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Between Friends

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Their beef started back in college but the failure to forgive threatens to destroy them all The omantic triangle surrounds Idalis Arrington the female in the middle Lincoln Linc Briscoe ATL Police Detective and Orlando Trip Spencer DEA Agent Trip was called to ATL to help undercover a drug ing and discovers much than he ever expected The action is non stop and the suspense will keep you on the edge of your seatSparks has created a uniue blend of omance suspense urban drama numerous lies and painful deceit into a story that has creative character development Even though there is an element of street culture in this story I would still classify this book As Romantic Suspense There Were romantic suspense There were few editing issues and a couple inconsistencies but the developing story will capture your heart We all have a few secrets from the past but how many of those will change the lives of everyone around you Read Between Friends to find out how lies create a web of deception DL Sparks ecently voted in as the newest member of the Atlanta Georgia Peach Authors caught the attention of Graeco-Egyptian Magick readers with her debut and sopho novels is back with her latest dramatic suspense novel Between Friends about A DEA agent. Growing up in single parent homes in Atlanta Orlando Trip Spencer III and Aaron Ace Moore were so close that you would've thought they were brothers Their friendship wasn't without problems though Competitive by nature Trip and Ace had aivalry not only on the football field but also when it came to women Now their differences are complicating things in their work as members of law enforcement Trip has left Atlanta and moved up the anks to become a member of the DEA while Ace is an. And an APD Lieutenant who lock horns during a joint investigation that unearths cold blooded corruption joint investigation that unearths cold blooded corruption heartless manipulation in this fast paced drama Between Friends opens as DEA Agent Orlando Trip Spencer has eturned to his home town Atlanta to help with a complicated investigation Trip didn t want to take the case he didn t want to be back in Atlanta but what he least wanted to do was to work with APD Lt Lincoln Briscoe Between Friends draws heavily on drug kingpins turning up dead and weapons being funneled into the county jail but there is than just a cat and mouse game of intrigue being Played As This Drama Unfolds It Is Also With as drama unfolds it is also packed with complications and there is no telling what will happen when Trip and his closest friend Idalis Arrington come face to face again More It is impossible to sit down with a DL Sparks book and not ead it all the way through This is her third book that I ve ead and I m ALREADY eady for the next one These characters are so vivid to me Idalis and India the twins who are so alike and yet so different independent and yet interdependent Trip Spencer who sounds like a hunk and a half unning from everything that has hurt him and burying Officer for the Atlanta Police Department Trip plays by the ules but Ace believes that structure is what gets cops killed He plays by his own ules and uns the streets with an iron fist When the DEA is called in to investigate a string of murders that appear to be drug elated Trip is uneasy about the eturn to his hometown The investigation takes an astonishing turn when a fellow officer turns out to be the key suspect Now it's up to Trip to figure out the who what and why and pu. Imself in the job instead of dealing with his pain Lincoln Briscoe who just I m pissed at him This weasel is backed into a corner and uses the only weapons a neanderthal knows to use knowing full well that his deeds will not go unpunished My favorite character PhilD He s the uintessential Wing Guy the Partner I love Phil s appetite This dude shows up to a drug buy with a bag of Lay sfor the ladies and for the food It made for a humorous ibbon unning through the bookAs always Sparks begins her action on the first page the bookAs always Sparks begins her action on the first page jump ight into the middle of the story of a team of NOLA DEA Agents sent to Atlanta to deal with a drug bust gone wrong Aside from the tension of a case that is falling apart in front of his eyes Trip has other issues to deal with namely his high school bestie Idalis and her Atlanta PD fiancee Lincoln The jealousy and tension between these two jumps off of the pages Idalis is caught in the middle of an emotional tug of war between the two but she has a secret or two that she s trying to keep under wraps A fast paced exciting ead with no wasted scenes No Useless Dialogue No useless dialogue no characters a page turning plot and a satisfying ending That s how I like my fictio. T a stop to the senseless slaughters taking place on the streets of the Dirty South With Trip in town Ace knows he has a lot at stake and old friend or not he efuses to let Trip Spencer jeopardize what he's worked so hard to gain Will Trip and Ace be able to avoid the collision course they've been on all these years or will they crash and explode taking down everyone and everything including their own careersThere is no telling what can happen when truths are evealed Between Friend.