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Come Cuddle Me

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E Why did he post his address Maybe I missed something but I never understood exactly who his riends were So it made him seem a little stupid even though he s cute as a button I like Bill uite a bit but then I m partial to cuddly burly bears like him myself Bill adds a maturity to the situation and is a very considerate potential suitorWhile what is offered was enjoyable to read and super cute I still elt like It Was The Prelude To was the prelude to real story and as such didn t uite draw prelude to real story and as such didn t uite draw in The pace is uick in the prose and the plot and I would have preferred a bit story as well as a bit characterization which isn t a terrible thing If there is a seuel with these guys I ll snatch it up to read But as a complete offering in this package it elt a little thin to me So I can only give this one a So So I want but I m not really that satisfied either This is over the top silly erotica but if your in the mood Her Kind Of Cowboy for a uick short story with a clueless young virgin hero and growly bear you will haveun. Wants their attention or not Tucker needs someone to save him rom himself and Bill might attention or not Tucker needs someone to save him rom himself and Bill might be that guy Could the dumbest mistake of Tucker's young life actually end up being the start to a real roman. .
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Me and cuddle him with his address he thought it Would Go To His Two To His Two He Realizes Faced only go to his two Through the Language Glass friends He realizesaced his and hot bearish neighbor s stern warning that it was reflagged to over a hundred people Then the men start showing upTucker needs a big bear to protect him rom what could very easily be a scary situation And Bill is perfect or the job if Tucker can get Bill to notice him the way he can t stop starting at all those muscles and curly chest hairI m a big Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, fan of Missy Welsh s writing and even though I didn t uite connect with this story I m still aan She writes characters that you don t usually You Are Not A Gadget forget and I really liked these While I may haveelt like Tucker was TSTL that really comes Sanctuary from theeeling that I didn t get to know him very well as much as I would have liked to or to understand exactly why he s so naive We very easily see that he s lonely and why but that doesn t euate naivete so I Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, felt a disconnect in his character Besides I never uite understood the premis. O reblog his reuest since it also had his address attached Now he has his neighbor Bill is angry at himor being so stupid as a stream of strangers show up at Tucker's door to answer his pleawhether he. .
AWWWWW Cuddle Tucker and StoryI know that it s short but it s so cute Tucker is the clueless and know that it s short but it s so cute Tucker is the clueless and stupidly posted his photo and address and reuest One Part Woman for cuddle online younger guy and Bill is the gruff big bear neighbor When Tuckerinds out that Bill is not str 45 stars Cute cute cute Tucker does something really stupid on the internet and his neighbor Bill steps in to rescue him Bill is a big muscular urry bear of a man and his protectiveness over virgin twink Tucker is just so adorable My only complaint is that this is very short There are not nearly Enough Characters Like Bill In Mm Romance characters like Bill in mm romance I ll take what I can get A warm hug on a cold day I would give it 5 but it s to shortso Missy Welsh if you want the last star write me a seuel Review posted at The Armchair ReaderProbably like a 275 starsWhat a great setup Tucker is lonely and depressed in his bare apartment after being kicked out of his parent s home or being gay When he posts a message and photo asking someone to co. Eighteen year old Tucker naively posted a half naked photo of himself on Pronblr and reuested that someone come cuddle him Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis for the night He really did mean cuddling but he didn’t meanor his riends .