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Ne Liza is like no woman Michael has ever meet before and he s drawn to her immediately Michael knows Liza s possessed by a demon and he s willing to do anything to help the woman who has come to mean so much to himDevilishly Sexy is the second book in this series by Kathy Love but can be read as a stand alone without any problems This is a very cute book and has some amazingly funny one liners I found myself snickering a lot throughout the entire book I also found myself rolling my eyes at a lot of the book For Being Too Cute And Funny This being too cute and funny This a great book to being too cute and funny This is a great book to when you need something light fluffy and don t want to actually use your brainThis is a book about demons that doesn t take itself or its characters seriously Liza drugs her demon with benadryl so she can get laid without him around and Michael arrives straight out of Saturday Night Fever with bell bottoms and ive slang He says Dy no mite in the beginning and it s ust so bad that it s hilarious I could never figure out if I was laughing because things were so funny or so ridiculousI honestly can t decide if this book is horrible or genius nor can I decide if I want to keep reading about what happens at HOT magazine This is a great book for a vacation or if you need something to cheer you up The characters and storyline are over the top and will keep a smile on your face the whole time you are reading He couldn t suppress the low growl of satisfaction as he thrust plunging deep in one smooth stroke fully to the hilt God that feel so good he groaned his eyes rolling in their sockets with pure exaltation His rough words were answered with a low desperate moan that filled him with delight It had been far to long No man should have to go so long without this This moment of pure ecstasy And he wasn t too humble to know he was damned good at it Damned good He pulled out positioning himself again his fingers tightening around the thick girth in his hand heavy and hot A fine shaft if there ever was one He couldn t help taking a moment to admire it in his hand Beautiful An old dear friend Then he sank it in again with unerring accuracy Deep to the hilt And that was all it took He remained totally still allowing himself to feel that moment of total surrender The shudder a tiny almost imperceptible uiver then complete release He stared at the limp body pinned to the wall by his sheer unrestrained strength Eyes closed head flung back lips parted in a silent cry Now that was true beauty Finally he pulled out and before the object of his determined onslaught could start to sag into a boneless spent heap he grasped his powerful shank for the very last stroke The most satisfying of them all With a powerful sweep of his arms he struck and a gush of warm stickiness covered his hands his forearms Even his chest and face He didn t care He watched with a strange combination of pleasure and utter dispassion as his target s head disconnected from his body flying through the air It rolled across the cracked and oil stained concrete and came to a wobbling stop under a parked carYeahI almost fell over laughing on that onemy dirty little mind was in the gutter the whole time This is the first 2 pages of Devilishly Sexy and it only gets better from there Beautiful sexy Liza McLane is the editor in chief for HOTS magazineshe loves what she does ust NOT who she does it for DEMONS In order to control her a demon has possession of her and keeps her from having a normal lifeIn walks devilishly handsome Michael Archer who works in the mailroom at HOTSwell not really Surprise surprisehe s a demon slayer When the two of them come together Liza will do anything to have a relationship with Michael And Michael will tempt whatever fate has in store for him to be with Liza What will happen when each discovers what the other does or has had done to them in Liza s case Well you re ust gonna have to read Kathy Love s Devilishly Sexy to find outThey say the Devil wears Pradain this case the Devil wears whatever the heck she wants 25 stars Asher s review posted on Guilty PleasuresAn classic story of demon s trying to overtake the earth and a band of warriors picked by God to battle them WOW The detail and thought that went into the creation of this book is astoundingI absolutely loved the main character Michael and how he is trying to acclimate to the new world after an inadvertent mishap thirty three years ago Then to meet his soulmate who happens to be possessed by the chatty kathy of demonsSWEETI ll let you the reader find out about this awesome book I do have to say though that it will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat and biting your nails I can t wait to read the next book in this series. Principles What's a demon slayer to do Devilishly funand utterly entertaining With hot demons to boot Heather GrahamPraise for the novels of Kathy Lovea compelling concoction of dread desire and delight Erin McCarthy on What a Demon Wants Fangs for the Memories will make you laugh until milk comes out of your nose No really MaryJanice Davidson. ,
