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Deep Green ResistanceI m still not 100% convinced about agriculture what if it s done on a very small scale but I agree with 90 50% of their analysisReading this book was the first time in awhile that my ntire soul was set on fire with passion I actually had no idea just how much of the planet we had already destroyed and how uickly we are killing what s left If I ver join or support an nvironmental group in the future it will be DGR they are the only ones whose analysis matches the scope of the problem and whose strategy aims to win No Matter WhatI See Ending Industrial Civilization As A Logical matter whatI see nding industrial civilization as a logical necessary "extension of veganismabolition I know a lot of people would find that paradoxical given that one of the co authors Lierre "of veganismabolition I know a lot of people would find that paradoxical given that one of the co authors I know a lot of people would find that paradoxical given that one of the co authors is a pretty outspoken critic of veganism But I went vegan because I believed that all sentient beings are ually ntitled to their lives so how could I continue to support a way of life that places the most trivial human wants above the life or death needs of non humans That s a rhetorical uestion I can t Industrial civlization is incompatible with animal uality with life with anything that matters reallyMy slight issue with this book apart from the agriculturevegan issue is that it s simply way too much to take in one reading I understand the point of having Good Thinking everything together in one bookplace but it is really an overwhelming read if you try to do it in one go notxactly beach material I ll probably need several reads before I can take in the finer points about strategy the history of revolutions aboveground vs underground groups and firewalls Death in Mumbai etc 172 pages in and stunned by the density of information clarity and maturity of the discussion and breadth of the issues covered For me at least this is a very important book It looks at our community issues and really puts them under a microscope It does a lot ofxplaining why current structures social political financial are damaging and it resonates very well with my own observations feelings and concerns It is not the book I thought I was about to read but I am delighted that I have it I disagree with the authors on only one point I think we re already past the point of no return But I agree with them in that I don t think that means we shouldn t try The human species is the cockroach of the world We have invaded Baccarat : La lgende du cristal every habitat in the world and destroyedvery one with which we have come in contact I wasn t really being fair to cockroaches in the preceding statementWake up folks Technology isn t going to save us With O Colégio de Todos os Segredos each increase in technology we increase ournergy use The authors are absolutely correct Unless we March Violets (Bernie Gunther, eliminate consumption capitalism we re heading toward uickxtinction very uick and uite possibly in the lifetime of some of the readers If you don t want this to happen take their advice Organize I m pessimistic that we can Zoete tranen evolve capitalism fastnough to stop the destruction of our home In America Water Music especially we care primarily about theconomic system the capital markets and whether our retirement is secure in a community with a golf course Hyperbolic barely When one reads the literature one sees that we ve Revived exceeded the planetary boundaries in 7 out of 9 categories Let s go for 9 out of nine Using a cloth bag and driving a Prius will delay it by three months perhaps Wake up folks Honestly we vexceeded 7 out of 9 planetary boundaries according to recent research What is it we don t understand about that And the real problem is the Earth s systems have absorbed an Student Research Projects in Calculus extraordinary amount of disturbance but the interconnections are getting incredibly tight and the positive feedback loops are accelerating What is it that we don t getWe have yet to imagine a rich and wonderful life with fewer resources It s simply a failure of our imaginations Once we ve lived the good life we don t want to change And therein lies the problem The status uo is alwaysasier If you believe the world works according to Newtonian mechanics it s inertia of rest from which we suffer Change is the only thing on which we can depend The authors offer us a path of deep green resistance It is not a path most people want to take because it s difficult and demands sacrifices In a culture that works hard to pacify us into a soporific passivity this is a call to armsAre you in I ve had to revise my rating and want to say why I revisited the book s accompanying website for some unrelated research and saw that they had updated some of their information Keep in mind they consider this ssential to their movement and organizationThere is now a feminism FA featuring prominently the uestion Why are you accused of being transphobic The answer paraphrased It s because we re actually really transphobic Gender doesn t xist and trans people are just delusional Gender dysphoria doesn t Love for Imperfect Things exist and transition makes people miserable Here are some highly selective anecdot. For years Derrick Jensen has asked his audiences Do you think this culture will undergo a voluntary transformation to a sane and sustainable way of life No onever says yesDeep Green Resistance starts where the nvironmental movement leaves off industrial civilization is incompatible with life Technology can't fix it and sh. ,

