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S Engel s The Communist Manifesto by Jerry Z Muller30 Harriet Beecher Stowe s Uncle Tom s Cabin by Arnold Weinstein31 Charles Darwin s On the Origin of Species by Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius32 John Stuart Mill s On Liberty by Jay L Garfield33 Upton Sinclair s The Jungle by Peter Conn34 Martin Heidegger s Being and Time by Lawrence Cahoone35 Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn s One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Irwin Weil36 Betty Friedan The Feminine Mystiue by Patrick N Allitt hide spoiler I have somewhat mixed emotions about this collection which is of an assortment The selections are really ood until perhaps the ones in 20th CENTURY I M NOT ENTIRELY SURE I AGREE WITH I m not entirely sure I agree with the selections especially after the 25th book The presentation is fragmented each book being presented by different academics which kind of breaks the flow In addition some of the selections are transplanted from other courses so it is or can be a repetition if you are already familiar with it Some of the books are presented almost as a dialogue and discussion very similar to podcast which is slightly disappointing in a collection ualified as book Overall ood content wish though they had tailored to it the actual titleAlso there is uite a bit though they had tailored to it the actual titleAlso there is uite a bit overlap with Prof Rufus Books That Have Made History so if you have done that already I d find very little merit in doing thi. Another course with these professors before et a reminder of just why you enjoyed them And if you've never heard some of them before who knows You may just discover your next favorite Great Courses professor More than that you'll rediscover just how powerful the printed word can be You'll also learn how the mark of a truly reat book isn't that it just changes the lives of individual readers but the lives of entire civilization. Dy4 Sun Tsu s The Art of War by andrew r wilson5 confucius s the analects Andrew R Wilson5 Confucius s The Analects Mark W Muesse6 Herodotus Histories by Elizabeth Vandiver7 Plato s The Republic by Dennis Dalton8 Aristotle s Nicomachean Ethics by Robert C Bartlett9 Ovid s Metamorphoses by Elizabeth Vandiver10 Marcus Aurelius s Meditations by Luke Timothy Johnson11 St Augustine s Confessions by William R Cook Ronald B Herzman12 The Koran by Grant Hardy13 Fibonacci s The Liber Abaci by Dorsey Armstrong14 Dante s The Divine Comedy by John M Bowers15 Machiavelli s The Prince By William Prince by William Cook16 Copernicus On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Orbs by Lawrence M Principe17 Shakespeare s Hamlet by John M Bowers18 Cervantes Don uixote by Ronald B Herzman19 The King James Bible by John Sutherland20 Francis Bacon s The New Organum by Alan Charles Kors21 Denis Diderot s Jean le Rond d Alembert s The Encyclopedie by Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius 22 Samuel Johnson s A Dictionary OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE BY SETH LERER23 THOMAS PAINE the English Language by Seth Lerer23 Thomas Paine Common Sense by Peter Conn24 Adam Smith s The Wealth of Nations by Jerry Z Muller25 Madison s Hamilton s Jay s The Federalist Papers by Daniel N Robinson26 The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Arnold Weinstein27 Mary Wolstonecraft s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by John Sutherland28 Alexis de Tocueville s Democracy in America by William R Cook29 Marx. T changed the worldIn the company of an unparalleled roster of award winning professors from a range of disciplines you'll et fresh perspectives on books you only thought you knew and intriguing introductions to some works you may not have known played key roles in etting us to where we are today These include The Analects the Liber Abaci A Dictionary of the English Language The Jungle The Feminine Mystiue and If you've taken. ,
36 Books That Changed the World

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As is typical with anthologies compilations it s a mixed bag some of the other mixed bag But some of the other and criticisms are far too harsh I found than of these lectures enjoyable or downright fantastic and I consider this a nice sampler of various topics that I would probably not indulge in a full lecture series on by my own choice The most noticeable issue in my mind is the variance in audio uality and speed with lectures reuiring 125x 2x speed to seem well reasonable Otherwise another smashing product from the Teaching Company This is a set of lectures about important books in history The lectures vary based on the book impact and the lecturers ability to captivate the audience Many of the books are uite long and difficult to process ie Koran Bible Gita The impact of the books is what defines their reatness Here are my favorite lectures Bhagavad Gita Common Sense The Koran A Dictionary of the English LanguageThe JungleThe spoiler contains a complete list of books and lecturers view spoiler The Great Courses went through their previously published lectures and culled about 30 minute lectures on 36 influential booksWhy I started this book I was interested in seeing what books made the list view spoilerHere s the books and lecturers1 The Epic of Gilgamesh by Grant L Voth 2 Homer s The Odyssey by John M Bowers3 The Bhagavad Gita by Grant Har. Certain works of literature history science philosophy political theory and religion offer powerful examples of how books can spark revolutions birth Hear the Wolves great religions spur scientific advancements shape world economies teach us new ways of thinking and much And with this fascinating collection crafted from our extensive library of courses you can nowet a single course that represents 36 of our best lectures on literary works tha.