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And unproductive thoughts No you shouldn t change yourself or your personality drastically for any job or relationships But you should accentuate those parts of yourself that align with the company s brand and culture I am usually a very speed reader but I wanted to take my time for carefully going through all the time for carefully going through all the in the book as I am right now in a very important career turning point Put the swearing beside but it is in fact a good xample of being yourself and showing your way without complexes regardless what people say you will find a lot of Dancing at Armageddon extraordinary advice about tailoring the best outfit for your career and life It starts with the very beginning of creating the plans and identifying what you are good at and continues with shaping the right career path of being than a manager but a leader with a strong voice at the business table inspiring other people and writing your own business story It is or less a uestion of defining success and happiness and moving forward accordingly while staying with the feet deep into the groundI will definitely read this book than once as it really helps channeling the real you and creating both complex life and career opportunities It is the kind of useful book that you wish you had in your hands before starting your businessDisclaimer Book offered by the publisher inxchange for an honest review Just buy it you won t regret it and get a copy for all of your friends too they will thank you Boss Bitch will change your life Not Just for WomenIn the opening pages of the audiobook BOSS BITCH Nicole Lapin says that she is going to be addressing women but knows some men may listen to the book I did I found the writing and storytelling well done As you may be able to tell from the title Lapin s brand includes cursing not tons of it but the F Lapin s brand includes cursing not tons of it but the F and others crops into this book If you don t want to hear such things avoid I found Lapin s storytelling style and information Double Jeopardy entertaining and worth hearingHer forth right style is refreshing Forxample late in the book Lapin tells about launching a Cash smartwatch on the Home Shopping Network and investing lots of staff time and money in the project only to have it fail mostly because she failed to test the product before selling it Skipping this basic step led to a failure of the product She learns from these failures and her positive Composition and Literature experiences BOSS BITCH is a valuable listeningxperience and I recommend it How many times is this woman going to repeat the words Boss Bitch Seriously stop Boss Bitch on repeat her Cezanne and Provence enthusiastic tone and use of profanity were very annoying We get it You think you are a badass with a dgaf attitude Maybe she had some really good advice I will never know because this audiobook made me want to put her Boss Bitch ass on mute This is a book ofmpowerment for women it is a guide on how to own your work and yourself It is divided into three sections where it Dark Voices explains how to be a leader inach area in your personal life at work and in your own companyI do not usually read business books or self help books but I LOVE THIS ONEThe way it is written is wonderful and makes it not boring I loved the Contested Reproduction examplesspecially Doris s love the way she handle "Her WorkThis Book Is "workThis book is of useful advice on important things and Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) even helped me to come up with some ideasWhen reading it it feels like the author put her personality in the book and that made it something uniue This book is just what I needed right now I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review I am really struggling with this review because I wanted to love it given my own current focus on starting my small business And it definitely offers a lot Family and career the literal boss at work or as the boss of her own company Whichever she chooses or all three a Boss Bitch is someone who gets out there and makes her success happen and so can you  Lapin draws on raw and often hilariously real stories from her own career the good the bad and the ugly to show what it means to be a boss in twelveasy steps In her refreshingly accessible and relatable style she first shows how to Creating Country Music embrace the “boss of you mentality by seizing the power that comes from believing in yourself andxpanding your skillset Then she offers candid no nonse. ,

3 stars based on much I personally found this book useful Lapin breaks up her second self help book into three sections discovering your inner boss being a boss and being the boss of your own business The first section was very helpful for me as I am in between jobs and in that uarter life crisis phase Lapin had a couple different xercises to think about What It Is Your Good At Passionate About And Jobs it is your good at passionate about and jobs match those skills and I love me some reflection xercises I skimmed being a boss as someone who works in public service and strives to move up throughout my career there were helpful tips but also some that were a bit too beginner ie how to send professional mails although I know too many adults who probably do need to read this The final section was very focused on discovering your start up idea and how to move forward with it which would be great for a new ntrepreneur yet again was really basic so would not be the only resources needed to start a new venture Recommend this book to anyone looking for inspiration in any or a combo of these stages in their career but is of a good skimmer than an in depth resource on any one topic From the very first sentence To my former self who would be proud of me now to the last And the princess lived happily Evolution As Entropy ever after in her own big castle and with all her own money and she took care of herself thend this book turned out to be something I would love to give my daughter one day Or maybe my sister since she s graduating much sooner than my daughter will from schoolTo be fair the Actual last sentence is if you do give up fuck you which I think is Forging Gay Identities eually inspiringI appreciate this book for what it is and it has some good takeaways like how to ask for a raise and set boundaries But the voice of the writing seemed a bit forced I m all for reclaiming the title of bitch form something bad to something powerful but the abundant sprinkling of the wordxample so what s your story bitch seemed like the author was trying a bit too hard to be Britney and we didn t get a chance to see her true voice come out I have all of