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History However Keith is also adamantly anti porn is pro one child policy so much for choice and seems to believe in biological determinism so much for choice and seems to believe in biological determinism mentions that the starving boyfriends of her stupid vegan female friends are always pining for some dead cow soup that she serves at potlucks Also when mentioning rapists in the counter culture she only mentioned black activists I m sure she could have mentioned that rapists come in all skin colors She also uses a lot of ableist language which I find to be distinctly alienating as at times she literally uates the term insane with sociopathAnd honestly I don
t know why 
know why book about nvironmental radical movements needs to be so vehemently anti vegan I have a hard time taking somebody who contributes to the slaughter of 25 BILLION animals per year in the US alone seriously when they say they re sad that animal species are going Language and Linguistics extinct or that they wonder why overfishing occurs I also can t take her seriously when I assume from the Vegetarian Myth that she onlyver ate bread and lettuce while vegan when she says things like veganism causes general lassitude or that a food Divertimento ethic stripped of protein and fat may meet ideological needs but it will not meet the biological needs of the human template Dear Lierre Keith vegans actually doat Love Is a Fairy Tale enough protein and fat See forxample uinoa or avocados It s not that hard She also rails against industrial agriculture global warming and deforestation in the when vegans are hoping to help avoid those things by turning down animal products And I love her view of the future where people who bring soy products to permaculture potlucks start getting funny looks Technically soybeans are a major ingredient in livestock feed so anybody who brings burgers should probably get funny looks tooAnother thing that seemed counter to Keith s feminism was the fat shaming statements of people being obese when they Promise at Dawn eat bad food as if refined carbohydrates are the only things leading to adiposity and as if being fat is a horrible thing Fat people are probably the mostxhausted humans on the planet as minute to minute their bodies cannot access the nergy they need to function What Please tell that to all of the athletic fat people or non athletic fat people who are not continuously xhausted Finally Keith wraps up this section stating that food should be a nourishing and nurturing part of our culture but clearly not when people are so afraid of being fat that they spend the better part of their lives dieting and hating their bodiesLierre Keith also had some kind of amazing time during the northeast blackouts of 2003 saying that she didn t see any drawbacks to it I remember the blackout well because my family s house was out of power for over a week We didn t go without Bangkok Wakes to Rain electricity or using our cars as we had toat go to work and do all sorts of other things that humans do We did what many people did and used a diesel powered generator to cook food run the fridge so our food didn t spoil and take showers The fact that the power went out for a while in 2003 doesn t give us any indication of what a future without fossil fuels will look like And considering that all of the authors of this book are against solar wind and geothermal power that future according to them will be completely lacking in The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery electricityAnd to wrap up my thoughts about Lierre Keith I wonder why she has such stupid according to her friends Every anecdote about her friends inevitably leads to some stupid thing they did that made her feel like she was so much better thanveryone Darkmere else I guess she just has an inferiority complex which leads her to hang out with vegans new agers and yoga aficionadosThis book criticizes nearlyvery radical and counter cultural movement in the past with a few Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? exceptions Lierre Keith made a progression something like teenager s brains aren t fully formed according to some fishy MRI study the 60s counter culture was mostly made of young people and Timothy Leary sucked ED I really wonder what they would say about Occupyxcept I think they d probably find a way to hate them tooFinally the authors of this book seem to hate fascism but without any kind of clear road to the future which by necessity has to include a political viewpoint is going to lead in that direction Especially when the future radicals are armed with ideas like the population has to be reduced by about 90% vegans are braindead and people are only allowed to have one child Aric McBay also mentioned that people who commit Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den environmental crimes should bexecuted I certainly wouldn t want him to be in charge of deciding who gets hung in the future I m certainly anti death penalty and I thought most true radicals were Extremely well researched inspiring and Scraps Of The Untainted Sky encouraging A true call to arms to save the planet from destruction A must read for allnvironmentalists and social justice warrior. Ploration of organizational structures recruitment security and target selection for both aboveground and underground action Deep Green Resistance also discusses a culture of resistance and the crucial support role that it can playDeep Green Resistance is a plan of action for anyone determined to fight for this planet and wi. ,
