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Ly lived in this areas a few years I could follow a number of the figures that Olesker discusses like the powerful political figures and some of the key sports figures Yet as Olesker recounts his life in Balti growing up In The City During The Turbulent Second the city during the turbulent second of the 20th century you pick up on a lot of history good and bad He discusses the history of the city how it volved and how the various populations groups lived and settled in Balti It is the story of racial and religious differences how the various groups interacted for better or worse From the divisions between Jewish and Christian faiths Orthodox Catholic some Protestant to the division between nationalities Italian Greek Germanic and to race Balti was a city with many different flavors and backgrounds Sometimes the groups got along but sometimes they did not Especially in racial matters Balti was not so much a melting pot but a salad where the ingredients could and were asily separated Sometimes there were forces that united the people be it the service in World War II mourning for Kennedy or the Balti Colts but ven there there were many divisions the racial divide on the beloved Colts was painful for the players and the author to recount In this A Fairly Honourable Defeat environment many a mayor governor or senatormerged with varying degrees of success For a non native I learned a great deal Some of the themes I had already heard about but in the context of a city like Balti it was still nlightening to read writing and story telling by the career journalist Worth the time to read Journeys to the Heart of Balti an autobiography written by Michael Olesker This book is intended for the intermediate and advanced group of readers Michael Olesker writes about the stories of his family and stories that he was. Ty comes to life here and so do the legendary Balti Colts Lenny Moore and Artie Donovan The old East Balti thnic nclaves nurture youngsters named Barbara Mikulski and Ted Venetoulis and out of West Balti comes the future Afro American newspaper publisher Jake Oliver Journeys to the Heart of Balti is a delightful reminder of the nation's thnic and racial mosaic where a future mayor named Martin O'Malley and a future Balti County xecutive named Dutch Ruppersbe. ,

Writing is incredibly boring but I learned so much about Balti Journeys to the Heart of Balti is an autobiography written by Michael Olesker The story is intended for intermediate and advanced readers Olesker tells the stories told to him by friends and family who are immigrants to America about the journeys they ncountered to become American The story begins with arly immigration in the 1900 s and how his great grandparents assimilated into American ways I classify this "as an autobiography because the stories told are about his life "an autobiography because the stories told are about his life why he is the way he is He continues to discuss his parents generation and also includes multiple other stories told from people of different nationalities He relays the struggles and hardships with great heart wrenching stories and pictures Since I have lived in my whole life I njoy reading about such as fells point and the inner harbor back in those days I have a good understanding now of how certain places came to be and their history It is amazing to learn about all the changes that have occurred here in the United States specially in my hometown This book is appealing to young readers because it tells the true story of how families the Olesker families in particular were and still are able to become American but still remain true to their culture The book can be used to instruct about sociology because lots of references are made to the study of the melting pot in society I think children from Balti in particular will njoy the book most It is cool to know history of a place where you go often I will always think of the stories told by Olesker when visiting certain parts of Balti While this book is nearly 20 years old there is much that an person can get from reading this book While I have on. In Journeys to the Heart of Balti veteran journalist Michael Olesker writes of the American melting pot particularly Balti's in all its rollicking sentimental good natured and chaotic ssence The stories come from neighborhood street corners and front stoops playgrounds and school rooms churches and synagogues and families gathered around late night kitchen tablesThink of this as a love letter across the generations Olesker writes The D'Alesandro political dynas. ,
Told while he was growing up His stories were about his family and friends who were all immigrants trying to make a life in the United States in the 1900 s He talks about all of the different journeys that his family and himself had to make in order to become American "This story is filled with his family troubles and struggles as they tried making a life in America "story is filled with his family troubles and struggles as they tried making a life in America are a few pictures included in the story that can be very motional while reading the story It is neat Because Through A Lot Of It I through a lot of it I where most of it was taking place because they were places that I had been before In the book the Inner Harbor Fells Point and other parts of the city are mentioned I njoyed reading this story because it really made me understand the struggles that people had to go through when coming to America It also is amazing how much Balti and the United States as a whole has changed over the last several years This book would be appealing to young readers because it about the true story of how the Olesker family become American *But Could Still Hold *could still hold to their own culture They didn t have to lose who they are to become American ven with all of the pressure that they went through This book can be used in a sociology class because it talks a lot about how several different cultures and different people all come together in one city and they can all work together A teacher could Untitled. explain that that s howverything is theses days We are all mixed together and all want similar things but make it work Children need to learn that different isn t bad Children will njoy reading and hearing about their hometown The boys will love hearing about the sports teams and all of them will be amazed when they recognize a certain setting and place in the story that they have visited. Rger first learn about the melting pot Boys from Balti's Little Italy like John Pica go off to fight a war in Italy when they know their allegiance is being tested And a city struggles through racial convulsions remembered by those such as John Steadman and Father Constantine SitarisWe overlap or what's the point of America Olesker writes We compromise we shed the garments of the past But we simultaneously strain to hold onto yesterdays It is the hunger of memor.

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