
  1. Pray that God will renew our hearts and minds in this New Year.
  2. Pray that God will break any bondage in our lives.
  3. Pray that God will renew our hearts concerning the Great Commission, the vision of TLC.
  4. Pray that our entire church would grow in our desire to see the lost hear the Gospel and be saved.
  5. Pray that we will live out our faith where we live, work, and play.
  6. Pray that God will give us a hunger for the Word of God.
  7. Pray that we will be a ministry of reconciliation, strengthened by the delivering power of God’s Word.
The Body of Christ
  1. Pray that the body of Christ would seize opportunities to serve our community as the hands and feet of Christ.
  2. Pray that the body of Christ would effectively share God’s Word with power and authority tearing down Satan’s strongholds on the lives of people.
  3. Pray that we effectively engage and mobilize our people in mercy ministries that transform our communities for the glory of God.



Week 2

Our Church Leadership

  1. Pray that TLC continues to identify and develop leaders in our church.
  2. Pray that we be a ministry of accountability that impacts and transforms.
  3. Pray that they remain faithful in their hearts towards God.
  4. Pray that they remain diligent in their studies as they prepare to deliver the Word.
  5. Pray that they give God all the glory and honor for the Kingdom results.
  6. Pray that their labor produces abundant fruit.
  7. Pray that God would raise up other leaders to serve faithfully at TLC.


Civil Leaders
  1. That God would save our president and surround him with godly advisors.
  2. Pray that all leaders of civil government would be men and women of integrity. 


Week 3

Family Relationships

  1. Pray that TLC husbands and wives grow in their personal walk, mature in their God ordained roles, and experience the kind of relationships that glorify God.
  2. Pray that mothers and fathers would find restoration as godly parents to their children.
  3. Pray the children would seek to honor their parents and find the blessing of prosperity in life.
  4. Pray that wayward children would return home. That unsaved children would come to the Lord.
  5. Generational curses would be broken in our family line. 



Reaching - Teaching - Helping