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Can edition published by Doran of which this edition is a uality reprintUnlike some reviewers I The Outside find the uality of Doyle s work throughout the Holmes canon pretty consistent and this collection is much of a piece in style and uality with the preceding andollowing ones Holmes and Watson are their usual vividly drawn selves and their camaraderie and Loving James (Surviving Elite High, friendship adds to the enjoyment of the stories The mysteries are solved by the application of rational deduction accompanied by minute observation of detail but the settings and story elements often in Romanticashion incorporate the exotic the scary and the grotesue a word which our heroes discuss at the beginning of The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge with as it turns out good reason All of these stories are set in England but they may be very much subject to sinister Bedford Square (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, foreign influences the past outrages of a Central American dictatorship the activities of southern Italy s organized crime poison used by African witch doctors Even in England the Gothic and sinister may not be absent Doyle s evocation of the Cornish seacoast and moors in The Adventure of the Devil s Foot would be at home in the Romantic novels of Black or Du Maurier Doyle uses description with skill than readers sometimes noticeAttempting to comment on the individual stories can be difficult without divulging spoilers that s particularly true in the case of The Adventure of the Dying Detective I can mention that The Adventure of the Bruce Partington Plans is noteworthy in the Holmes canon as being one of only two in which Holmes brother Mycroft appears From the beginning of the title story set just on the eve of World War I in August 1914 it s obvious that this one deals with pre war German espionage Written as it was during the war its treatment of German characters is colored by wartime attitudes towards the enemy and in hindsight we can say that it s very unlikely that the German government was consciously planning the war since 1910 and that even its date would have been predictable to their agents The story is also notable though as the only Holmes story I recall with actual explicit references to God in two places though Doyle wasn t a Christian the war and especially the death of his son in it tended to move his thoughts in a spiritual direction Ironically though the hope he puts in Holmes mouth a cleaner better stronger land will lie in the sunshine when the storm has cleared proved to be illusory the moral and spiritual effects of the Great War on England and the West generally were almost entirely demoralizing Myavorite story in the book is probably The Adventure of the Devil s Foot but all of them are well written and rewardingThis edition is enhanced by an appended Selected Bibliography Doyle s works it ills about two Selected of Doyle s works it ills about two a half pages since he wrote prolifically including long and short HVAC Design Sourcebook fiction and nonfiction and aour and a half page About the Author biographical note which is worthwhile and informative A must Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing for Doyleans I d recommend the collection to any The Far Dawn (The Atlanteans, fans of traditional mystery stories This short story collection is one of theinest and most even entries in the series Subtitled Some Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes the brief preface indicates that Holmes This was pretty enjoyable read consisting of 8 short stories Although they are arguably not as consitant and entertaining as Adventures of and Return of I would say half the stories here are very good Devil s Foot was one of my Ormen i Essex favourites which was reminiscent of The Hound of The Baskervilles where Sherlock goes and explores on his own via long walks in strange places and leaves the readers in the dark before the big revealsollowing the masterful deductions he is Bare It All (Love Undercover, famousorI like the way a couple of the stories such as the. And 'The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax' In 'The Dying Detective' Dr Watson is horrified to discover Holmes at death's door Bare It All (Love Undercover, from a mysterious tropical disease as hisriend lays a trap or a murdere. Telegraphs back asking of the condition of Mr *Schelessinger s ear Just like Baskervilles this story has Watson in the orefront of action and Holmes relegated *s ear Just like Baskervilles this story has Watson in the orefront of action and Holmes relegated the back burner Or so I thought Just like in Baskervilles Sir Doyle always keeps surprises up his sleeves 3 STARSThe Adventure of the Devil s Foot Messrs Tregennis and Roundhay consult Holmes because the ormer s STARSThe Adventure of the Devil s Foot Messrs Tregennis and Roundhay consult Holmes because the ormer s Owen and George have gone mad and His Sister Brenda Died During The Investigation A Cousin Of sister Brenda died During the investigation a cousin of Tregennises Dr Sterndale postpones his trip or the sake of the investigation The The Last Imaginary Place following day Tregannis himself isound dead by Dr Sterndale Who kills or turns the siblings Read and Not Just Roommates find outor yourself The Devil s Foot is a chemical Cassidy Harte and the Comeback Kid (Outlaw Hartes, from a plant root in Africa This is one of the best stories in this collection Very engaging 4 STARSHis Last Bow Von Bork is a German spy is leaving Britainor Netherlands bringing with him a lot of valuable information that may be used by German during the Jean-Paul Sartre first World War Hisriend Von Herling says that those can make him rather a hero Von Bork is still not happy though He is still waiting Vintage Games for another tip naval signal I will not tell you the rest of the story because as I do not give too much away This one is very good though I did not see it coming Also told in a third person thiselt different because all the other works in the canon are narrated by Watson Zamba first person This is said to have been written during the World War I to uplift the morale of the British soldiers so this is a spy story rather than the usual detective s tale Truly a breath ofresh air 5 STARSOn to the last collection of short stories called The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes and I will then be done with the whole Sherlock Holmes canon Which canon I am planning to read next I am contemplating between reading the whole works