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Is line of work with his security company and the longer he stays away the better he feels He loves his family but deep down inside he wants his ownLora Marshall has always taken care of her brother But when he left the Marines he couldn t seem to settle Lora has always bailed him out before but this time it s her life as well as his that is on the line She really falls for Joel hard but he s made it very clear that he doesn t do relationships or commitment As all her books the author brings together people that ou would never think belong together Her characters are usually flawed in one way or another and it s always interesting to see how they mend each other to find their happy placeIf All the Devils are Here you like Romantic Suspense this is an authorou should read WILDE SERIES BOXED SET OF 3 FULL LENGTH NOVELS BORN TO BE WILDEEx Marine turned security specialist Joel Wilde thrives on the high wire thrills that come with his job And he isn t about to give all that up to settle down not even with a sexy woman like Lora Marshall Which means that while he s protecting her from a violent gang he ll need to set a few ground rules to keep things professional Good thing he s always been a rule breaker at heartBought the first book and wanted to read the next two so I bought the boxed set These are typical romance with hot sex and a HEA All the males are Alpha and have to protect a woman who in turn turns out to be that very special woman for them Soppy lovely low angst read for a snowy day AWESOME doesn t even begin to describe this book TWO love stories in one and they were BOTH awesome I am looking forward to from this series FREE on today 1132020 Joel is sex on a stick gorgeous but he s a loner keeping his emtioal distance from everyone oncluding his family He leads a fast paced risky lifestyle because of his security business When an old friend from his Marine Corps calls to as a favor protect his sister joel doesnt hesitate Afterall the man saved his lifeLora a masseuse by day and a bar waitress at night leads a pretty busy but mundane life That is until Joel begins showing up nightly and asking for her as his server He s dar and broodingly hansome and she s definitely attracted to him Encouraged by her best Sydney who also happens to be Electric Blue s owner Lora makes a play for Joel He politely rebuffs her advances but keeps showing up at the bar Lora has no idea of the danger she s until she s attacked one night behind the bar Joel takes her to his house because she is inshock and should not be left alone One thing leads to another and that includes wildly passionate night But in the light of day the truth comes out Her brother Zach has put her life at risk with HIS GAMBLING ADDICTION JOEL HAS VOWED gambling addiction Joel has vowed protect her until the threat has passed then he will walk away and he does just thatA seconday love story to Joel and Lora revolves around Sydne and Daniel Sassy Sydney has has decidely checkered past An unwed mother at 14 betrayed by the teenage father and forced to life in a foster group home until she ages out has left Sydney cynical and hard bitten She is now the one in control using sex as a weapon and to her advantage Enter Daniel her teen daughter s high school math teacher After a parent teacher meeting Daniel asks her out on a date Shevturns him down but his persistence wears her down Thinking she ll at least get a good night of sex she finally agrees to the date Much to her surprise he turns her down when she comes on to him and he keeps doing so tell her he wants He finally walks away when she says she can t be what he wants and is miserable afterwardsFortunately all concerned get their HEAs Good story with very likeable characters. Violent gang he'll need to set a few ground rules to keep things professional Good thing he's always been a rule breaker at hea. He needed to anyway People who don t know their a target do stupid stuff like taking out the trash alone and Joel should have known betterNow as dull as Joel s story was that s how not boring Daniel and Sydney s story was I m not sure the secondary romance is supposed to overshadow the primary one to the point where I started skimming Joel and Lora s sex scenes so I could see what happened next with Daniel and Sydney These two had emotion and tension and feelings Daniel a teacher is interested in a relationship with Sydney who is a former stripper bar owner and was a teen Mom Sydney doesn t believe guys are interested in her for anything other than sex and approaches Daniel s interest with that beliefso she keeps trying to get him in bed Daniel keeps putting her off to prove he wants with her Sydney has to sort of get over her issues before they can move forward Their story was really good And I also really liked how the author sort of paralleled their stories although the details for each story line are a bit different Sydney and Joel are two of a kind both emotionally detached and untrusting and both avoiding relationships for their own protection And it s Daniel and Lora who convince their respective and both avoiding relationships for their own protection And it s Daniel and Lora who convince their respective that they can have a relationship and they are worthy of love Born to Be Wilde is the fourth book in the Wilde series though it can be read as a standalone bookJoel is an ex Marine He and three of his fellow retired marines started a security business One day he is contacted by another ex Marine who saved Joel s life when they were active duty Zach has fallen into a life of alcoholism and gambling His addiction has his own life in danger but also his sister Lara who Zach is beneficiary of her life insurance Zach calls Joel to protect Lara until he can get his life back under control The only problem is that