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Forever His Bride (The Wedding Party, gPaula Stokes is a friend of mine In fact she s my roommate from book tour together last summer when our YA books first came out But I tell you that to tell you this even though I seem biased with this reviewI swear on every book ever written that I m not Even if I didn t know Paula Stokes I d still say that LIARS INC was a super fun book with a super surprise ending I love murder mystery books I m a big fan of Pretty Little Liars the books Veronica Mars and basically anything that has murder and mystery in one work LIARS has areat voice to start Max Narrator Has Such the narrator has such punchy solid voice He s Girl Trouble got areat has such punchy solid voice He s The Trouble with Valentines got areat of humor but he knows when the crap s about to hit the fan And the crap hits the fan for real in LIARS INCWhat starts out as a fun way to Instead of doing my usual review I ll tell you why you need to read this book in a different way I m jlo Journal going to compare Liars Inc and its characters plot etc with various people and objects 1 If Liars Inc would be a dessert it would be dark chocolate Rich creamy in a way with a touch of darkness and sweetness2 If Max the main character was an animal he would be a dog He s helpful even if he s not completely moral protective over his family friends andirlfriend and absolutely adorable He s the kind of uy you want with you every step of the way3 If Parvati the heroine was a place she would be a dark alley Dark alleys can serve as a comforting place but it s also uite mysterious inside She s always been there for Max but of course everybody has their own little secrets no4 If the relationships romance friends and family NOTE TO REVIEWERS FYI I made a lot of changesadditions to the ARC For info check out this blog postI first had the idea for LIARS INC back in 2010 but I sat on the idea for almost a year because although I knew the plot and twists I was struggling with the character motivations I started writing in 2011 and finished in early 2012 This is absolutely a standalone though there are all kinds of companion novel ideas floating around in my brain I hope you like Max Cantrell and his friends Preston and Parvati as much as I do Here s a fair warning don t start reading Liars Inc right before bedtime or when you have other important things to do That will not end well This book is a thrill ride that demands your attention non stop from start to finish and what s it absolutely deserves it That s not to say that Liars Inc is free of flaws but for the life of me I can t force myself to care The important things are covered a wonderful believable protagonist a well built story an interesting and most importantly different romance all skillfully written and fabulously pacedIt needs to be said that Paula Stokes has an impeccable sense of pacing Writing a story that progresses so rapidly but also runs smoothly is a rare talent indeed I must confess I was thoroughly impressed by her storytelling abilities The mystery was surprisingly well crafted There are so many red herrings along the way and they are so well placed that it s almost impossible to tell which one of them is the real threat More than anything though it was the romance that kept me lued to my One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic gorgeous new reading chair see how I casually threw that in From the start Parvati seemed to be the perfectirl for Max but there were ulterior motives behind everything she did She was also the only one willing to help him when things really The Routledge Handbook of Spanish in the Global City got tough She seemed honest on one page and deceitful on the next which made seeing what was real almost impossible There are so many lies told in this story and even truths to uncover Good YA thrillers are truly rare but Paula Stokes definitely knows how to write them Liars Inc is not the most memorable of books but it s undoubtedly fun I highly recommend it Actual Rating 355 starsIt was just another day of school and hanging out to Max Parvati and Preston when somebody approached Max to forged a permission slip and paid him afterwards Then they came up with a really weird idea They realized they could actually make so much money out of forging signatures making up covers for other people lying So then Liars Inc was born Who knows lying could be so lucrativeBut things startedetting out of hand when a friend disappeared then a body was found and all evidence pointed Max as the murderer Will Max be able to clear his name before it s too lateOkay I cannot for the life of me summarized a story well But I The Holy Grail guess youet the picture yeah So moving onThe thing. Max Cantrell has never been a big fan of the truth so when the opportunity arises to sell forged permission slips and cover stories to his classmates it sounds like a ood way to make a little money and liven up a boring senior year With the help of his friends Preston and Parvati Max starts Liars Inc Suddenly everybody needs. .

