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Done Without his riffs forget it Some will rave about Ozzy s persona or Geezer s lyrics but whilst they added to things I admit they are both very very secondary As for Bill Ward well his contrariness pretty much backs up that ridiculous farce over his refusal to sign that recent contract He wouldn t give details of his grievance yet pathetically still expected fans to side with Him Don T Start Me Off There As I Said don t start me off there As I said was nice of Iommi to come clean about so many things Yes he wasted fortunes on drugs they all did but he still came up with the goods Mind you I was taken aback at how much money they wasted on expensive pranks Still it was his money to waste I suppose The only REAL surprise for me was how he rated Dehumanizer so highly He talked about it in the same breath as the classic Sabs albums but to me it was and is totally different from anything else I couldn t get into a single track Maybe it s me Maybe I should go and check it out again Anyway a thoroughly enjoyable read from one of my rock heroes I thank him for all the pleasure he s brought to people and hope that his current good health continues It s mostely about all the change of crew in BS and the musical side which is interesting enough but the title indicates a better story than ust thatIt was a fast read which surprised me we are after all talking about 50 years covered in the bookA good book I liked it but at the same time feel too much was left out Read it in a day Finally an autobiography to the point and we ll written Could use an update of course Been uite a few years and allot has blown to Tony As of this date he is still thank God alive and Sabbath did do the album 13 I saw the concert for that and loved it I started listening to Black Sabbath in the early 70 s and their music was influential towards my learning to enjoy so many types of rock music This book brings you back and you can see why Black Sabbath was such a great band and yet ust regular guys Tony s stories are great and in a simple way they document why this decade of music is timeless If you like the music you will enjoy this book and end up with a whole new perspective on heavy metal and hard rock Tony #Does A Great Job Talking About Funny #a great ob talking about funny between and members but he really downplays what a complete loser and woman beater he is when he s all coked up He punched Lita Ford in the face on a Presidencies Derailed jet airlinerust to show off to a friend and she had to tell the flight attendant that her boyfriend was attacking her and she needed to find another seat This is Lita Ford we re talking about here Read her book to find out the real side to Tony Iommi that he completely leaves out of his own. D rock happened to Black Sabbath first the drugs the debauchery the drinking the dungeons the pressure the pain the conuests the company men the contracts the combustible drummer the critics the comebacks the singers the Stonehenge set the music the money the madness the meta. ,

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Iron Man: My Journey through Heaven and Hell with Black SabbathOften with autobiographies the subject goes on and on #about his school days or relatives or whatever for ages Tony doesn t This book is written in easily #his school days or relatives or whatever for ages Tony doesn t This book is written in easily short chapters and makes you feel like you were there It was great to carry around and read a chapter uickly whilst ueing up somewhere So pleased I bought itWell done Tony and thanks for Black Sabbath I really didn t know much about Tony Iommi and was keen to learn As you d expect he s had a pretty interesting life with plenty of ups and downs though not as much rock and roll excess as I ve read ABOUT FROM OTHERS IN METAL AND from others in metal and bands or possibly he s ust not wanted the book to be all about that which is fair enough A couple of reviewers have made comments about the style of writing he said she said he goes they go etc but to be honest fans will not be looking for a literary masterpiece I certainly wouldn t expect one A good read for fans and anyone genuinely interested in some great musical history I can only describe this book as dry Based on other reviews I was expecting but I found the writing style uite dull so much that I almost felt I was reading it in monotone Sabbath and me go back a long way I first saw them in 1978 on the Never Say Die tour I ve been something of a fan from prior to that time until the present day and it s not easy for me to give a poor review to a book by one of my guitar heroes but great guitarist that Tony is a great author he is notThe basic story is got together made an album went on tour made an album went on tour singer uit replaced singer made an album went on tour drummer uit replaced drummer made an album went on tour singer uit got back together made an album went on tour and so ad infinitum Yes it s a factual account and if that s what the reader expects then they may well be entirely satisfied but personally I like a little bit of entertainment woven into reader expects then they may well be entirely satisfied but personally I like a little bit of entertainment woven into storylineI think I smirked very briefly at one point but that was it When I read Ozzy s biography I was laughing out loud Even events that occurred in both books are funny in one and not in the other Of course he may not have been trying to make the reader laugh but I ll bet he didn t intend to send them to sleepNot one of the better rock autobiographies I m afraid I will of course continue to listen to and enjoy his music Incredible stories He s been through so much highly entertaining Not the typical overcome adversity trouble wit Tony Iommi The guitar player that since I was 13 have been trying to emulate To me he was the coolest and his book proves it From his hardscrabble life growing up in Birmingham to losing his finger tips OUCH ust before his big break Iron Man chronicles the story of both pioneering guitarist Tony Iommi and legendary band Black Sabbath dubbed The Beatles of heavy metal by Rolling Stone Iron Man reveals the man behind the icon yet still captures Iommi's humor intelligence and warmth He speaks honestly and. O his ups and downs with the Music World AND HIS BRUSH WITH CANCER HE TALKS ABOUT THE his brush with Cancer He talks about the his wives his band mates and the music With some funny stories thrown in and his thoughts on life in general Mr Iommi makes you realize that Black Sabbath was not a bunch of Devil Worshiping Hippies from England but four Lads that love to make music and have a good time doing it Mr Iommi is the Godfather of Metal and him letting you inside his world to look at his mysterious life is a blessing to those who have for years chanted the spells to bring about the mastery of guitar like him Thank you Tony for your music and your book I can now play Black Sabbath not having to worry if Satan is going to come out of my speakers and strangle me As expected this is an enjoyable read and filled with funny stories about the band characters and those that worked with them in the past I was in my early teens when I started listening to their albums and been a fan ever since Tony I presents the stories in humorous and often serious terms from the beginnings #Of The Band Throughout The #the band throughout the times of their careers These guys got a serious rap in their early stages due to bad press and religious rumors The stories presented shows that they are human ust like the rest of us and were thrust ed into the limelight in such a short period of time with drugs so prevalent during those years Tony I is a humbling person and serious musician that enjoys a good laugh in life A great read great autobiography of one of Rock s great guitarists It charts his life from childhood in Brum through to international stardom as the father of heavy metal guitar Very enjoyable read in his own words nice short chapters chronicaling specific events and changes in the band and very entertaining A must for anyone who loved Tony and Black Sabbath and certainly opened my eyes to the ups and downs of the band and his career over the decades I bought this after seeing Black Sabbath on their final farewell tour in Leeds Great read I happened to get the updated version which I was glad about as it covered his health scares etc Unlike the reviewer who seemed to want all that psychoanalytical claptrap I ust wanted FACTS TRIVIA HISTORY THE TRUTH And boy I got it at last Forget notions about that s only HIS version of events I now fully believe HIS explanation of all those myths and tales we ve heard for years It is written so well like he s speaking to your face in his own words Honest Down to earth Full of so many little aside comments and stories which he rightly thinks would be of interest It pretty much cemented how I rated Sabbath before ie Tony IS Black Sabbath when all s said and. Unflinchingly about his rough and tumble childhood the accident that almost ended his career his failed marriages personal tragedies battles with addiction bandmates famous friends newfound daughter and the ups and downs of his life as an artist Everything associated with har. ,

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