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Anikis GardenJust ReadAnd perhaps importantly why did I njoy itI don t do tentacles and suishy things But that prompt pic and the tentacles and suishy things But that prompt pic and the word count convinced me to give it a try For my first tentacle Revived erotica I d say it was pretty goodThough be warned this is not a romance It s pretty twisted actually But if you re into that I think you llnjoy thisThis is so 35 stars Kudos to the author for great writing and a very creative interpretation of the prompt I d love a seuel Tentacles optional very well written and utterly depraved tentacle porn Loved itRecommended for perverts like me 45Wow seriously This absolutely rocked the prompt which itself rocked so that s like rocking suared because honestly there can NEVER be nough tentacle fiction IMHO Also left me absolutely salivating for like I m totally willing to beg Shamelessly I want the twenty volume manga series of this story Bottom line just check out the image you ll know instantly if this story is for you Aniki s Garden is a brilliant interpretation of the prompt and contains vivid imagery but it s not a romance It S A Highly Stylized s a highly stylized of soft fetish porn set in 1960s Japan featuring two stranged cousins and a young male secretary who s restrained in a tub and being fucked by an octopus la the prompt image Strange poetic little story with a film noir feel WhoaLike whoaThis prompt right Like this prompt was dope Because tentacles Tentacles that are stuffing a splayed and trussed boy s legs I imagine those appen. Between his splayed thighs its tentacles winding up the man’s bare chest The man is gagged with silk and bound in black rope that makes red marks on his pale knees His cheeks are flushed and his yes are narrowed helpless and defiant at onceThis story was written as a part of the MM Romance Group's Love is an Open Road vent Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choic.

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Dages deep inside very hole Every holeI wondered what kind #Of Story Would Be Created From This Yummy PromptThis Wasn # story would be created from this yummy promptThis wasn the story I xpected And it rockedSo short I would have read a novel on cousins Kazuo and Yuuta I imagine the proper Yuuta being violated in all the ways by his cousin happy sighI m getting ahead of myself This isn t romance it s gay "fiction rotica I ve heard great things about this author I see why I liked her tone The writing style "erotica I ve heard great things about this author I see why I liked her tone The writing style attention to 1960 s Japan were great Yakuza A little cousincousin action TentaclesJapanese born Yuuta was were great Yakuza A little cousincousin action TentaclesJapanese born Yuuta was in America His family tried to ignore their home but not Yuuta He s a rising Japanese art historian and gets an invite to visit his cousin Kazuo Yuuta s parents try to keep the cousins from contacting ach other but it didn t work Yuuta meets up with his criminal cousin at his huge house While searching his garden he hears the strangest soundsThe prompt pic Not who I thought it would be Still hot The ntire scene with the octopus was hotMan do I wish it was longer I think I could come to love the gangster Kazuo of this was a longer storythere s a sense of deviousness there that I like in criminalsGah the nding I m smirking 425 starsThanks to the author must remember to read her longer books soon Thanks to the team and Language and Linguistics event behind this story delicious and far far too shortwhat a beautiful teaseas lush and sensuous in its description of the setting as it was in itsasy glide into Divertimento eroticawell don. E Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexuallyxplicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The MM Romance Group strongly recommends that Love Is a Fairy Tale each reader review the General Information section beforeach story for story tags as well as for content warning. Short and pretty damn rotic Even with the involvement of an octopus Send me to therapy someone 35 starsWhat a tasty little nosh this is If you re looking for wild and LASCIVIOUS TENTACLEBONDAGE SEX YOU LL HAVE tentaclebondage sex you ll have go lsewhere While there are tentacles the play is a little sedate than the usual in this genre But that does not at all detract from the rotic pull The writing is compact and fficient and lovely Just to my taste I only wish there were Not a romance Bangkok Wakes to Rain erotic fantasy this seemed like just an intro to what could be some serious control dynamics between Aniki and Yuuta This is my first read with this author and I will definitely be looking for NOOOOOOOOOOOOOCOME BACKwhinesWhy is it so shortI want kinky tentacles and probable incest with a yakuza pleaseDamn you Claire Craykicks rocksI need to read from her cough like a continuation of this cough Beautiful language very descriptive I just want of it ObviouslyThanks to the author and her team for participating in the LORvent I figure that the DRitC LOR vent is not only a great chance to read some free fiction but also an opportunity to read something new risk freeSo having said that this was my first tentacle story and from what I can gather from my GR friends
was uite a tame sampling this particular trope A little vague in the details and setup it definitely left me intrigued a bit titillated I wouldn t be adverse to a seuel you know to further my own dification What The Absolute Fuck Did Dear AuthorWhat intrigues me the most about this picture is the bondage Is he a willing or unwilling victim Just what did he do to wind up in this position Did he upset his Dom or did he just step on the wrong person’s toesPhoto Description A young Japanese man naked xcept for a drenched white button down shirt slumps face up in a large round wooden tub surrounded by flowers A large red octopus is settled. ,
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