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Liars IncCent business to help their classmates out uickly turns dangerous when Preston asks for an alibi from Max so he can run off to Las Vegas for the weekend and meet up with a irl he met online Max doesn t think twice about saying yes What could possibly Virgin Widow go wrongBut Preston never returns from Las Vegas and suddenly the FBI are involved and Max is looking at a lengthy prison sentence for murder Full review to come on 100% Rock 3 StarsThe cover of this novel is brilliant Spot on Intriguing haunting and perfectly represents a vital and very creepy aspect of this story While the coverets an A the story for me
never exceeded the 
exceeded the of ordinary But it very nearly almost did And that s what kept me readingDon t Wife in Exchange get me wrong This plot is fairly original and offers many sharp twists and turns I found myself flipping through the pages rather uickly and the mystery certainly packed a punch While I wouldn t say I was blown away with the reveal I did juggle back and forth through my theories which is always funThe characters were well drawn out for the most part namely the main hero who s perspective was down to earth The dialogue felt natural and the fact that the plot based itself around lies deceit and mistrust was interesting There is romance entwined but the mystery is largely where the focus lies Iuess it boils down to connection I never felt particularly connected to or enad by this book as a whole Something was just missing Although this story moved uickly through a string of intense events I never felt it come alive It didn t deliver And that s what I was waiting for This book has all the ingredients of a mediocre ActionSuspense movie with a race to the finish but my car won t start type of ending The build up was fun and I car won t start type of ending The build up was fun and I curious as to how things would end but I don t see this read remaining memorable Book Stats GenreCategory MysteryThriller Romance A big element but doesn t overplay the mystery Characters Well fleshed out Flawed Plot Max is the prime suspect for his friend s sudden murder Writing Decent A The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, great representation of a teenaged boy POV 1st Person Hero Cliffhanger NoneStandalone As I plummet through the crisp night air I think about whether things might have been different if I had just told the truth from the beginning A few weeks ago there was a trending topic on Twitter to myreat amusement For those who missed it here s a fantastic and absolutely hilarious summary of the highlights sums up what a book s plot would be if the inconvenient and boring reality of life had occurred instead of the highly improbable events that usually occcur in Young Adult books Granted veryrealisticYA would not make for very fabulous books but it does make one laugh at the plots of some stories But of course some young adult novels are better believable less annoying than others regardless of the implausibilitySome books have the ability to make us relate to the characters believe in the characters support the characters regardless of the implausibility of the plotThis book does not Here is this book s version of veryrealisticYAMurder is a pretty serious charge You can o to jail you can try this book s version of veryrealisticYAMurder is a pretty serious charge You can o to jail you can try flee Regardless of what TV shows and books tell you people usually Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow get caught As dumb as they re made out to be in the media youotta admit law enforcement does their job If you kill someone you will likely The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid get caught If you re lying chances are very high that you will be found out What I should have done was just confess to the alibi Tell them my buddy wanted too hook up with a Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys girl and needed someone to cover This entire book is a manual of What not to do when you re in trouble with the police1 Lie to the cops2 Be a little shithead asshole3 Run away oh that really helpsIet it It s not supposed to be fucking realistic No I do not want to read about a highly realistic teenager who stays in bed all of her Saturdays with a stack of books an entire package of Little Debbies Peanut Butter Bars and a bag of Cheetos True story Let s take a moment to mourn my youthful metabolism and did ABSOLUTE NOTHING Nobody wants to read about that But neither do I want to read about moron teenagers whose thought process seems to be Hmm should I do the right thing a the wrong thing b or MAKE THE WORST CHOICE I COULD POSSIBLY MAKE I THINK I LIKE MY CHANCES WITH THE LATTERIn short this book Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, gave me a headache I hated all the characters The main character almost died in the prologue from jumping off the cliff I wish he had. G clues that point to Max as the murdererCan Max find the real killer before heoes to prison for a crime he didn’t commit In a story that Kirkus Reviews called Captivating to the very end Paula Stokes starts with one single white lie and weaves a twisted tale that will have readers uessing until the explosive final chapte.

