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At a story There were two boats that crashed But even worse is that one of the boats was totally loaded with TNT and other such things to help with the war in Europe The result was the biggest explosion until the atomic bomb The interesting thing about how Sally Walker tells the story is explosion until the atomic bomb The interesting thing about how Sally Walker tells the story is she doesn t just tell facts about what happened She tells the story about various people and what they were doing I ept reading about these school Salvation: A Novel (Salvation Sequence) kids these wives or these telegraph workers or firemen thinking No please don t be one of the ones that dies Inow you want to put the fire out but it s going to explode before you get the first bucket of water on it Heart wrenching This story made me wonder about Serious Devastation However I Really Liked This devastation However I really liked this My coworker says that I get sucked into the disaster type of books But I think it is than that I actually get ill at the sight of lots of blood guts and glory Just ask my brother what happened when he broke his armand that didn t even have any blood However the determination and hope that people show in the face of disaster that is what I am drawn to Walker concludes with one main thought Even in the darkest times we look for a glimmer of hopeThe Halifax Harbour explosion story is a tale of devastation and despair It is eually a tale of recovery and hopeTheir stories become a part of us We become a part of them And so life continues Brilliant Sally Walker has written yet another bit of non fiction that reads like a suspenseful action story And once again she shows the world that when there Are People Who Have Such Courage In The Face Of people who have such courage in the face of disasters there is hope in the world On Dec 6 1917 there was an explosion in the Halifax Harbour Around 2000 people were A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, killed and many injured This book is aimed toward younger readers b Growing up in Chicago I constantly heard and read about the Great Chicago Fire However I had never once heard about the Halifax Explosion of 1917 I wonder if that is simply a regional thing The Halifax explosion is a very interesting story and I am surprised that it is not wellnown and I now wonder the same about the Chicago Fire elsewhereWalker however took a nonfiction write by numbers approach to the book She certainly presented some interesting details about the explosion but she tried to humanize it with personal tales from the explosion The problem was that she wrote about far too many people for the reader to connect with any of them They all just became brief glimpses into how this affected the people of Halifax rather than what would be a effective heart wrenching story of a family or families that the reader had connected with It just came off like a textbook than well crafted nonfiction Still interesting and informative overall. Eat storytelling based on original source material conveys this harrowing account of tragedy and recovery This thoroughly researched and documented book can be worked into multiple aspects of the common core curricul. .

I new nothing of the Halifax Explosion that was the largest man made explosion until the atomic bombs dropped The subject matter was fascinating but I think Walker could have done a better job in crafting the story The photographs were great including illustrations but the addition of all of the different families their jobs their home life who was sick who was walking to school left it too mundane to really want to muddle through I wanted THE STORY I wanted the thoughts actions what An Explosion Of That explosion of that does to things and really just a report how people were affected including deaths and injuries The story was comprehensive giving a feel for the area and its history and even what it s like now and what s studied in the history books but the additional human touch didn t add anything to the story What happened was story enough Could have been much better had there not been all of the side stories I picked up an Advance Reader s Edition of this book at the annual conference of the American Library Association last month Technically I am too biased to review it Sally Walker is a friend and Henry Holt is publishing my own next book But I m not the sort of girl that would let those things own next book But I m not the sort of girl that would let those things her into praising a book she didn t love and I love this book too much not to sing about itIn 1917 a ship carrying munitions into Halifax Harbor collided with another ship setting off what was then the largest man made explosion in history The accident happened on an otherwise humdrum December morning and Sally Walker tells the story perfectly bringing readers into Halifax showing them around feeding them breakfast walking them to school and leading them moment by painstaking moment toward the disaster that changed the community forever She gives special attention to those facets of the story that will most intrigue young people and she does so with respect and care for both her subjects and her readersThis is narrative nonfiction at its finest folks A page turner right out of the history books a disaster story told not for its shock value but for its enduring value Today s ids are surrounded by disaster natural or manmade real or in sound byte To some of them it may feel as if disaster is a new thing as if dealing with it is something humans are not euipped for The fact is and BLIZZARD OF GLASS readers come to understand this we humans have dealt with disaster for our entire history And time and again we ve come together in community to help one another through That message rings powerfully in this book and its why I made sure both my tweens had a chance to read it before I passed it along with rave reviews to my town librarianBLIZZARD OF GLASS will be available in bookstores on November 22 2011 Don t miss it Th. On December 6 1917 two ships collided in Halifax Harbour One ship was loaded top to bottom with munitions and one held relief supplies both intended for wartorn Europe The resulting blast flattened two towns Halifax.

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E Coles notes version of the Halifax explosion This is the story of an explosion of a munitions ship on December 6 1917 in Halifax Harbor what lead up to it the massive force of the explosion families involved and what happened afterwards Two thousand deaths five hundred being children nine thousand injuries and the blizzard that happened the day after and the extraordinary relief effort make this a fascinating read It was the largest man made explosion before the atomic bomb On the last page is a picture of an anchor shaft from the ship Mont Blanc that weighs 1140 pounds The explosion hurled it two and a half miles At only 135 pages this is a uick read I seem to only 135 pages this is a uick read I seem to having a problem With Books I Am Listening To On books I am listening to on This is at least the second or third youth oriented book I have read It is a well written one but still a children s book I am very glad that this was not the first book I have read about the disaster that occurred in December 1917 in Halifax Harbor Curse Of The Narrows by Laura M MacDonald is ever so much better This book however tones down the disaster that occurred whereas Curse brings home just how much of a disaster it is This is especially so because this isn t a very well Souvenirs de dbauches known incident Part of this was due to it occurring during WWI and Canada probably wanted to tone it down while many Canadians were blaming it on the Germans Germany had nothing to do with itTwo ships collided in the middle of Halifax harbor One of these ships was loaded with armaments and flammable stuff coal oil etc while the other was loaded with items meant for the saving of Belgium including bandages and other related items that would catch fire real easy At least one of the ships was abandoned and subseuently went plowing into the pier The wreckage caused a tsunami And a few days later they get a blizzard So they had a confluence of fire water too much and snow Relief was unable to get through for several days Blizzard only gives us a very scanty view of this Maybe because it is a children s book And the author doesn t feel a young person capable of understanding what happened Whereas Curse I think gave a fuller story Wow What a story what loss and sadnessbut there was alsoindness and braverya true story of two ships colliding in Halifax causing a huge explosion and a tsunami Then two blizzards hit during rescue effortsthe largest man made explosion before the atom bomb Great book It s the Mes recettes veggie au robot-cuiseur - 150 ides faciles et rapides ! kind of non fiction I like best with a combination of facts and personal narrative all told with a sweeping movement and intensity The introductory chapters where we hear about who went to wor There was an explosion in 1917 thatilled about 2000 people in Halifax Canada Did you Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary know about that I sure didn t But wow wh. And Dartmouth andilled nearly 2000 people As if that wasn't devastating enough a blizzard hit the next day dumping than a foot of snow on the area and paralyzing much needed relief effortsFascinating edge of your ,

Blizzard of Glass

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