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Erch confident hubristically that I m stronger than they areIs it the responsibility of every survivor to keep clawing at life fending off the extinction of the human species for as long as possible or is it every person s responsibility to make their death have meaning Can anyone s death or life mean anything when total extinction is just a few ears away This is an important uestion and is being wrestled with today albeit in a wildly differnt context in the debates around assisted suicide For the staff trapped in orbit on the International Space Station it s not an abstract uestion and Martin Livings provides his answers in Ascension Jennifer Brozek also broaches the idea in The Chateau de Mons and the most romantic story in the collection Rights of Passage by Pete Kempshall shows this choice is not always one s own to makeUltimately the post apocalyptic genre is about showing us hope In the personal sense we each hope that we would survive an apocalyptic even and as readers we hope the protagonists survive their disasters Exploring stories like this allows us to explore the banal cruelty humans can so casually commit which makes kindnesses small and large seem so much significant Hope and the redemption of the social fabric we know today are powerful motivators for heroes and antiheroes alike and they drive several stories including An Unkindness of Ravens by Stephanie Gunn Boudha by KV Taylor A Newfound Gap by Lee Clarke Zumpe Black Heart White Mourning by Jay Lake and especially A Perfect Night to Watch Detroit Burn by Ed GreenwoodI thoroughly enjoyed this anthology It s not just another driving around the burning remains of North America with a truck full of guns fantasy it s a collection of thought provoking and intelligent short stories bound together by a brilliant concept The writing is consistently solid through the book while none of the stories struck me as drop what ou re doing and read this now caliber the lack of weak pieces elevates the overall average and made it very easy to get through the book I got theazw from and somewhere between it s production and my converting to epub enough formatting errors showed up that it was a bit distracting and there were several typos I say this because it triggered my OCD but at no point were any of the pieces unreadable I Recommend This Book To recommend this book to who enjoys horror and post apocalyptic fiction with an intelligent emotional edge to it I had to finish this today so I could read something else and hopefully push this out of my brain That should not be taken as a negative review The stories in this anthology gave me nightmares precisely because they were so incredibly believable They re stories of people alone together making decisions for themselves imposing them on others greed generosity deception and innocence Two of them Hell s Bells and Animal Husbandry were so chilling I found myself holding my breath The thing that struck me the hardest was how easy it would be for this to NOT be fiction There were no zombies no werewolves no urban magic The only monsters were of the human variety full of reason and justification The lines between survival and monstrosity are blurred This ambiguity was impactful and the realism remained intact As with all anthologies some stories resonated with me than others but as a whole it s a very strong entry in post apocalyptic fiction This was a fabulous anthology There were only a few stories that I did not like and that was because of the writing style than the content I thought the idea of an anthology with a similar plotline was greatI m super happy I read thisI would definitely recommend it for fans of the post apocalypticdystopian genre especially if ou like short stories Nicely done This was an outstanding and fascinating read if Besser Php Programmieren you are a fan of apocalyptic fictionou will love this boo. W it has become one of the last known refuges and the hope of mankindWould Călătoria unui fiu risipitor. Eseu romanţat asupra neizbânzii you go to Grants Pass based on the words of someoneou’ve never met. Ywords horror post apocalyptic bioterrorism plague anthologybrainycat s 5 Best Bs on a scale of one to fiveboobs 1 blood 3 bombs 2 bondage 1 blasphemy 3Grant s Pass is an excellent concept anthology that I enjoyed reading The authors of each of the twenty pieces were provided with the following scenario Bioterrorists unleash plagues across the globe that leave a survival rate of 0001 were provided with the following scenario Bioterrorists unleash plagues across the globe that leave a survival rate of 0001 While the plagues were buring through the population a blog post written by a oung woman goes viral This post written before the plagues started is a letter to her friends asking them to meet her in viral This post written before the plagues started is a letter to her friends asking them to meet her in s Pass Oregon if the world comes to an end Each of the stories in this book are about characters deciding to go to Grant s Pass trying to get to Grant s Pass or trying to keep people from going to Grant s Pass The city becomes an analogy for hope and community for safety and a chance at reconnecting with people assumed lost during the plagueI really really like post apocalyptic stories Like most fans I enjoy imagining myself as a survivor and I put myself into the desolation and destruction daydreaming about a world without deadlines traffic bills or legions of stupid people where my wits and my physicality are the difference between life and death every day I also daydream about people in extraordinary circumstances What if I were far from home when the extinction even occurs How will the infrastructure power water sewage internet fall apart What about researchers in Antarctica or isolated cultures living the way they have for thousands of ears deep in the rainforest What is the mathematical model to determine if a group of survivors are open and welcoming to strangers or likely to subjugate or kill people who come across them These are the things that I think about when I m staring off into space I can divine how cynical I m feeling at any given time by the answers I provide for myselfAnd