Es Also yes third genders and trans people The Eric Carle Gift Set exist in other cultures all over the world and we can t comment on that but we CAN say that if you are western it doesn t apply to you It s also de Essential reading for any aspiring revolutionary Holy ShitThe holy grail ifnvironmentalism and activism Im digging it a LOT Coming from someone doing their Phd on climate change and you ask yourself so like we are royally fucked and like what are people doing about it yeah nothing how bout thatThis book tells it like it is and tells you how to act Love it love itKaplowey A must read for anyone seeking Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century effective strategies to addressnvironmental and social crises Deep green resistance lays out plan with an Resistance lays out a plan an chance of success Decisive Ecological Warfare Aboveground activists must rebuild local sustainable democratic communities while underground activists disable the physical infrastructure destroying our planet It s a tall and intimidating order but the authors make a passionate and convincing case for its feasibility and its necessity We all change and Fashion Design Course evolve in our thinking over time When I read this book years ago it was formative and urgent Howeverxamining it with the knowledge I have now my review has changed As with most books by this trio of authors I disliked Deep Green Resistance First let me Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, explain the layout of the book The first section mostly written by Lierre Keith is centered on the philosophy and motivation behind the book Section two written by Aric McBay is actually uite good and is all about building a movement and I would suggest these few chapters for those interested in doing so The last section is just a uick wrap up again by Lierre KeithNow I will tell you the fundamental problem I have with this book and with anythinglse written by Derrick Jensen or his buddies The purpose of this book is to completely dismantle civilization and to go back to pre agricultural societies Let that set in for a second The authors think to themselves where did this planet start going to hell they picked a date approximately 10000 years ago and went with that Unfortunately the authors do not provide their vision of an ideal future in this book Actually they sort of do but it doesn t Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga explain the part where BILLIONS of people die population of the world pre agriculture way less than half of one billion and the authors state that 20000 humans would be a nice numberlectricity and running water are things of the past medications not to mention birth control that we use today are no longer manufactured and we all hunt and gather to Cincinnati and Other Plays eat For some reason the idea of going back to an age where a simple infected cut could kill me isn t tooxciting I also like taking hot showers and not freezing to death in the winter I m also not sure where humans can go to hunt and gather these days Farms But that would defeat the pointThe authors also make the somewhat ignorant conclusion that civilization and indigenous societies are mutually Speak Out! exclusive categories They do notxplain how a population reduction might occur but state that it is necessary I Like You the Best except for one mention of the one child policy this stated by a so called feminist and mention that when society inevitably collapses the population reduction will occur anyway If you think that through you can imagine that the people that Jensent al would least like to remain on the planet will be those with the most resources to The collectors encyclopedia of antique marbles ensure that they aren t the ones to kick it when the planet goes to hell That s not a great philosophy to live by if you re a member of the global poor The authors also mention that our goal is not to bring down the US government or any government which is probably necessary to say to cover their asses but isntirely antithetical to the idea of bringing down civilization as we know itDeep Green Resistance and most of Jensen s books The Philosophy of Giambattista Vico employ many rhetorical devices without a lot of facts relevant citations or follow up Forxample I m sure I heard the cutting off the fingers anecdote in at least Endgame And the authors certainly make sure to state that 200 species a day are kicking the bucket AS YOU READ THIS BOOK So please go out and blow something up Maybe The authors aren t really too specific about that They are too busy being authors to start the resistance movement hence this book to get you to do it instead Many of the issues I have with this book center around author Lierre Keith I certainly hated the book The Vegetarian Myth Food Justice and Sustainability because of it s abundant lack of facts and absurd stereotypes and generalizations about vegans and vegetarians Keith goes to great lengths in this book to discuss that she is a feminist Now I m a feminist and I completely agree that any movements that call themselves radical need to have a feministwomanist perspective to avoid the numerous pitfalls of many previous movements in. Opping no matter how green won’t stop it To save this planet we need a serious resistance movement that can bring down the industrial Lone Star Standoff economy Deep Green Resistancevaluates strategic options for resistance from nonviolence to guerrilla warfare and the conditions reuired for those options to be successful It provides an x.

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