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First call to uestion her she oesn t even ask why as if she knows the crime they are uestioning her about This is the third or fourth book by Phelps that I ve read so by now I m used to his writing The only negative which is especially evident in this new book is how he inserts his opinions about the guilty which is especially evident in this new book is how he inserts his opinions about the guilty By the end of the book his complete and utter Command Performance dislike for the guilty is obvious and slightly off putting Even so it isn t off putting enough to stop reading Phelps has a way of slightly sensationalizing the crimes he covers without making it into an enjoyable story It only serves to benefit his books though as many true crime novels can by very slow andry When Martha Gail Fulton left her part time job at the library and Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, discovered she had a flat tire sherove back into the empty parking lot upon leaving her vehicle a car with three people The Perfect Blend drove into the parking lot a man got out approached Gail and shot her toeathFrom the very beginning it was obvious this was not a random shooting Gail was targeted by persons unknown Two obvious suspects were her husband George and George s mistress Donna Kay Trapani Both however had alibis As police investigated however they uncovered a conspiracy and a mistress that was uite the woman scorned You know what is said about a woman scorned Donna Kay Trapani would o whatever she needed to get her man Despite the lurid title this is a solidly told tale of an adulterous mate a long suffering wife and how it led to murder for hire M Phelps has one his usual solid job of research and his narrative is captivating and compelling He has little respect for men who mistreat women and lets you know it this includes unfaithful husbands Although George had nothing to Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss do with Gail s murder his affair set events in motion that led to it Ion t want to say any Just know this is a very interesting account and M Phelps has told it wel. Ps recounts the compelling real life Rayuan Sang Bos [Seduced By the Boss] drama of a twisted love triangle that ended in bloody murder and the riveting investigation that brought to light a master manipulator’s trail ofeadly ece. Kiss of the She DevilSecrets At Maple Syrup Farm definitely out of his league Donna is clearly a sick twisted individual who just couldn t stand to get rejected This account was investigated well Just wish the ending had beenifferent for the per Whispers Of The Heart d on s who committed this senseless crime I have to say Io not understand the rave reviews of this book The story is a good one if a little predictable But the writing is not very good The author inserts himself into the narrative sometimes explicitly with little snarky comments and this takes the reader out of the story I found the writing juvenile and as one person noted below pretty sexist I guess I could have guessed that from the title but I thought maybe that was just publisher sensationalizing This author has a pretty serious Madonnawhore thing happening which irritated me no end I won t read another book of his Well The Dukes Gamble done again Mr PhelpsAs far as the comment concerning Kevin Oulette sp his last picture saying today he s not the same man he was Was that based on his pic or has Phelps been in touch since the printing of this book I wonder because he seemed like such an unlikely killer then again not much background on him so gotta be cold heartedWow that Donna Trapani what a nut case and sorry George but you areere a terrible judge of character To Emily I know what you mean I feel the things you ve seen I m no psychic I believe some people are acutely observant and pick up on behaviors and mannerisms by virtue of their personality etc Smart young woman either wayI enjoy MWP s writing because he writes the way he speaks so reading is much like. When librarian Martha Gail Fulton was gunnedown in a Michigan parking lot on a uiet evening there were two obvious suspects Gail’s husband George a former military officer and George’s mistr. .
Hearing him talk I normally Love M William Phelps Books M William Phelps books one fell short Disclaimer This ARC was given to me for free in exchange for an honest review from NetgalleyThis book is far from an unbiased source instead it s misogynistic and tries to be appear scandalous Mr Phelps is King of the True Crime story He Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, does such a great job of pacingescribing the crime building the personalities of those involved and taking the reader all the way to the end in a fulfilling manner This crime was especially horrid and the reader never loses the awful pain of especially horrid and the reader never loses the awful pain of victim Let Go dying because some crazy woman wants your husbandThis is a good read I think a better title would have been The Jackass the Lunatic and the Pushover No offense to the victim meant but I stillon t understand why someone would stay in a miserable relationship even if they re religious I can t say this book is well written I felt there was too much repitition especially with the tirades the She Devil had The author puts too much of himself into the book with snarky comments although the people were so loathesome I Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition didn t mind very much Also theaughter s psychic nature what was up with that I m reading true crime and whether or not she actually has some ability I couldn t care less and found it completely unnecessary to the story Overall the book is too long and redundant but not the worst thing I ve read Wow Phelps has the ability to really remind me just how much we on t know about other people Gail Fulton is murdered as she leaves work one Monday night and we on t know about other people Gail Fulton is murdered as she leaves work one Monday night and first it seems simple Her husband George had been having an affair most likely he Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward decided to take his wife out of the picture However as the picture forms and facts come to light readers begin to understand that George while not completely an innocent bystander was blindsided by his wife seath His mistress Donna is a ifferent story When police. Ess the flashy businesswoman Donna Kay Trapani Police were baffled to find that both had ironclad alibis Yet evidence showed the shooter a male had an accomplice a mystery woman Now M William Phel. ,