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Der Illusionist dEn one of which is Hannah s child s father she can t resistoing an investigation of her own Unable to believe the worse of the man she loved she eventually finds a link between the ead woman the three mentioned men and some others not mentioned in the letterDespite being a great lover of mysteries I think what I loved best in the story was the sense of time and period How life was actually hard for this people how some of the wounds of the Revolutionary War were still open and how Hannah that we could consider a bit too modern *For Those Times Is Looked *those times is looked for her behaviour oes making it believable However I found that she unraveled what was happening a bit too uickly to be believableThe story is Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, dark there are some pretty horrible crimes mentioned and some people never recover from them The aftermath and conseuences of the war are very present here and play an important part in the action It s also very atmospheric you can almost see the characters as they walk aroundoing their business which efinitely contributed to my enjoyment of the story It made for an interesting read and I wouldn t mind picking the other books in the series to find out what happens next to Hannah and DanielGrade 45 This series is fantastic and out what happens next *to Hannah and DanielGrade 45 This series is fantastic and first book is arguably the best A truly chilling and *Hannah and DanielGrade 45 This series is fantastic and first book is arguably the best A truly chilling and heartbreaking mystery the masterful and evocative use of an unstable historical period vivid and well efined characters and a strong smart compassionate intriguing heroine Lawrence is a powerful and immensely skilled writer Fans of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and the Wilderness series by Sara Donati should love this as well as fans of gritty and emotionally rich historical novels andor mysterie. Ut of wedlock and Riding Class (Saddle Club, deaf When a young woman is raped and murdered leaving behind a note that implicates heraughter's father Hannah is the only person in the small Maine town of Rufford with enough insight and experience to uncover the truth. ,

Hearts and BonesI was recommended this book in the context a set of mystery all midwives All shared some elements of love stories ifferences series all featuring midwives All shared some elements of love stories ifferences religion and raise the uestion of whether midwifery allows women to break normal rules for women s behavior or Different Class draws to it women already inclined to break those rules While the rest were relatively formulaic historical fictions which could have been about any number of things this was well constructed with thorough historicism but was also violently creepy and uncomfortably playing into the ration One of the few mysteries I enjoyed about a murder in post revolutionary war Maine Plan to read the seuel Blood Red Roses Being from New England this book resonated with me as I am always so curious about 18th century America I ve been trying to write an adeuate review for a book I love terribly and I can t All I can say is that looking at Hearts Bones as just a mystery Aecidedly not cozy mystery but the setting is amazing I ve been kicking around the portrayal of the post Revolutionary War society and how broken it was Very interestingStrong main character and an interesting mystery With a content caveat I Short Stories by Roald Dahl d recommend HEARTS AND BONES Hist Mys Hannah Trevor Maine 1700s ExLawrence Margaret 1st of seriesFrom Fantastic Fiction Hannah Trevor a midwife in a small Maine towniscovers the body of a young wife and mother along with a note naming Hannah s secret past lover and the father of her illegitimate Goldilocks the Three Bears daughter as the woman s murderers Very well written An excellent portrayal of life in Maine of 1770s and how little power women had over their own lives Hannah is a great character I ll read of these This is a book I read many years ago which stayed. The physical and emotional scars of the Revolutionary War are an important part of this tremendous new first mystery the most excitingebut since Laurie R King and The Beekeeper's Apprentice Like King's Mary Russell the heroine of Lawrence. With me and I finally revisited it Lawrence s prose is beautiful and the story is heartbreaking and moving It is brutal at times at an prose is beautiful and the story is heartbreaking and moving It is brutal at times at an time in American history post revolution which is something I tend to avoid hence 4 "STARS INSTEAD OF 5WOMEN ARE LEGAL NON ENTITIES REUIRING "instead of 5Women are legal non entities reuiring for everything including owning a business Women like Hannah Trevor however use their uniue skill to gain some independence they are the healers the midwives nurses and herbalists Reading about women in history makes me very thankful for the time in which I live I ve had this book on my shelves for many years and finally pulled it own to read on a plane trip It was uite good and I would recommend it for mystery readers who also enjoy historical contexts The protagonist is a midwife in Maine in 1786 right after the American Revolution The book is very good at showing the issatisfaction of common people at how our nation was managing or not managing after we won the war It s not a time period that we learn much about and although I enjoy reading about the American Revolution this was a new view of its aftermath Hearts and Bones has three seuels which "I ve taken out of the library but not yet read The title by the way refers to a uilt "ve taken out of the library but not yet read The title by the way refers to a uilt Ever since I read and really enjoyed Sara Donati s into The Wilderness that I have been looking for books with a similar setting Hearts and Bones is also set in America and around the same time and I couldn t resist picking it upUnlike Donati s this book is a murder mystery The heroine is Hannah Trevor a midwife living with her aunt and her Socialist Realism deaf and illegitimateaughter in Rufford Maine When she finds a young woman raped and murdered who left a letter accusing three 's book is an unconventional woman unwilling to be forced into an historical mold Hannah Trevor is a gifted educated midwife who carries wisdom and sorrow with her in eual measures one husband and three children I Look Up To... Michelle Obama dead anotheraughter born

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