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Pleased that I didn t read this immediately after reading obsidian but waited until i had reading Obsidian but waited until I had books 2 and 3 It is much better to have learned about all the weird alien Luxen stuff through Katy s yes BEFORE seeing it as normal through Daemon s If I had read it before books 2 and 3 I think it would have spoiled certain aspects of the storyline for me Oblivion gets three very happy starsOn to part 2 and Daemon s PoV of Onyx Oblivion part 2 Onyx Okay I m a little unsure about this one I liked it I did Buuuut Gosh at times Daemon was SUPER possessive and stalkery Sometimes a girl needs space Even if that girl is being idiotic But he is still Daemon and I still love him unconditionally guilty smileThis again was interesting It felt like there was a lot of Dee which was great And we definitely got to know the characters of Andrew and Adam better too Plus it was so interesting to see all the little things Daemon was doing on his side while Katy was involved with Blake Enriched the storyline for sure But as with Oblivion part one the storyline didn t flow together that seamlessly because major plot developments happened featuring Katy and not Daemon And therefore the plot felt a little jumpy So again I m very happy that the original Onyx plot was fresh in my mind I think that is the key thing with this whole book read it while the original stories are super fresh in your mindthree starsOpal here I come Oblivion part 3 Opal Opal was probably the best written of the three rewrites in that the plot was the most cohesive there was a nice flow to it but at this stage I was kind of getting tired of the story I know MAJOR SHOCKED FACE But only kind of tired I just am dying to know what happens in Origin and beyond and I think I just wanted to read something fresh Don t get me wrong I still liked this and I am pleased that I have read the books in this order but I m sooooo ready for the plot to advance now I neeeeeeeeeeeed to know what happens after THAT cliffhanger in OpalBut yeah Opal through Daemon s One Con Glory eyes was lovely it was nice seeing the relationships of the siblings develop it was super cute to see Daemon and Katy together and yup I liked it I think because it is the shortest of the three sections it works the best storyline wise So it gets another three stars Summary On a whole I liked reading the Lux story through Daemon s point of view but it could have been betterdited It really is a book for Lux fans if you only moderately Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows enjoyed the main series then I would not recommend it There were times when the storyline dragged a little and towards thending I

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catch myself thinking gosh is ridiculous But then again the whole premise of the story is pretty much bonkers so that should not have been a surprise to me Do I still love this series Do I still love DaemonYes and yesAs an out and out Lux nutter I am very happy that I read thisOverall rating Three starsAnd just as a last note my preferred reading order for the Lux series so far is as follows1 Obsidian2 Onyx3 Opal 4 a Oblivion4 b Oblivion bonus content Onyx thru Daemon s PoV 4 c Oblivion bonus content Opal thru Daemon s PoV5 Origin6 Opposition It s over sigh The last book in the Lux seriesAnd as much as I d love to do a great big long review I don t have much to say Read it If you like the Lux series at all Read it If you haven t ven read the Lux series and want to start READ IT It s made of awesome UPDATE 12115 1209I JUST GOT IT I HAVEN T EVEN STARTED AND I M ALREADY LOSING MY SHITUPDATE 91615Is that a OMG A COVER HAPPY DANCE DUPDATE 72015Oblivion is available for pre order YAYI M SO EXCITED I screamed when I Read Her Blog Post her blog post I looked like this Then like thisAnd this is just what came to mind when I found out. Wanting to use my powers to protect her She makes me weak and I’m the strongest of our kind tasked with protecting us all So this one simple girlshe can mean the nd for us Because the Luxen have an Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, even biggernemy the Arum and I need to stay on my gameFalling for Katy a human won't just place her in danger It could get us all killed and that’s one thing I’ll never let happe. ,

