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Way of the Shaman lAted people He experiences how Maxine despite the fact that she has no way of financial support she still fights back to take care of RonaldThus Vernongraduallyearns to help them secure their future and we find out surprisingly how Vernon feels considerate and raises money to help ronald bringing a tear to the readers eyesthe bringing a tear to the readers eyesThe also experience astounding change and wish for Ronald s bestThe climax of the story appaers to be in at the end of the story where Vernon runs behind Ronald s car and when he opens his eyes he finds his father dispalying the difficulty of opens his eyes he finds his father dispalying the difficulty of and feeling isolated and also the value of a father s Gallowglass love and compassion brought out effectively by the authorThererfore this book portrays an excellence seen rarely among books and I adore this book eually because of it succeds in making its readers view the society and the people in it in a very different angle Crazyady is a book by Jane Leslie Conly about a boy named Vernon in 1981 Vernon doesn t do very well at school and if he gets another F he will fail his grade Vernon gets a tutor from the help of Maxine she gets him a retired teacher named Ms Annie Throughout the year that Ms Annie is helping him he becomes good friends with Maxine s son Ronald Vernon helps Ronald have a sale to get money for new shoes and go to the Olympics Vernon also helps Ronald in his Olympic events and after the Olympic events Ronald has to pack up to go to his Aunt and Uncle s for awhilePersonally I thought this book was good It has characters that are different which helps it make a good book With all of their personalities but become friends make it Seem So Realistic Not Knowing so realistic Not knowing the beginning who they are or what they are The Inclusion Imperative like makes the book even better In most of our neighborhoods we know who almost everyone is but in their neighborhood no one knows who most of their neighbors are I thought that this was a good book that some children may be able to identify with An boy ignored by his busy family and younger siblings befriends the so called crazyady down the street A touching story that is sure to be The Public-Private Partnership Handbook liked Told from the presepective of Vernon a city kid trapped in a family that is coping with his mothers death this is the story of a boy whoearns to view everything around him differently Vernon struggles in school and all his siblings are too busy keeping the family together to help him For a while he gets into small time mischief shoplifting vandalism harassing the alcoholic and her disabled son down the street Then he s forced to have an actual conversation with the alcoholic who remembers his mother and before he knows it he s been introduced to a former schoolteacher who now tutors him in exchange for helping out the family he used to harass The boy s voice rings true when he talks I absolutely picture a smart mouthed early teen What Next After School ? living in the city decades ago cracking jokes and getting in trouble The picture of poverty and alcoholism rings true as well though there is nothing graphic or shocking that occurs other than swearing He slowly befriends the disabled son and caresess and Emerging Markets less about what the guys will think as he gets the whole community s help in getting Ronald to the special Olympics Unfortunately when the mother can t control her drinking Ronald is sent to a better home forcing Vernon to confront his emotions about being abandoned by his mother after her death and finds that his father is there for him as he has been all along If ever a book was made for a child and adult to discuss here it is There areots of issues Vernon is dealing with and things that he A Home of Another Kind learns that will make young readers think and though the settings and people of inner city poverty were realistic though dated it is deliberately written in a way that isn t shocking to young sensibilities It was a candidate for removal because of badanguage and bad choices Vernon makes at the beginning but definitely still holds a ot of value. Hen a social service agency tries to put Ronald into a special home Vernon fights against the mov. ,

I am reading books from the ALA s most challenged ist I checked off all the books I have already read although I plan to go back and read some and now I am working through the part of the African Successes, Volume I list I am interested in reading I went through theist in my school Trigger Samaniego 1 (Stallion, library and grabbed this one I finished it this morning and sobbed through theast two chaptersI cannot for the Lehrbuch Der Physiologie life of me figure out why this one would be challenged All I can discover is it is challenged for offensiveanguage Cause you know no 11 #Or 12 Year Old #12 year old ever heard damn which is about the worst thing I could findVernon Dibbs is one of 5 children being raised by their father after their mother s death The Dibbs family ives in a rundown neighborhood in Balti In their neighborhood is a duplex in habited by a retired teacher and an alchoholic with a retarded son As the story goes on Vernon is tutored by the retired teacher and to repay her helps out the mother and sonThis intense story shows great character development and insight into types of people many kids may never know I plan to recommend this book to several of my students I would probably give this book two and a half stars There is some interesting material throughout that appeals to the part inside all of us that has known the bitterness of rejection based on outer appearances or elements that we cannot control Jane Leslie Conly s examination of these feelings as well as the tender moments between Maxine and her son Ronald that pop up at times during the book is what makes this a good story The climactic scene is also nice but I won t give away what that s about NOTE I am reading this along with my daughter who is entering 6th grade My notes below are streams of consciousness as I read so I can show her the kind of thinking I do as I read Ch 1 Mom dies no one eft to believe in him Nice opening flashback to discussion with Miss AnnieCh 2 Junior High Learns he is not good enough for baseball which he thought he was Nothing to do any everything is for elementary kidsCh 3 Insert Maxine aka Crazy Lady She has a disabled son Sexy, Healthy, Food - 25 Clean-eats, Gluten-free Recipes lives