Zach doesn t want Lara to knowLara works days at a high end hotel as a masseuse and nights at her friend s might club as a waitress and sometime table dancer Joel meets up with Lara at the bar He starts dating her as a way to stay close and keep an eye on her but still wants to maintain emotional and physical distance from his friend s sister who has no idea why he is really there This leaves Lara confused over his hot and cold romance Real feelings develop real danger catches up to Lara and Joel has to confess to the real story Can they find a way past the lies and their defenses from past problems that still effect Them To An Honest Relationship to an honest relationship can move forward Can Zach and Lara both be kept safe from the loan sharks who want blood Enjoy this Wilde ride to find out Ex Marine turned security specialist Joel Wilde receives a call from a Marine buddy he hasn t talked to in several ears Zach is a gambling addict and he is in big trouble He borrowed money from a loan shark and now they are threatening to go after his sister if he doesn t pay up Zach saved Joel s life once and now it s time to repay the favor by protecting his sister until Zach finds a way to pay back the moneyJoel hadn t counted on Lora Marshall being such a beautiful sexy person that she is She s also down to earth and not normally drawn to bad boys He has his hands full protecting the woman who doesn t know she needs protecting More importantly it s all he can do to keep his emotions in check because he doesn t do relationships and Lora is the type of woman a man would take home to meet the parentsJanelle Denison does a great Romantic Suspense There is a whole series dedicated to the Wilde family Joel has always felt a little separate from his family never felt like he actually belonged And that has made him into the man he is today He travels in Ive all that up to settle down not even with a sexy woman like Lora Marshall Which means that while he's protecting her from I was so extraordinarily disappointed in the author I have read many a book by Janelle Denison and she has always been literate I could not believe the number of typos spelling erro Not What I expectedBorne to be Wilde wasn t a mystery at all The only action was sexual and there was plenty of that I have nothing against sex at all but I dont care to read a book that is a total sex scene from beginning to end There were also a tremendous amount of errors mainly the use of incorrect forms of words I really miss the use of proofreaders It is difficult to read a book when ou re trying to figure out what an author is trying to say literally Born to be Wilde promised a bad boy on the cover and hinted at an illicit oh we shouldn t type

relationship between Lora and Joel I didn t feel like it delivered on either aspect Though it was an okay afternoon read it lacked depth and tension and I am fairly sure that I won t remember it in a few weeks I just did not like the leading couple they were flat lacking depth and personality outside of their relationship For example I wanted to know about them as people to get a feel for them outside of the relationship Lora mentioned buying her own spa but only in passing and never enough for the reader to pick up on any real passion or enthusiasm view spoiler When she offers to give her money to her brother I thought nothing of it because Lora seemed to think nothing of it There was no emotional value to that money hide spoiler Joel Wilde a security expert and former marine gets a call from his marine buddy Zach Marshall He s in some pretty big trouble because of his gambling addiction and owes a lot of money but he also put his sister s life insurance policy on the table and now her life is in danger so he begs Joel to protect her He also begs Joel not to say anything Owing Zach his life Joel agrees He s attracted to Lora and decides to approach her through their mutual sexual attraction Things are fine with Lora thinking she and Zach are just going to have a short sexual fling though he s not putting outsomething to do with his honor until Lora is attacked by two guys warning her about her brother At this point Lora learns what s what and not too much later Joel drags Lora off to an isolated cabin to protect her Having had Joel in bed once Lora is determined to get him there again and maybe to convince him that they could have something But Joel is the ultimate emotionally unavailable commitment phobe and convincing him won t be easy That s the sum up for Joel and Lora and I gotta say they were kind of boring They had the emotional depth of dry toast With Joel I get it he s supposed to be emotionally detached a coping mechanism he picked up after his mother died But I couldn t figure out why Lora just seemed blah She learns that her brother has risked HER life gambling and she s not even all that angry She keeps insisting that she still loves him and it ll be okay She even offers to put her dream aside to pay off his debts and it seemed to me like it would be the emotional euivalent of letting Him Borrow A Uarter borrow a uarter didn t seem the least bit upset about her dream being at risk And she also finds out that she nearly DIED because Joel withheld crucial information about her life being in danger and she isn t even upset about it Gah How am I supposed to connect to a character when she doesn t feel anything She doesn t even cry when Joel walks out of her life Supposedly for good And I m sorry but I struggled to believe in Joel as a security expert when he agreed to not tell Lora she was in danger no matter the promise Zach s reason was selfish and Joel should have pointed that out and done what. Ex marine turned security specialist Joel Wilde thrives on the high wire thrills that come with his job And he isn't about to

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