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Uffered when she is in a female body makes it so she witnesses death in a very personal way So that by the Time We Reach Part Two reach part two the story is now a he and pursuing an entirely different way of life than those around him The heroinehero s narrative is so well done that this transition feels entirely natural and the character development is thorough and fascinatingAs you can see this book is hard to

sum up it 
up It about a dystopia in sheep s clothing It s about acceptance of the imperfect It s about facing death It s about gender identity It s also ust an amazingly fun romp for all that A future world adventure with a narrator who starts out a shallow nuisance and becomes something their world has never seen before It has a rich plot and a great main character It s worth the hype it receivesFinal Rating55 Tanith Lee s books have this odd undefinable dream like uality to them They certainly have the same logic as most dreams or at the very least feel as though they do Biting the Sun a science fiction dystopia in which the world is controlled by some form of robot and the majority of humans are encouraged to spend the entirety of their lives in blissful ignorance of the real realities of life and humanity there s a never growing up metaphor that isn t uite a metaphor throughout the book is no exception It wasn t entirely to my taste I m not much of a science fiction person but I enjoyed it nonetheless A piece of advice don t think about it too much Just go along with it like a dream This book has such a wonderful main character though she has a desire for something greater in her life for th. Mits no risk is too dangerous and no responsibilities can cramp your style Not if you're Jang a caste of libertine teenagers in the city of Four BEE But when you're expected to make trouble when you can kill yourself on a whim and return in another body when you're encouraged to change genders at will and experience whatever you. ,
Don't Bite the SunDrinking Sapphire Wine

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Ree uarters of the book she spends her time getting distracted from *That By Many Shiny * by many shiny a new pet someon I love how easily Lee can create depressed or unhappy characters that by many shiny things a new pet someon I love how easily Lee can create depressed or unhappy characters ever once saying so Thus is the case with this book s heroine The writing as usual for Lee was great but again as with most sci fi I read this wasn t for me Really interesting to read ust great but again as with most sci fi I read this wasn t for me Really interesting to read ust week or so after Brave New World as they both explore enforced utopias In both sex is very casual individuals are not only not very individual but they don t interact with other castes age groups careers are meaningless procreation is controlled and is not done in the womb drug use in encouraged to increase happiness etc In neither do we learn much about how this society developed how it really works Both are of course focused on one misfit This is a much longer book with interesting characters and is often entertaining The cover is kinda sorta don t worry about it about what it means or what scene it s illustrating It s not fantasy and it s not really a girlie book Def provocative SF Maybe better for younger folks though who can likely empathize with the Jang and their prolonged adolescenceIf you re interested you really do want the omnibus It s not too long or long feeling at least once you get past the first ah 60 pp or so And so if you re interested I do recommend the pair If not they re skippable You ought to take this seriously I was scoldedHow will that help Like most loners you carry the seeds of violent authority Loners need to be bossy They uickly learn it s the only method they have of shoving people off their back. Desire you've got no reason to rebeluntil making love and raising hell daring death and running wild ust leave you cold and emptyRavenous for true adventures of the mind and body desperate to find some meaning one restless spirit finally bucks the system and by shattering the rules strikes at the very heart of a soulless socie. The BasicsIn a world where the least desire is met our heroinehero is getting bored They want something intangibly that vast technological advances can t meet The uestions becomes not whether they will find the answer they seek but whether society will let themMy ThoughtsThis is one of Tanith Lee s most popular works and having finally READ IT I SEE WHY NOT JUST FOR IT it I see why Not ust for it entertainment value of which is has a lot but for the chances it takes and the messages it sends By today s standards what Lee does *with the idea of gender swapping might seem tame but for it * the idea of gender swapping might seem tame but for it day I can imagine it was different illuminating and maybe even shocking to some Characters in this world change appearance and gender on a whim They get married and divorced within a week There is a lot said here about sexual orientation sex in general gender about sexual orientation sex in general gender and so on In many cases the truthfulness of what s said is debatable like how our nameless narrator makes a very different man than she does a woman and what the implications of that are But it can still be said that this book takes a lot of worthy chances by involving the idea of gender being transitoryThe story also echoes the classic Brave New World though from a slightly different angle Where Huxley had an outsider appalled by what he witnessed in this supposed utopia we have an insider who starts to see the sheen and glitter of their utopia tarnish And in the most interesting way Death is nothing in this world Suicide is the norm something people do so they can come back with a new body Yet our narrator suffers loses The path she takes and most of her loses are In a world dedicated to pleasure one young rebel sets out on a forbidden uestPublished for the first time in a single volume Tanith Lee's duet of novels set in a hedonistic Utopia are as riveting and revolutionary as they were when they first appeared two decades agoIt's a perfect existence a world in which no pleasure is off li.