these are the uestions posed by in this collection As with other post apocalyptic books a major theme throughout most of the stories can be summed up with a Rousseau ean supposition When the chains of civilization are broken how do free people behave Some of the answers gave Stacey nightmares I don t disagree with her assesment that people are capable of doing amazingly horrific things to each other when there s little to no liklihood of reprisal eg Animal Husbandry by Seanan McGuire The Few That Are Good by Scott Ames and Men of Faith by Ivan Ewert Each of the characters in those stories believe they are forced into their actions by the conditions they re in and are totally justified in everything they do leaving the reader mute witness to the downward spiral into madness and anarchy the characters throw themselves If I didn t get nightmares but instead felt entertained it s because I m a cold heartless bastardSomebody once wrote Hell is the impossibility of reason and by this measure some of these stories are truly hellish I m not speaking of the nature of the plagues this is not a medical thriller and the editors made a better than half assed attempt at making the science plausible so I m willing to buy into the disease etiology Some of the stories explore an alienation and dysphoria so overwhelming that we watch the characters psyches splinter apart and flutter like so many tiny pieces of confetti in the wind The character uirks and oddities that endear us to our friends today can become the faultlines that rupture and bring us down in times of stress and this idea is explored especially well in Final Edition by Jeff Parish Ink Blots by Amanda Pillar By The Sea by Shannon Page Hell s Bells by Cherie Priest and especially The Discomfort of Words by Carole Johnstone Perhaps egomaniaclly I didn t especially relate to any of these protagonists but rather enjoyed watching their descent into madness from a smug DJust a ear before the collapse Grants Pass Oregon USA was publicly labelled as a place of sanctuary in a whimsical online “what if” post No. .

It s another apocalyptic anthology for me here and I uite enjoyed it I came across this after having read The Book of the Unnamed Midwife and it sounded worth a read As with all anthologies some stories click than others I was already familiar with Seanan Maguire but the other authors here were new to me My favouritesAscension by Martin Livings probably my favourite of all because it deals with the fate of those on the ISS when everything on Earth failsAnimal Husbandry by Seanan McGuireThe Chateau du Mons by Jennifer BrozekThe Few That are Good by Scott AlmesA Perfect Night to Watch Detroit Burn by Ed GreenwoodFinal Edition by Jeff ParishNewfound Gap Lee by Clarke ZumpeBy the Sea by Shannon PageRemembrance by James M Sullivan if ou read through this wanting to know if people made it to Grants Pass this is the one for ouAfter listing my fa A very well done anthology of stories about a modern apocalypse and the fabled safe haven of Grants Pass Oregon The world falls apart due to bioengineered plagues and the chaos that ensues from them The stories here like many anthologies vary in terms of their ability to grab each reader but they re all well written even if they re not one s cup of tea Stories that stood out in my mind as the best or most intriguing were Animal Husbandry by Seanan McGuire Chateau De Mons By de Mons by best or most intriguing were Animal Husbandry by Seanan McGuire Chateau de Mons by Brozek A Perfect Night to Watch Detroit Burn by Ed Greenwood Final Edition by Jeff Parish and Black Heart White Mourning by Jay Lake And to answer the leading uestion of the anthology es I d go to Grants Pass Hope is one of the things that keeps us going when everything else demands we give up Note I read this in PDF format before the book s release but I ll be looking to get a copy soon to put on the shelf One or two of the stories would have been ok on their own Having to shoehorn the premise of getting to Grants Pass Oregon into every story really hurt the anthology and was outright ridiculous in the case of the stories set internationally I m such a sucker for post apocalyptic fiction especially short stories It s pretty much a cliche to say that an anthology is a mixed bag it s sort of the point right There s always going to be stories Why Place Matters you really really like hopefully and ones thatou could really Do Without Grant S Pass An Anthology without Grant s Pass an anthology stories about people who survived a plague ridden end of the world and now have to decide whether to answer a call to join other survivors in Grants Pass Oregon is of course no exception There are great stories good stories decent stories and not so ones In the category of could really do without mine are likely going to be uite different than other people s so I ll skip going over them hereIn the category of great stories mine may also not match up but I m not going to stop myself from singling out my two favourites all the same because I thought they were both truly awesome Stories about survivors of an apocalypse necessarily have a tough road to pick around the pitfalls of cliche in both character and emotion there s enough literature out there on the set up not to mention the part where we all likely have our own internal script for it already and et these two stories still managed to create well defined main characters with uniue perspectives on the situationOther than that and having a female lead they don t have too much in common There s Animal Husbandry by Seanan Maguire about a Californian vet making her way up the West Coast to find out whether her daughter also survived and Boudha by KV Taylor about a girl in Kathmandu watching her family her neighbourhood disintegrate around her Those descriptions don t really do either of them justice but rather than spoil anything I ll just say that they both were the sort of short stories that I like to take breaks in while reading to extend the amount of time I get them for ke. The apocalypse has arrivedHumanity was decimated by bio terrorism; three engineered plagues were let loose on the world Barely anyone has survive.


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