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Rite but I find myself returning to California Pith which opens with We thought we could fly returning to California Pith which opens with We thought we could fly sixteen year old arms hanging out a car window the future as far away as a firing suad in another century buried in a textbook at the bottom of a locker The opening lines of the second stanza are the ones that completely hooked me We thought we could

Slow The World Down So 
the world down so moved like a violin solo These lines are spot on for how teenage girls have felt generation after generation And pith is such a perfect word Her poetry is startling In any collection there is often a repertoire of stock images particular to a poet Young is able to step from that and still make poetry that is different from the last. About the value necessity and futility of the aesthetic act At the heart of the book is a journey toward reconciliation wherein one discovers an abiding though hard won faith within a complex overwhelming and at times frightening universe. ,
Every once in a while you stumble upon a poem that s so brilliant you wish you d written it How to so brilliant you wish you d written it How to a Father is one of those poems and rests nestled in this book of tenderness wrapped in trauma Night Radio was the winner of the 2011 Agha Shahid Ali Poetry Prize which is awarded annually and is sponsored by The University of Utah Press and The University of Utah Department of English It was also a finalist for the 2014 Kate Tufts Discovery Award Kim Young is the founding ditor of the online literary journal Chaparral The collection is divided into three sections with a narrative arc depicting the abduction and assault of a young girl along with the ffects on her family The story Line Is Skill. Set Against The is skill. Set against the backdrop of Los Angeles Night Radio xcavates the kidnapping AND SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A YOUNG GIRL AND THE sexual assault of a young girl and the layers of trauma xacted upon her and her family Working within the paradox of the insufficiency of. .
Fully woven throughout the collection and this blending makes it ven powerful These poems sit firmly in LA the arthuake of 94 the LAPD the Rodney King riots Was It Beautiful In the world Young depicts girls love to believe in celestial bodies until A white man in a Ford Slows to the young female teen Pulls his gun Kurt Cobain isn t dead yet and high school girls walk into a kegger in Box Canyon What We Learn At Valley High Young varies her writing there are poems with long lines that sprawl over multiple pages and shorter lined taut poems consisting of a single stanza She makes good use of anaphora inserting the Repetition So Subtly That It so subtly that it t trip the reader At first I couldn t pick out a favo. Language and the necessity of xpression these poems Fiche Blian ag Fás elevate overwhelmingxperiences into near mythic narrative Night Radio’s attempt through art to “make sense” of a seemingly senseless world raises troubling and timeless uestions. Night Radio