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As expected this was a sobering but enlightening read It was filled First Person Accounts first person accounts the night of Kristallnacht and the actions taken by the Nazi party regular Germans and other countries in the months and years following Some of the information was new to me The book contains maps showing the towns throughout Europe where synagogues were destroyed That was heartbreaking to see This was a very well written book Filled with very sad information And also with several stories of heroism So take heart in those Martin Gilbert pulls no punches when he writes about the Holocaust His anger and frustration are palpable Kristallnacht and the events leading up to it and after it are analyzed He uses first HAND ACCOUNTS FROM SURVIVORS AND WHILE THEIR STORIES SEEM accounts from survivors and while their stories seem that is the point Never forget He fully brings out the horror fear savagery and barbarity He highlights the brave overnmentembassy members who illegally continued to issue emigration visas and citizens who risked their lives to shelter and hide Jews making it clear that there were indeed The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, good Germans Also laid bare are the heart wrenching refugee uotas of the US Britain and many other countries Even though many were saved these uotas and refusals of so many countries to admit German Jews as of 9139 were enemy aliens were responsible for the deaths of thousands It is hard to read and youet the full sense of the fear racism and conundrums Most of the time when I m reading about the Jewish experience in Hitler s Eurpoe Kristallnacht is mentioned as a turning point in the treatment of the Jews and not looked at in detail In this book Gilbert looks directly at Kristallnacht from a variety of sources including many many newspaper stories of the time Unlike later pogroms there was no attempt by the Nazis to hide the true violence and terror of Kristallnacht from the press This leaves Gilbert with a plethora of information to sort through and showcase how Kristallnacht happened from the highly planned political standpoint of the Nazis and exactly how deeply it affected the Jews who were its target He does his job as historian well traveling the breadth of the German Empire at the time to show how far reaching the violence of that night was and also explaining along the way the many ways Kristallnacht was informed by previous events and also set up the horrors to come Easily the saddest book I ve read this year Kristallnacht is the name for the infamous Nazi pogrom against German and Austrian Jews on November 9 10 1938 The Nazis would insist this was spontaneous eruption by the Germans against the Jews after the eventually successful assassination attempt against a German diplomat in Paris by a young German Polish Jew The assassin Herschel Grynszpan was upset over the late October expulsion from Germany of all Polish Jews including Grynszpan s family which resulted in a hellish in between existence in Polish border refugee camps The Poles were at first reluctant to accept them The Poles reluctance would be repeated Worldwide by numerous countries in the terrifying months to come Upon the German diplomat s death hell was unleashed in Jews throughout the Reich Gilbert Inverloch Volume 4 grimly excels here as he tells in account after account the destruction of Jewish homes businesses and places of worship In addition many of the men were carted off to concentration camps From the notes in the book it appears Gilbert collected many of these accounts areat deal of them from people were children or young adults at the time In account after account the same Nazi template presents itself with loud knocks on the door from a The Good and Beautiful God gang of SA thugs and then destruction beatings and sometimes worse There is. On November 7 1938 a young Jew enraged by his family's expulsion from Germany walked into the German embassy in Paris and fired five shots at a junior diplomat Three days later the diplomat was dead and Germany was in therips of skillfully orchestrated anti Jewish violenceIn the early hours of November 10 Nazi storm troopers and Hitler Youth rampaged through Jewish neighborhoods across Germany leaving behind them a horrifying trail of terror and destruction More than a thousand synagogues and many thousands of Jewish shops were destroyed while thirty thousan. .

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Kristallnacht Prelude to Destruction Making HistorySame time all Jewish cultural activities were suspended indefinitelyOn the night of the 9 10 November Kristallnacht took place co ordinated by the Nazi leadershipThat night 91 Jews were murdered and 25000 30000 were arrested and deported to concentration campsIn the early hours of November 10 coordinated destruction broke out in cities towns and villages throughout the Third ReichMore than 2 000 synagogues were destroyed and tens of thousands of Jewish businesses and homes ransackedIn this disturbing and heart wrenching work Gilbert athers together hundreds of eye witness accounts of the Kristallnacht atrocitiesAs one British newspaper reportedBrownshirts smashed their way into Jewish houses tore down their curtains slashed carpets and upholstery with knives and broke up the furnitureTerrified children were turned sobbing out of their beds which were then smashed to piecesExtremely disturbing is the refusal of the nations of the world to take in refugeesBetween January 1933 and March 1938 than 35 000 German Jews were ranted immigration certificates to Palestine Following the 1936 Arab Revolt the British restricted Jewish immigration the Holy Land to 3000 a yearOn November 30 1939 the Jewish National Council for Palestine offered to take 10 000 German Jewish children into the Holy Land to be dispersed among the 250 Jewish agricultural and urban centres thereTo appease the Arabs in Palestine and Muslims in India and other parts of the British Empire the offer to take the children was rejectedThe British authorities turned back Jewish ships full of refugees and put pressure on the overnments of Yugoslavia Romania Turkey and Greece not to allow Jewish refugees passage through their territories to the Holy LandHaven t enough Jewish lives been sacrificed to appease Muslim rageProposals were made to settle Jewish in British Guiana Brazil Madagascar Uganda and Tanganyika but all were abandonedA proposal to resettle Jews in Newfoundland in Canada was rejected due to public pressure from the local population there