O be with him too Review originally posted here was so excited about this book mainly because the Young Brothers originally posted here was so excited about this book mainly because the Young Brothers were some of my first and favorite PNR reads and Stepp Sisters Trilogy were fun and sexy contemporary reads But for some reason the 2nd Devilishly book ust didn t work for meMichael is back among the world and looking to kick a lot of demon ass Instead things have changed in the years he has been frozen and killing demons on the street is no longer acceptable In an effort to help Michael learn the new ways he gets put in the mailroom of Hot Magazine keeping tabs on the demons in the organization After the mailroom of Hot Magazine keeping tabs on the demons in the organization After a few days on the ob Michael finds Liza and everything changes He isn t sure what exactly finds Liza and everything changes He isn t sure what exactly deal is with the demons but he knows there is something special about herLiza refused to sign over her soul so instead she is possessed by the most annoying demon imaginable She doesn t want Boris to be able to read Michael so once they start to pursue a relationship she begins drugging the demon with allergy medicine Unfortunately as she and Michael get closer the demons become and skeptical of her Will Liza and Michael be able to make a real go at it before Liza s soul gets sent to hellThe premise of this one had such promise but it all seemed to fizzle out fairly uickly for me I did like a few things and the beginning with having Michael adjust to life after being frozen for a few decades was really well done However it wasn t a theme that was carried very far into the book I liked that both Michael and Liza were trying to keep hidden the fact that they knew about the paranormal world from one another It was fun to see them dancing around the subject and was one of the stronger aspects of their relationship And while I ve come to expect some funny and hilarious situations from Love other than Liza s possession and a few one liners there wasn t the same level of fun that I found so charming about the Young Brothers seriesThe book started off a bit slow and didn t really seem to pick up much steam the further I got into it While the world building was well done and a different take on demons than we normally see in mainstream fiction it was also one that didn t seem to hold my attention as well as others I kept waiting for that spark and I ust never saw it come through on the pages Then once the truth came out between Michael and Liza it seemed as if the book ended somewhat suddenly with a perfect HEAAll in all I wasn t as satisfied with this book as I had hoped I would be The fun and sexy feeling that I expected from a Love novel SOS Schlank ohne Sport - just weren t there The romance didn t live up to my expectations and instead felt slow to start and rushed to finish While the book had a really interesting premise the executionust wasn t what I was expectingI give Devilishly Sexy a D Fun bookThis is turning out to be a fun series to read I really can t wait to see what happens next I hadn t heard about this author until I read a short story tied to this series in another book by 3 different authors I decided to give bookn1 a try went right into book 2 now ready to ump into book 3 Thanks Kathynfor an entertaining series Devilishly Sexy 35 HOOTSSee My full review at wwwnocturnereadscomIt should be listed soonThis story definitely seems to be part of a series although I couldn t find a series name This is one of those reads that s a little cheesy a little eyebrow raiser and a little fanning all rolled into one Devilishly Sexy by Kathy LoveGrade C It was bad enough that she had to be possessed by a damned demon But somehow she d managed to get taken over by a demon who was gay bitchy boy crazy and sounded remarkably like Uncle Arthur from Bewitched Was it really a mystery why she didn t get laid Liza McLane used to be the editor in chief of HOT the number one fashion magazine in the world and used to have a fabulous life Then Satan started his demon restoration project using HOT as his headuarters and instating Fiona White in charge of the operation To keep HOT running up to par Fiona has Liza possessed by a demon to keep her line and keep her working Liza has figured out that to get any peace and uiet she can drug her demon with large amounts of benadryl and with a sexy new mail worker in the office Liza is determined to finally have a relationshipMichael Archer has ust woken for a thirty three year coma that he was put in by a demon he was trying to destroy Michael is having a hard time adjusting to the new world that he has been thrown into and the new way things are done at the DIA or Demon Intelligence Agency No longer able to kill demons on sight Michael is assigned to the mailroom of HOT magazine where he meets Liza McLa. Can only be hushed by high doses of Benadryl But when Michael spots her gulping a handful of pills he assumes it's a suicide attempt Next thing Liza knows she's under Michael's sizzling watchNow Michael's in the bind of his life He's ust saved a demon who happens to be stuck inside a woman he's wildly attracted to which goes against all his. ,
