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Alth IT and process improvement I HAVE SEEN GEORGE HALVORSON SPEAK AT seen "George Halvorson Speak At National "Halvorson speak at national IT conferences He is all over it I would recommend this multi perspective book to anyone interested in truly improving our health care system Excellent read for anyone interested in Electronic Hospital Records implementation Love em or hate em Kaiser is the gold standard and this tells how they got there Hits all the right marks on what needs to happen before uring and after going live with an EHR system Could also serve as a blueprint for any large corporate endeavor Highly recommended readin. P and innovation Connected for Health clearly shows there is no shortage of either at Kaiser Permanente This is a must read for policy makers and practitioners as the lessons are of critical value if we are to achieve uality affordable care for Americans ―H Stephen Lieber president and CEO Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Connected for Health shares wha. ,

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Free read Connected for Health: Using Electronic Health Records to Transform Care Delivery

 Connected for Health: Using Electronic Health Records to Transform Care DeliveryAnyone involved in informatics needs to review this book it gives a #Very Extensive Review Of #extensive review of gives a very extensive review of of the components of installing and EHR in a multi system facility Many of the same problems which Kaiser experienced are experienced at other facilities Highly recommended I got my book in excellent conditionThank youkeep the good workI thought I was looking for the wrong version but I realized I had the reuired book after calling the publisher I found there are two ISBN numbers for the same book So I Am Happy With am happy with choice I bought this for school and I am glad I id It is a good book Kaiser Permanente has implemented the largest nongovernmental electronic health record in the world serving than 86 million Kaiser Permanente members Called KP HealthConnect its impact on patient care outcomes efficiency safety and patient engagement and satisfaction already is of intense interest throughout the health care industry In this volume Louise L Liang MD who led th. .

O have easy to read Even For Physicians And Leaders for physicians and leaders this was not a reuired book for my Health Information Technology class I would have not and am glad I have it as a reference I was looking for some amazing insights and found some of them I guess I would have loved even Otherwise a very good book I read this book for a class at Johns Hopkins Medicine I writing a paper on HealthConnect for an IT class in grad school and found this book It was very insightful helped tremendously with the paper I have cited this book at some length on my REC Blog I work in He. E massive KP HealthConnect implementation collects lessons learned from the organization's successful eployment strategy and highlights ways in which the new technological tools are changing and improving the health care provided to patients and the operations and culture of the organization Advance praise for Connected for Health Health care transformation reuires leadershi. ,

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