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Original thoughts from April 2013 Glad I Read This Biography Of George C Marshall this biography Of George C Marshall To The Time He Was Named George C Marshall to the time he was named Army Chief of Staff in 1939 Originally I thought of searching for the other three volumes but now I m not so sure s the Loyalty and Lies (Chastity Falls, author s style is pretty deadly At least it s clearnd understandable just bit boring13115 just finished volume II nd have changed my mind By Way Of A Wager about reading the rest of the series Vol II was goodnd I m bout to start on Vol III4515 Just finished Vol III nd very glad I kept going VERY valuable book Will get volume four one of these days1620 Purchased Vol IV last year nd read in conjunction with The Wise Men nother excellent book finished marshall today he deserved such book Finished Marshall today he deserved such treatment nd I m glad I read the entire seriesSee individual reviews of volumes II through IV Excellent reading bout When Kingdom Comes a key historical US figure This first entry into the famous George C Marshall tetralogy by Forrest C Pogue was nice treat for what is come As someone who has read books on Eisenhower many on Douglas MacArthur but have yet to read Patton I have lw. Alone mong the great figures of World War II The Wayward Bride (Besotted Scots, and itsftermath General George C Marshall has until now remained voiceless nd unportrayed And yet in the bsence of his full life story the books by other leaders of the free world give Such a Dance an incomplete picture key figure is missingIn entrusting to the George C Marshall Foundation the bundant record of his career to be made into biography George Marshall filled vital gap in the history of our ge The unprecedented collection of source material either beueathed by General Marshall to the Foundation or collected later by it consists of ll General Marshall's personal papers including his letters; taped interviews with the General made in 1956 nd 1957 containing some 125000 words bout his early life; taped interviews with several score of his relatives classmates fellow office. .

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Ays been curious bout the stoic military strategist known s Marshall The book covers his life from his endearingly verage childhood of strategist known s Marshall The book covers his life from his endearingly Geeking Out on 11C average childhood of troublemakers with his friends whilelso trying TO EARN POCKET MONEY BY SELLING earn pocket money by selling While Et ainsi de suite also sharing the traits of many military legend of hating to be the brunt of The Shoshoni Cookbook a joke or being made fool of One example Marshall reminesced of was when he told of having made Historias sobre los Fondos Bahá'ís a raft in the river with his friends when few of the local girls came by Reasoning with the Infinite: From the Closed World to the Mathematical Universe and began to irritatend tease Marshall Real Food/Fake Food: Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating and What You Can Do About It and naturally he was not willing to be the fool inny situation so he took out the cork that was keeping the water out of the raft sinking it nd forcing the girls to swim shore Pogue did n excellent job of humanizing Marshall nd giving him sense of both his sentimentality nd value of his childhood friends especially when he had come back from the far East in Manchua to his hometown fter 7 years nd seeing how much his hometown had changed nd visiting the grave of his childhood friend nd seeing his friends now gold dog laying upon the grave nd Rs friends nd ssociates; incomparable newspaper of the period; nd microfilm copies of than half million items from official files many of them classified until now but released for this purpose by the Truman Eisenhower nd Kennedy Mr Darcy's Cottage of Earthly Delights: Shades of Pride and Prejudice administrationsMuch of the materialbout the conduct of both World Wars nd bout the crucial problems of international diplomacy nd lmost ll the rich personal material will be new even to students of the periodEducation of General 1880 1939 the first of the three volume definitive biography follows Marshall's unswerving progress from his childhood in Uniontown Pennsylvania to 1939 when Hitler marched into Poland nd Marshall took the oath s Chief of Staff of the United States Army The scenes of his strenuous career include the Philippine Islands during the Spanish America. Roviding the dog with comfort Pogue The Cat Who Lived with Anne Frank also did great job of hero worshiping Marshall which could have been The Myth of Genesis and Exodus and the Exclusion of Their African Origins a very slippery slope but instead he made light of the fact that while Marshall may not have been the brightest guy in the room he was extremely self disciplinednd extremely competitive never being content until he was the top 5 in his class t Levenworth I definitely will be looking forward to the next entry into Pogue s series on Marshall nd would recommend to nyone looking to learn About The Man As the man s reading itself was very smooth nd easy nd not too Design Works: How to Tackle Your Toughest Innovation Challenges Through Business Design academic Ask most people to name the greatest American general of the Second World Warnd you re likely to hear such famous names s Dwight Eisenhower George Patton or Douglas MacArthur Only occasionally might someone propose the name George Catlett Marshall despite his outsized role in the conflict From September 1939 until November 1945 Marshall served s the military head of the United States Army in which role he built up nd directed massive ground nd ir force that waged war cross the globe Yet Marshall s N War France in World War I China in the time of the War Lords nd the length nd breadth of his native landIn triumphing over formidable odds to become first n rmy officer with responsibilities far beyond his rank then member of Pershing's staff nd finally Chief first n rmy officer with responsibilities far beyond his rank then member of Pershing's staff nd finally Chief Staff midst the complex tensions of service rivalries Marshall never lost sight of the ideals of integrity Loyalty and Lies (Chastity Falls, and fair play We come to understand not only the soldier but the man his family devotion his humanity his unfailing consideration toward his fellow officersnd those who served under him nd his increasing insight into men nd nationsEducation of General is lso Jeep. Sur les traces de la lgende a picture of America's end of innocence herltered course toward world power way from isolation nd the part played by The Abbeyville Way a great American in shaping his country for her new role in worldffair.

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