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Ives over a period of a little than 2 years we see their relationship change and grow Both these teenagers are absolutely different from 2 years we see their relationship change and grow Both these teenagers are absolutely different from another yet they complement each other in ways than you can imagine Told completely from Ari s point of view the book is crafted in short poem like chapters The story here is uiet and gentle even simplistic but that is the very beauty of itHonestly ever since I read this book my life sort of changed It touched upon me in a way I don t think a lot many books have ykMy favourite thing about this book is the realness of it all the characters the setting the emotions the dialogues and everything in between This book made me smile it made me cry constantly I found every line of this book beautiful and worthy to uote and that is not an exaggeration It made me also introspect what secrets the universe holds out for us and if I can discover themHave I discovered them Yes What is it Where to look Well start with this book I would sayFinally in the end all I would like to say that I did not just enjoy this book but I am so grateful for it No review or anything I say can ever write would do justice to what a sheer masterpiece it is I read this for the ReadProud challenge Week 3This was a contemporary gay YA novel featuring Mexican American teenage boys It was a very fast read with many many very short chapters I have a weakness for short chapters so I liked this a lotIt had wonderful characterization and angsty teens who came across as actual angsty teens and not some sort of novelistic clich I especially loved that minor spoiler at the end I had that experience with being trans where other people new before I did and it is not something I see in fiction a lot I also liked that the parents were well rounded people and characters in their own right I actually hugged this book after reading it It s just such a beautiful story If you re looking for a character driven coming of age story you d probably like this The plot isn t that heavy and the prose can be very sparse so you certainly have to long the characters to enjoy it But it s nearly impossible not to love these two boysOne thing that impressed me about this story was the nuance in the relationship between Ari and Dante There s so many subtle moments in their friendship that it wasn t until the very end of the book when I realised how things would turn out Ari himself wasn t sure how he felt and the reader wasn t always sure either I ve rarely seen a friendship with so much dept. Ey share a special friendshipthe Im Not Millie! kind that changes lives and lasts a lifetime And it is through this friendship that Ari and Dante will learn the most important truths about themselves and theind of people they want to. I don t even Salvation: A Novel (Salvation Sequence) know where to beginThis is a beautiful coming of age story I genuinely felt giddy when I finished this bookThe story follows the lives of Aristotle and Dante from age fifteen to seventeen through Ari s POV Ari feels disconnected from everyone around him He doesn t have any friends his twin sisters are a decade older than him his brother is in prison and his dad s trauma prevents them from having the relationship Ari desires One summer day Dante approaches Ari and offers to teach him how to swim They bond over their unu I m so happy that I was lucky enough to have had ordered it in paperback This is such a beautiful book so lucid and so mind gripping Dante and Aristotle are characters you can relate to in different ways and in the end the message is surreal we all are fighting private wars within ourselves And sometimes it is time not to run and take the blows head on and be freeDo give it a read I nevernew I d start to look at a relationship between the same sex in a different way I m so glad I did itThe front and back cover is so pretty and makws you wanna just Start Reading The Book reading the book awayCouldnt really understand why the cover was like that now I do I did not like this book very much because I felt like it did a poor job of conveying the time and place of the novel s setting I grew up in El Paso in the 1970s and 80s It was a magical place in many ways almost none of that comes across in the book How could the author miss describing what the mountains look like at sunset the fury of a summer thunderstorm the sights and smells of the desert And For Gods Sake The Food Only Mentioned In Passing for gods sake the food Only mentioned in passing author also glossed over the challenges of being LGBT in the community during this era Kids who were suspected of being anything but straight were routinely bullied and as a result LGBT youth were heavily closeted The challenges that would have been faced by the main characters were grossly under represented That said Dante and Ari are compelling characters and I did enjoy spending time with them But this book could have been so much aristotle is 15 and been so much Aristotle is 15 and as hell at anything and everything he enjoys being a loner and isn t that fond of his mom and dad Dante is the light to Aristotle s dark he loves everything is well liked and openly states that he loves his parents They meet at the swimming pool and friendship beginsThe book is easy to get absorbed in I also listened to parts and Lin Manuel s voice brings to life these young Mexican boys you ca. A Time Best YA Book of All Time 2021 This Printz Honor Book is a tender honest exploration of identity Publishers Weekly that distills lyrical truths about family and friendshipAristotle is an angry teen with a brother in.

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N almost imagine them being real life people It brings together so many themes seamlessly from growing up family mental health and LGB and woven a perfect story out of itSaenz has developed 2 main characters that you fall in love with and want the best for their friendship is such a ey factor in the book and they influence each other positively The act that binded Aristotle and Dante together was so real you could visualise it happeningThe other positive aspect of the book is the 2 sets of parents Aristotle s parents although they have flaws and secrets themselves are always there for ari no matter what want him Ari no matter what and want be happy and simply to have friends Dante s parents are accepting both of Dante and Ari and their love shines through the bookI loved this book and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a young adult read about growing up with some LGB themes One summer night I fell asleep hoping the world would be different when I wokeThat s all it took the first sentence of this beautiful poetical book for me to fall in love with itThe thing about this book unlike so many others that I have read I could relate to it very much I laughed I cried and when I had finished it I started the book again Never have I re read a book just after that I have finished it Never And I have read a few books But this was something else This was a book that I could open on a day I felt sad and was convinced the world was against me and it could make me smile and let me now that i would be okay that there were going to be bad days but there would also be good onesThis is a beautiful book which I Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base and Brain Surgery know I will pick up over and over again just to get that feeling of warmth through meIf they gave me a chance to read a book for the first time again it would be this one First person perspective uickly became a non issue once I got a few chapters into this book This is probably the best first person story I ve readAll the feels So so many feels This story was so profound I felt like I was Aristotle or Ari to his friends He was a lonely lonely boy and though I had good friends great friends growing up I remember feeling such an aching loneliness at times I also remember being caught in my own private wars and living insid I discovered Benjamin Alire Sa enz this year only and read Ari Dante earlier sometime in July In this book Sa enz takes us on a one of aind rare and magical journey with Aristotle Mendoza and Dante uintana Mexican American Souvenirs de dbauches kids in the 1980s Following their Prison Dante is anow it all who has an unusual way of looking at the world When the two meet at the swimming pool they seem to have nothing in common But as the loners start spending time together they discover that th.
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Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

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