Ireland US Secretary of State Cordell Hull blocked a proposal by the Legislative Council of the Virgin Islands to take in refugees from the Nazis claiming it was incompatible with existing lawThe book is an important testimony and contains hitherto unrevealed accountsIt is an account of how hatred can lead to destruction on such a massive scaleToday we are faced with Jew hatred on a scale as reat as that of the Nazis in the form of hatred of IsraelIf this is not stopped who knows where it will lead This book contains people s stories of Nov 10th1938 when Nazi stormtroopers and Hitler youth smashed a trail through Jewish neighbourhoods destroying thousands of Jewish businesses and a thousand synagogues were destroyedThirty thousand Jews were sent to concentration camps This book does not read as a story It documents how it happened and how people felt as told to Mr Gilbert I think I found the recounting of a Nazi suad busting into a Jewish home and The Horse in Celtic Culture giving them an hour to vacate with what they could carry while a German citizen walked in and took possession The Holocaust was about looting and stealing and as much aboutreed As Hatred This Guy Is hatred This uy is serious nerd I found myself engrossed even though the text double backs on itself many times This is a huge compilation of first hand accounts of the Kristalnacht It deals with the emigration the orphans and of course the destruction of that night in particular I learned so much and found myself horrified Even the moments where he talks about the heroes who tried to help escaping Jews I was horrified that they were so alone in their efforts and often penalized for acting out of basic human moralit. Ther attack on Jews during the course of the Second World War was as widely reported by contemporary observersKristallnacht marked the beginning of the systematic eradication of a people who traced their origins in Germany to Roman times and was a sinister fore warning of the Holocaust By setting the tone for the terrible war to follow it shaped the second half of the twentieth century and continues to haunt us almost seventy years later Meticulously researched and masterfully written this is an eye opening study of one of the darkest chapters in human history. Brutal sameness to these attacks that strongly Suggest Planning And Targeting Gilbert planning and targeting Gilbert really dwells on this maybe because the hard evidence has never been uncovered or maybe just because it s obvious I don t know Anyway this brutal account lasts for a little over half the book what follows is the half the book What follows is the by many of the Jews to et out of Germany It was not such an easy thing as the Nazis were hardly helpful and other European countries argued over refugee uotas This part of the book is also uite sad but it is punctuated by some real heroes such as Captain Frank Foley the British Passport Control Officer in Berlin also a spy and Dr Feng Shan Ho the Chinese Consul General in Vienna Both men would work night and day to help Jews to emigrate to both Britain and China They saved thousands And there were others the Righteous as Gilbert calls them that history has also forgotten As the window to escape closes the beginnings of the Final Solution start to reveal themselves Generally my reading experience when it comes to Kristallnacht usually has involved a few pages in larger histories of the War and Nazi Germany Gilbert has provided the necessary and heartbreaking voices to an event whose scale and the hate behind it is still beyond comprehension Martin Gilbert collects and relates first hand experiences of Kristallnacht At times the book feels like a loosely connected series of mini narratives but it is so engrossing that this fact doesn t distance the reader It should be noted that if Gilbert s footnotes are any indication some of the accounts came from letters that Gilbert recieved most likely after solicting from witnesses In addition to the first hand accounts Gilbert Every Boys Dream goes intoreat deapth about the international Reaction To Kristallnancht At to Kristallnancht At the stories are despairly others hopeful and at least one concerning the city of New York will promote a smileWhat comes across is the feeling of horror and helpless of even anger on behalf of those mentioned in the book Eually impactive are the maps in the back which show where the destruction took place In many ways these speak than the actual narrative This is uite an in depth look at Kristallnacht and the immediate aftermath also including basic eventsstats that came both before and after Much of the information comes from survivors many of whom sent letters or unpublished memoirs to the author as well as other eyewitnesses including journalists and overnment of Excellent detailed description of many of the events of Kristallknacht plus prelude and afterBut what s missing are some crucial things I want to know for my novel Who put the plan together When Who ave the order to proceed How was that order communicated and coordinated so uickly to virtually every locale in GermanyIf you know a source for those answers please let me knowNOTE 1029 I have since found the source of the Kristallknacht orders it was Heydrich and have included these events in the seuel to A FLOOD OF EVIL which I am currently writing On November 7 1938 a 17 year old German Jew Herschel Grynszpan enraged by the suffering of his parents who had been expelled from Germany together with 12 000 other Jews walked into the German embassy in Paris and shot junior German diplomat Ernst vom Rath who died three days laterVom Rath s assassination sparked what the Nazis had been planning for months a nationwide pogrom and orgy of destruction against the Jews across the Third Reich Germany Austria and SudetenlandOn on November 8 it had been announced that Jewish children could no longer attend Aryan state elementary schools something that had hitherto been allowed where there were not sufficient Jewish elementary schools At the. D Jews were rounded up and sent to concentration camps This was the moment when deliberately inflamed hatreds ignited nationwide destructionWith rare insight and acumen Martin Gilbert one of the leading historians of our time examines Kristallnacht the Night of Broken Glass and describes how the rest of the world reacted in its wake His narration of that night and day of terror is chilling vividly conveying its scale and intensity through than fifty previously unpublished eyewitness testimonies and raphic newspaper accounts of the events as they unfolded No .