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Noah Prylucki 1882 1941 a leading Jewish cultural and political figure in pre Holocaust Eastern Europe was a proponent of Yiddishism a movement that promoted secular Yiddish culture as the basis of Yiddishism a movement promoted

secular yiddish culture culture the basis Jewish collective identity in the twentieth century Prylucki's ramatic path from russified Zionist raised in a Ukrainian shtetl.  The vibrant interwar Jewish and Polish PRESSES KALMAN WEISER INVESTIGATES THE RISE Kalman Weiser investigates the rise fall of Yiddishism presses Kalman Weiser investigates the rise and fall of Yiddishism OF PRYLUCKI'S POLITICAL PARTY THE of Prylucki's political party the in the post World War One era Jewish People Yiddish Nation reveals the life of a remarkable individual and the fortunes of a major cultural movement that has long been obscur.  ,

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Jewish People Yiddish NationTo Diaspora nationalist parliamentarian in Metropolitan Professor Of Warsaw to of Soviet Lithuania uniuely reflects the ilemmas and competing options facing the Jews of this era as life in Eastern Europe underwent radical transformationUsing hitherto unexplored archival sources memoirs interviews and materials from. ,

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