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About Liars Inc that I liked the most was that it was Narrated By A Guy Whose by a uy whose was definitely masculine Some books I ve read have male POVs that wasn t really believable their voice were even irlish than female protagonists so I m so lad I don t have that problem with this book It was just so fascinating to be inside Max s head I can t remember how many times he made me laugh because of his sarcasm and jokes At some pages I just wanted to ive him all the hugs When you care about someone "you can t just turn that off because you learn they betrayed "can t just turn that off because you learn they betrayed The characters are so remarkable that you can t help but feel that you can t help but feel them I ot lost in this book so fast because when you started reading about these people you just can t stop yourself from continuing You can t help but want to know what the hell is Copper Lake Secrets going on I was freaking tense when there s like a cop visible or when theseuys are on the run from something I can t help but ship Max and Parvati so hard So when a secret came out I just kept hoping that they will fix their problems in the end and just be okay These couple just have a way to make you root for them because they cannot not end up together No wayI love love love how this wasn t just about the mystery The story involves dealing with your family and friendships and even romantic relationships This book just have it all you know I would ve loved it so much though if I didn t find out the identity of the killer early The plot was simple enough to lose yourself into It wasn t that complicated and even if I did figure out the culprit miles away before it was even revealed I actually enjoyed Liars Inc a lot I don t know if it was just a lucky Brooklyn's Song guess but really I didn t regret reading this book Some things actually took me by surprise and I wasasping at some places so overall this book was totally worth a readDefinitely recommended to fans of YA mysteries with a hint of romance Well well Two Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide good YA thrillers in one year This one is full of nice twists believable male POV very fun being in Max s head and diverse interesting characters most notably an atypicalirlfriend who s sexually confident and would be described as anything but nice Very much enjoyedreview to come Maybe something terrible had happened and I was making it worse by covering things up Imagine this scenario Your best friend tells you that they met someone on the internet and want to Plain Jane The Hotshot go meet up with that person in Vegas They ask you to cover for them So you pretend to be camping out and surfing with them Then the next day it turns out that your friend never came home They ve disappeared And even though you know they re alwayslued to their phone they don t answer your call The cops come to uestion you Do youa Come clean and tell them your friend has Family of Her Dreams gone to meet an unknown person in VegasOr b Tell the cops you were with your friend all night and they left early but you Check out the full review HERE To me Mother Nature isn t nearly as scary as human nature What a crazy wild compelling read Liars Inc is one of those books that sucks you in just by the summary itself Compared to Gillian Flynn s Gone Girl Liars Inc messes with the reader s head in every way possible If it looks like a predictable plot twist be prepared to have the rug yanked out from under your feet because you will not see the other twist comingSeventeen year old Max Cantrell is adopted After living rough for a long year of his life he s finallyot a place he can call home and people he can call a family and two of those people are his best friend Preston DeWitt and his Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed girlfriend Parvati Amos However since Parvati s parents have forbidden her from seeing Max because he s from the wrong track and notood enough for her for months they have been sneaking out together every Saturday thanks to Parvati s Saturday club and Max s constant detentions When Max inadvertently takes the fall for a irl in his class after her phone oes off and takes her detention the Bound To Ransom (Bound Series Book 2) girl pays Max as a thank you Preston DeWitt ever the politician s son sees a chance for business and so Liars Inc is born It made me think about Liars Inc again About alibis I wasn t the onlyuy in school who struggled to be alone with his Into the Wild (The McGraws, girlfriend Would I have paid for the opportunity Preston justave us Hell yeah Suddenly the idea of coming up with cover stories for classmates in the same situation made a whole lot of sense After all it wasn t like I was hurting anybody What starts off as an inno. Something and the cash starts pouring in Who knew lying could be so lucrativeWhen Preston wants his own cover story to Orbital Velocity (Stony Man, go visit airl he met online Max doesn’t think twice about hooking him up Until Preston never comes home Then the evidence starts to pile up terrifying clues that lead the cops to Preston’s body Terrifyin. ,