This book has a hero you ll fall in Love With And A Heroine You And The Hero Want with and a heroine and the hero want save It kept me turning the pages because I honestly couldn t figure out how the author could give me a happy ending Lots of fun demon y goodness laughs and spoiler it does deliver a very happy ending 35Michael Archer is a man out of time a Demon Slayer and one of The Brethren However a nanosecond of inattention meant a demon was able to freeze him with a curse a curse that lasted for 33 years All he wants is to go back to slaying demons but times have changed and Michael needs to get with the new program of trying to save the people who Have Lost Their Souls lost their souls of instantly killing them a program he doesn t believe in Until he meets and has an instant attraction to the editor in chief in name only of HOT magazine Liza McClane and finds out she s one of the lost soulsLiza McLane worked hard to put HOT magazine at the top of the fashion industry until Satan sends the evil demon Finola White to take over Finola needs Liza to continue doing a brilliant ob so Liza is handed a bum deal and gets stuck with being possessed by a demon in order to keep her attached to the magazine Liza only gets relief from the constant yammering of her demon when she drugs him with Benadryl Unfortunately the constant overdosing of the drug is causing some serious health issues but Liza wants a normal relationship with Michael so she keeps doing it How much longer can Liza hang on When will Michael tell her he s a Demon Slayer When will Liza tell him she s possessed by a demon Why is Satan trying to take over the world through the fashion industry Well three answers out of four isn t bad This was a very enjoyable read The writing is great plot fast characters interesting and the villains are deliciously villainous and backstabbing They are demons after all I particularly liked Michael His character seemed to step off the page and stand in front of me YummyI d also like to say that the first page and a half was one of the best openings of a book Ever Love love loved itMany thanks to Kensington for providing me with a review copy Please see disclaimer page on my blog Setting Hot Magazine offices and basement mailroom in New York bar his rundown apartment her apartment Theme good vs evil falling in love belief in the power of good CharactersMichael Archer archangel that became human to fight demons all but immortal in stasis for 30 years when awakened DIA changed demon fighting procedures instead of death for demons and at times their hosts working to capture and save the demons he is having trouble adjusting to the new mission the new techniues the language the new clothes etc Liza McLane editor in chief of Hot And made it into a 1st class magazine until taken over by Satan s demons now giftedpossessed with a demon to keep her in line she argues with it and she takes an overdose of Benadryl to put the demon asleep even though there are side effects Bartoris demon gay bitchy boy crazy and sounded remarkably like Uncle Arthur from Bewitched Nicknamed Boris by Liza to irritate him also the demon who put Michael into stasis Gabriel Michael s closest friend tries to help him ease into new ways Eugene head of the DIA Demon Intelligence Agency demon recognizance the one who finally exorcises the demon from Liza with the intention of rehabilitating Bortoris The Brethern Demon slayers To protect humanity from the evil powers of the demonic realm shifting to redeeming the lost not Everwar (Cal Leandros, just sending them back to hell Allie Lewis Michael s girlfriend from pre stasis Michael goes to the bar they went to and sees her older self and though she has aged and had a hard life her optimism andoy stays firm Elton Silver seer Michael s trainer older gently eases Michael and Liza together Finola White Satan s girlfriend demon outrageousTristan McIntyre assistant editor and Finola s right hand man wants to usurp Finola and plotting against her trying to get her to piss off Satan Dippy maltipoo hellhound working with Tristan to oust Finola SummaryMichael thinks Liza sold her soul to Satan and he is going to be there to help her redeem it doesn t figure out that she is possessed which is apparently deadly she does a good ob of putting the demon to sleep and hiding it from him but come on he s been around a long timeBut in spite of all they are drawn together she is his bonded mate ahhhMemorable scenes only getting honked at once for his aywalking and he didn t even understand the insult that followed What was a mofo anywayShe had such a strong effect on him he innately knew this was the woman he needed to be with He simply knew it and he also knew deep in his heart she wanted Every office has one Demon slayer Michael Archer longs for the old days when his work reuired a lot less strategizing and a lot ass kicking Unfortunately his current boss at Hot magazine aka Central Demon Intelligence is concerned with bad press than beheadingHot fashionista Liza McLane has been possessed by an exasperatingly chatty demon that. Devilishly Sexy Devilishly #2