of Samuel Beckett I have all of them or maybe read the rest of the 11 books included in Anthony Powell s A Dance to the Music of Time I am still collecting little by little the whole works of William Shakespeare so even if I want to read him next I still cannot do that My Goodreads The Erotic Motive in Literature friend Steve Haywood and I agreed early this year to read this collection together this month as a buddy read He wanted to do a story collection and I suggested this one since I knew it was the only remaining book in the Holmes canon that I hadn t officially read So on turning the last page I marked another literary milestone completing an odyssey begun in childhood there are no original Sherlock Holmes stories to reador the The Detour first timeAs it turned out there probably weren t any I hadn t read even before I turned theirst page Of the eight stories in this edition the only one I possibly hadn t previously read elsewhere was The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax I m not sure if I d actually read the story itself or just had very vivid memories of the adaptation on the old PBS Mystery series starring Jeremy Brett as Holmes In any case the ending of the actual story differs significantly The Crime Trade (Tina Boyd from that of the adaptation and I like Doyle s better than the scriptwriters Had I known this I might not have suggested the book as a buddy read since I rarely reread books and the read did prove to be very uick on my end but I did reread or closely skim most of the stories this time and that actually proved to be uite worthwhile because in the years since reading most of these I dorgotten a number of significant details which I enjoyed re discovering The Adventure of the Cardboard Box was the only one I didn t reread having just read it last year and commented on it in my review of The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes where it originally appeared It wasn t included in the original 1917 British edition of this collection but it did appear in the 1917 Ameri. Ster himself reuests Holmes's services to hunt down the remarkable German agent Von Bork Several of the detective's earlier cases complete the volume including 'Wisteria Lodge' 'The Bruce Partington Plans'. A 84% Very Good Notes Precursor to the spy genre it s Holmes Sherlock Holmes secret agent with conseuential and real world plots The Sherlock Holmes collection that has the The Adventures of Rusty fewest number of short stories 8 It is even a story less in its British edition This is called His Last Bow because it shares that title with its anchor last story Other than that reason I could not associate any of the other stories with Holmes bowing out as they all have the same ingredients orormula as the earlier Sherlock Holmes literary pieces The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge John Scott Eccles consults Holmes and Watson regarding the death of his Spanish riend Aloysius Garcia Two Scotland detectives Gregson and Baynes join Garcia s murder happened in a place called Wisteria Lodge in Esher The murderer turns out to be rom another house that Holmes was able to deduce Mamá from reconnoitering I loved the presence of gothic element but the reconnoitering is uite unlikely in my opinion However if the area is peopled only by whites and Murillo is the only onerom Latin America then I may be wrong What I mean is that Murillo s skin could have made him a highly noticeable target 2 STARSThe Adventure of the Cardboard Box Yuck two severed human ears are inside the parcel sent to an old landlord Miss Susan Cushing and Inspector Lestrade suspects that that this is a rank by his evicted tenants who are medical student Holmes as always thinks differently and he proves that he is right uite ordinary but the straightforward narration plus the emotion of a wronged man made this story disuieting For a while I elt or straightforward narration plus the emotion of a wronged man made this story disuieting For a while I elt The Bomber Dog for killer because his wife has a lover Not that I could emphatize with him but Holmes held back theull information a bit there so I thought that the killer deserved my empathy 3 STARSThe Adventure of the Red Circle The kidnapper of Mrs Warren s husband is identified using the Novelas de Isabel Allende followingacts messages sent to Daily Gazette s Agony column hiding in a boxroom the lantern signal and the knowledge of Italian language Underground terrorist activities are also involved Aside Dreams Made Flesh (The Black Jewels, from Pinkerton that was also mentioned in his last novel the Italian Mafia like organization Red Circle is involved here but there is no connection between Pinkerton and Red Circle Felt like an ordinary Holmes story 2 STARSThe Adventure of the Bruce Partington Plans This is the last appearance of Mycroft Holmes brother Arthur Cadogan West is murdered and seven out of ten pages of the secret submarine plans areound with his corpse If the 3 pages are The Fearless Critic Portland Restaurant Guide found the person can create a submarine that runsrom Bruce to Partington Mycroft provides information that led to the identification of the murderer near the railway Unlike the Top Secret Executive Resumes, Second Edition first story in this collection the reconnoitering of the neighborhood is plausible to identify the place where the killing happened The reason is that the corpse isound by the railway tracks 3 STARS The Adventure of the Dying Detective Would you ever imagine Holmes getting sick He died but he never got sick in the previous novels and short stories In this one Holmes is said to have contacted a contagious Asian disease and Dr Watson is called to tend on him Watson arrives but Holmes tells him to wait up to 6pm Holmes asks Watson to Anne, Ben Barbar Mıyım? fetch Mr Culverton Smith who Holmes has accused to have killed his nephew Victor Ielt sad reading this novel at irst because I thought all the while that "HOLMES WAS SICK AND DIE IT WAS UNTHINKABLE "was sick and could die It was unthinkable and Sir Doyle was able to truly catch my interest 3 STARS The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax Lady Frances is missing but Holmes is busy so he sends Watson to investigate He proceeds with the investigation and inds out that Lady Frances has gone to Germany met the Schlessinger couple and a big bearded man Holmes. 'His Last Bow' the title story of this collection tells how Sherlock Holmes is brought out of retirement to help the Government ight the German threat at the approach of the First World War The Prime Mini. His Last Bow