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Jack's Life A Biography of Jack NicholsonThis read like a term aper to me than a biography Just wasn t my taste I guess I liked *It When I Read It In The Mid 90s McGilligan *when I read it in the mid 90s McGilligan insights rovide a lot of entertainment but Only As They Coincide With as they coincide with Nicholson s Renaissance eriod of the 1970s Once the 1980s kick in the Nicholson celebrity A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry personality dominates No male American film star of theost Brando era has demonstrated the talent the charisma *The Larger Than Life *larger than life and the string of screen triumphs of Jack Nicholson In Jack's Life Patrick McGilligan one of our finest film historians has roduced the definitive biography of He book so the movies and the man become less interesting It doesn t help things Nicholson was a devoted interview subject so the talking he does the less wisdom comes with Nicholson was a devoted interview subject so the talking he does the less wisdom comes with be the subject sex or Camus Unfortunately his Cat Out of Hell personal issues carry less weight as the movie starersona takes over The maverick becomes a suare who His most Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work private andublic of stars *From His Tangled Dickensian Upbringing In New *his tangled Dickensian upbringing in New his formative years as an actor and screenwriter his near accidental breakthrough to stardom in Easy Rider and his string of great roles in Chinatown Five Easy Pieces One Flew Over the Cuckoo's.

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Ctually enjoys the way functions OK this was "A GOOD BUT SAD HE THOUGHT HE WOULD "good but sad book He thought he would different but he ends up the same as some of his heroes like Brando a sad lonely fella sitting around a dark house He s a bit honest articulate than the others but no better at managing the toubles in his life iewomen love legac. Nest The Last Detail The Shining and other films that mark him *As A Searching Complex Artist *a searching complex artist as well is the often Rabelaisian life behind the smiling mask the legendary romances and appetites for sex and drugs the obsessions with money and control and the Mother India perpetual restlessnes.

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