in that part of town in the worst house Seems she may be unstable as well Vernon feels sorry for her a bit but contributes to picking on her Wonder where Ronald s Maxine s son father is Ch 4 Failed English and French C in Math D in Science Dyslexic Short chapter might be a set up chapter for something bigger Theast sentence Marketing Excellence 3 leads me to think so And then something happened you would never believe not on yourifeCh 5 TURNING POINT Vernon accidentally sticks up for Maxine in the grocery store Then he is embarrassed to have helped and ultimately be seen with her by his friends Offers to get her potatoes too and drop them at her house At her house Maxine asks about his Mom and said that his Mom had given Ronald a coat one winter just because She said anything she could do to help just et her know Vernon said coat one winter just because She said anything she could do to help just et her know Vernon said he was failing English Maxine said she would ask someone she knew if she could help Maxine seems calmer nicer in this chapter than previously portrayed Interesting dichotomy in the characterCh 6 Enter Miss Annie new tutor Lives on the nice side of Maxine s duplex Another ady the boys had picked on as in a Black on Blonde laand Vernon finds out she taught elementary school for 40 years Her house in The Walters Art Museum the Art of Ancient Greece laa American Nietzsche land Vernon finds out she taught elementary school for 40 years Her house immaculate To pay for tutoring Miss Annie asks Vernon to clean up Maxine s yard Vernon is still struggling with what his friends will think versus doing the right thingCh 7 Yard cleaning Vernon surprised again at the niceness of Maxine and Ronald yet embarrassed or remorseful by what they wear outside crazy mix matched coats hats and different colored mittens and gloves because you can buy mismatched gloves for 5 cents at the good will I think Vernon s ideas are starting to change about people who are different than he is Maybe that we re really all the same inside Ch 8 You see when you first saw Ronald heooked ike an ugly animal that got on this ear. Increasingly alienated from his widowed father Vernon joins his friends in ridiculing the neighbo. Th somehow and really shouldn t haveBut what I figured out was a ot of Ronald s problem was fear haveBut what I figured out was a Berlioz and His Century lot of Ronald s problem was fear was scared of everything and everybody and being scared made him gawky and popeyed and crazyooking Because sitting there watching Lassie he forgot about me Then he wasn t so bad Aristotles Rhetoric looking after all In fact heooked pretty much Blood Runs Green like a regular teenage not goodooking but not awful either WOW This whole passage made me pause Bottom of p42 through top of p43 Vernon is definitely Charting an Empire learning about differences circumstances etc Heearns about Ronald s father never married Maxine not part of picture Starting to see both Maxine and Ronald in a new way What is he going to do when his friends find out Friends know about Miss Annie and getting tutored some pick on him some supportive doesn t seem to bother himCh 9 Vernon s family discovers he s been helping Maxine Feels embarrassed then estranged from family Ends up talking with Dad Can tell Dad is proud of him for helping Maxine Find out of Maxine s back story working Ronald s Dad her drinking When sober sharp as a tack Not sober often Probably the dichotomy I sawch 10 Vernon is starting to Learn the real valuable things in Colored Property life heistens to his family talking about what they are saving for after he just got back from seeing Ronald who is just missing his mom who is in jail for runk and disorderly both Ronald and Vernon missing their mindsch 11 Vernon volunteers to take Ronald to special Olympics in June no one pressures him but he feels obligated he do rd worry about them thoughch12 Vernon tells family about Ronald decide as a family to make a carnival Desire and Truth like when mom was alive to raise money for new sneakers for Ronald Vernon still worried about what friends will think find out that friend Jerry has a disabled brother doesn t want friends to know Jerry and Vernon common Vernon and Ronald commonearning how people hide things ike crazych 13 the carnival was a hit but I suspected that Maxine wouldn t take kindly to it she said she didn t want charity no shock felt bad for Vernon he tried do hard I wonder how he feels right now A good fast enjoyable children s bookThe Good believable characters character development doesn t talk down to its audience or gloss over people s faults doesn t bash working class people Crazy Lady by Jane Leslie Conly is a story about Maxine a mean and crazy mother of Ronald who has special needs but is very smart The ast main character is Vernon and he becomes friends with Ronald and Maxine to try and make things better The setting takes place in a small neighborhood called Tenley Heights ocated in Balti and it also takes place during the day time The conflict of the story is when the boys are making fun of Maxine and Ronald and Maxine says mean and hurtful things back The climax of the story is when Vern buys new shoes and clothes for Ronald because he participates in the special olympics In the end Maxine gets taken to jail and Ronald gets adopted by his grandparents My them for this book is when friendship comes to failure try to work it out instead of fighting about it This book uses rather outdated terms and the sentences are choppy but it s a good story WHEN YOU DRILL IT DOWN CRAZY LADY BY JANE you drill it down CRAZY LADY BY jane Conly is truly a realistic down to earth and fascinating story It unfolds so many issues relating to social and psychological area of the young and oldThis book reveals a hidden pathto all readers while bringing out a simple themetic arena The book all readers while bringing out a simple themetic arena The book first clearly reveals the complex problems of a youngster and the challenges brought forward to his familly due to his mother s death Then the narrator Vernon Dibbs is exposed to MissAnnie who introduces Ronald and Maxine also known as the crazy ady The story is about how Vernona representative of all the people who call themselves common and who neglect and tend to insult the uncommon goes through an understanding of the innocence and desperation of these social seper. Rhood outcasts'Maxine an alcoholic prone to outrageous behavior and Ronald her retarded son But

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