the respect for Nicole and would love to pick up her next book But I was hoping this would be something I could give as a gift to any woman not just someone I have a 18 year relationship with that knows I don t think it s appropriate to drop bitch into veryday conversation I look forward to see if Ms Lapin has books in store Maybe her next one we ll get to see her true voice A healthy inspiration for both women looking to open their business or just to upgrade and adjust their career plans Boss Bitch offers mind opening and straight forward professional advice When you are mbarking on a new career you need honesty and reliable supportOf course it is amazing to have your own business and be your own boss but failures and bankrupcy can be as real as your dream of becoming a billionaire There s no one size fits all path for your career says Nicole Lapin and she is perfectly right Taking the right decision is what you need based on your skills and professional background but do it fast because as they say the road of life is paved with flattened suirrels who couldn t make a decision Being a boss bitch means than giving orders and having a top career Fiche Blian ag Fás enjoying the pleasure of an office and many frightenedmployees it means an attitude and a way of life while you run your life like a business A boss mentality is all about how you feel and carry yourself and this idea is one of the best I got in the last months It means being in charge of yourself in a majestic way having the right screening capacity to make choices and decide while Esteem Enlivened by Desire eliminating the background noise of naysayers. New York Times bestselling author Nicole Lapin is back with a sassy and actionable guidempowering women to be the boss of their lives and their careers  You don’t need dozens or hundreds of Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith employees to be a boss says financialxpert and serial ntrepreneur Nicole Lapin Hell you don’t ven need one You just need to find your inner Boss Bitch your most confident savvy ambitious self and own it  A Boss Bitch is the she ro of her own story She is someone who takes charge of her future and mbraces being a “boss” in all aspects of the word whether as the boss of her own life. .

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F advice on how to be a boss of your own company or within someone lse s company That advice and honest discussion was really what struck me as most useful about this one I did however struggle a bit with the tone and voice of the book It felt very cheesy in places and it took away a bit from her overall credibility I wish she d found a Better Balance Between Her Wanting To Be Hip And Her balance between her wanting to be hip and her to be a mentor I just didn t resonate with the tone of the book I did really find uite a bit of guidance The Heritage of Arabo-Islamic Learning especially relevant as I m in the process of starting a business I did like the suggestions and the stories but I wish there was less of the cheesy stuff It would have made of an impression on me if that was the case However it could also be a generational thing perhaps the ideal audience is someone in their 20s or 30s I m in myarly 40s and just didn t find this one to be the best fit for where I am in my life But overall the content is there if you can get past the voice NOTE Thank you to the publisher for proving me with an Advanced Reader Copy for an honest review Nicole Lapin wrote a bestselling book called Rich Bitch A Simple 12 Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life TogetherFinally a few years ago I never read it but I know it was popular Lapin s shtick is that she s the Hereward (Hereward, energetic yet down toarth guide who can help you get your finances in order by telling it like it is girlfriend She s worked for several major companies including CNN and CNBC but now she works for herself which is why she wrote this follow up book Boss BitchThe book is divided into three sections and though it s advertised as a 12 step plan to take charge of your career the 12 chapters of Boss Bitch don t actually all build off Under One Sky each otherSection 1 is about figuring out what career path you want to follow At 20 pages it is by far the shortest section of the bunch Section 2 is about acting like the boss at your jobven if you aren t or ven if you have several bosses above you It covers branding interviewing pitching yourself g you need to have a two sentence spiel at the ready describing what you do looking the part proper office Groom and Doom etiuette creating goals motivating your team and making good and timely decisionsSection 3 is about being the boss of your own business It gives detailed info on how to start a business including how to know you reven ready to start a business how to build a good team and how to make money There s also a surprisingly lengthy glossary of terms in the backThere is a lot of good info in this book specially if you are considering starting your own business I came to respect Lapin s breadth of knowledge about business and money as well as her willingness to put the details of her life out thereBut oh dear God this book irritated me so much Lapin is clearly writing to a younger audience and her casual often cheesy tone made this book borderline unreadable for me She says things like You re the pilot so let s fly bitch Boss Bitches are classy sassy and badassy Throw your hair in a bun crank up Rihanna and handle it The secret to having it all is realizing that you already do It S Just For s just not for m not on this level I don t like being called bitch And I don t need someone to communicate with me like we re besties I m only four years older than Lapin but while reading this book I felt like we were worlds apartIn short Boss Bitch is one for the younger crowd If you are 20 something and looking for career guidance specially if you are considering going the Murder at the Savoy (Martin Beck, entrepreneur route you will probablynjoy this book But if you are a day over 28 I d suggest skipping itARC provided through VineSee of my book reviews at wwwBugBugBookscom. Nse advice for how to kill it at as the “boss at work” whether you have a high up role or not And finally for those who want to take the plunge as an ntrepreneur she lays out the nuts and bolts of how to be the “boss of your own business” from   raising money and  getting it off the ground to hiring a kickass staff and dealing office drama to turning a profit  Being a badass in your career is something that should be worn as a badge of honor says Lapin Here she inspires us to rise to the occasion and celebrate our successes and then keep killing it like the Boss Bitches we Boss Bitch