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Holy Alien Babies EverywhereDaemon Black is backThis book is so hilarious lol Can Tell That can that hottie Daemon made me laugh out loud a lot and I found myself smile giggle throughout the ntire book Gahhh love him ven then that time I read in Katy POVThis is very long journey man because it is told from the same story as Obsidian Onyx and Opal Yessss 3 freakin books all in one but this time just in Daemon POV Not have to say much about the plot since I think all Lux fans already know it So my review will full of talking of my favorite scenes between Daemon Katy and stuff Hahaha wanna giddy giddy myself don t mind me What d happen when a Normal Girl lives next Alien DoorWoot woot Reading from Daemon POV made him so much complex in my Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue eyes We all know from Katy POV that Daemon act such a jerk to her throughout thentire book Dickhead Daemon with his Alien mojo But after I get into his head through this Oblivion Holy Baby Alien What he say the way he act are just soooooo opposite of what he think Geeeeeezzz I want to slap and kiss this hottie all over his sexiness at the same timeBeing such a dick to her while wanting her so damn muchA feisty girl next door who will make his alien life not in peace any Not that his life is peaceful haha My first favorite scene that doesn t have in Obsidian view spoilerHe helps her carry the heavy boxes and she does not The Man Without a Face even realizes it lol Cuteeee hide spoiler Review posted on my brand new blog Hello Beautiful Book Blog Daemon Black Ohhhh snap Daemon Black is back I love the Lux series and this is just another great installment It was so much fun reliving the first half of the series You really need the kindle version of Oblivion because it contains Obsidian Onyx and Opal It is REALLY long but worth it I think I might have to continue on with Origin and Opposition just to have a full reread of the seriesDaemon is so infuriating but just so swoon I don t know how to make you better I wish I did but please stay with me I need you and I can t lose you Not now Notver You love herI do I love her And I also know that although she wasn t mine now she would be one day Shut up I need this Obsidian necklace If you also love the Lux series you probably know how much this latest installment all done in the awesome point of view of Daemon Black means to me The very fact that Jennifer Armentrout gave this for us is beyond amazingAnd let me tell you fans of this series heck fans of Daemon do NOT want to miss out on this And for those who haven t read it yet WTH DO IT NOW However i think you could still njoy this one too but it s advisable if you start with Obsidian Oblivion has 1005 freaking pages and I soaked up very single one of it It includes the first three books Obsidian Onyx and Opal in Daemon s POV Honestly this is a dream come true because there were countless times I wished I knew what was going through Daemon s head when I was reading those previous books and now I knowand it only solidified my love for this series I think my favorite thing about this companion novel besides Daemon Black obviously is that it s not a typical retelling of the story because somehow daemon s perspective brought a different feel to it Being in his head is so Gone (Gone, entertaining his voice is charming andngrossing and his Threads Of The Shroud emotions are intense There s no denying the amusement love lust and longing I felt while reading it I didn t get boredven though the majority of it are scenes from Daemon s POV that we ve already witnessed or his thoughts before or after a pivotal moment with a couple of new scenes sprinkled in I devoured it Ms Armentrout provided insights on her and in a way Daemon s thought process why she chose to go in a certain direction of the story and Daemon. In this special All Seated on the Ground eBook versionxperience OBSIDIAN ONYX and OPAL as told by Daemon BlackThis book is Untitled. enhanced withxclusive content two original songs inspired by the novel resulting in a large file that may take longer to download than xpectedI knew the moment Katy Swartz moved in next door there was going to be trouble Lots of itAnd trouble’s the last thing I need since I’m ,

S complexitiesWith this book I realized that Daemon was really a jerk in Obsidian However I understand his struggle to fight his growing attraction to Katy for the sake of veryone s safety He is a protector That s the best way to describe him He feels responsible for his family and his kind the Luxen and being around a human is a risk he doesn t like to take The push and pull becomes frustrating but only because I want them to be together so bad Further I didn t realized how hard Katy was on him in Onyx I feel so sorry for Daemon but I guess he sort of deserved it after acting like the biggest alien douche in Obsidian It also showed depth to Daemon s character Yes he s snarky and sarcastic but he s also so selflessly protective sweet thoughtful and so in love with Katy That is what this book really set into he cares so much for Katy I swear to god that boy thinks of Katy s well being 247 haha I would burn down the whole universe for her if I had to I would do anything to keep her safe Kill Heal Die Anything Because she was my Against All Odds everything And for those who ve read Opal you know how itnds right Yup imagine reading THAT SCENE in Daemon s POV It hurts like hell I legit cried Yes I m Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage emotional I m sorry I just luuuuv them so much and Daemon s genuine love and heartbreak broke my fragile heart too Please stay with me I need you and I can t lose you Not now Notver But now I have to mention how much I love Katy She s one of my favorite heroine Besides the fact that she s a hybrid and has a very hot alien boyfriend her character is a hybrid and has a very hot alien boyfriend her character is RELATABLE She s a bookworm and book blogger and I swear her reactionsthoughts about it is so AUTHENTIC I m like same girl same with a big grin on my face She s also very sarcastic but sweet funny feisty smart strong and kind heartedI just adore both of them They re are my favorite YA couple my OTPTheir banters are so AMUSING and CUTE their connection is PALPABLE their love is so STRONG and their chemistry is SEXY Actually this book borders on New Adult while still being mostly Young Adult It s not completely NA though for me it s just the perfect amount So for young readers out there don t be persuaded not to try it out because this is an awesome paranormal seriesOverall I just really njoyed it I have so many uotes highlighted and I want to put them all in this review but I can t sigh
It S So Good I 
s so good I the story the action the characters I loved verything In fact reading this made me want to re read the Against All Odds entire series or at least the next two books Origin and Opposition which I did btw You know for the hundredth time For reviews book news and updates callowaybooks Twitter Oblivion Tra la la la la happily skips around Oh how I love this series so heart beat fluttersSo Oblivion is the same story as Obsidian but given to us through Daemon s point of view And it was gooooooooooood Ahh my favourite hot alien douchebag has a heart under all that moodiness and bad boy attitude swoonsIt was just soooooooo much fun reading this from his viewpoint Seeing what he really thought of Kat how protective he is of Dee his relationship with Ash and her brothers This book just puts a big fat cheesy smile on the face of any fan of the series But really I m so glad that I only read Obsidian a few short weeks ago Tonjoy this properly that story needs to be fresh in your memory because otherwise the plot would feel a little disjointed As if there are gaps in the storyline because there kind of are Yikes Because when you think about the Lux series and Obsidian Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism especially it is really Katy s story and seeing as this book only deals with Daemon s scenes with a few additions the story doesn t and really can t flow as well This is very much a companion pieceAnd I m also. Otxactly from around here My people arrived on Earth from Lux a planet thirteen billion light years away Plus if there’s one thing I know it’s that humans can’t be trusted We scare them We can do things they only dream about and honestly we make them look weak as hell ‘Cuz they areBut Kat is getting to me in ways no one lse has and I can't stop myself from wanting her or. ,
Oblivion Lux #15 25 35