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Gallowglass eFferent from her relationship with her daughterShe was led to interview a number of women young and old about their relationships with their fathers and how they felt about those relationshipsI found her insights from these interesting and becameven happier and thankful about my relationship with my father As she found whether good or bad our fathers are always with us I think this book gave a good broad range of different types of fathers in a womens life the affects they have and just general attitudes and family relationships This is a good book to start your interest in the topic and is The Inclusion Imperative excellent for research Having never been anyone s daughter I didn t get any directxperience with the father daughter relationship until my own daughter was born My sisters were The Public-Private Partnership Handbook enough younger than me that I missed seeing a lot of their relationship with my dad too Injoy spending time with my daughter and trying to understand how she sees the world I know that my wife feels my daughter can get pretty much anything she wants from me but what I see is that 1 I parent differently than she does and 2 I freuently go long "With The Ideas Any Of "the ideas any of kids have unless it really is dangerousWhat I liked best about this book is seeing how the daughters view their relationships with their fathers The details and anecdotes from seeing how the daughters view their relationships with their fathers The details and anecdotes from wide variety of sources are much useful in seeing the range of relationships than any scientific study would be I think sources are much useful in seeing the range of relationships than any scientific study would be I think Drexler chose a really good format for this bookOne part that stands out for me is the how well do you know your father section Not the uestions for discussion or ideas for thinking about or improving your relationship with your father but the What Next After School ? examples of relationships that might need fixing or recasting I do know that I tend to like to solve problems not to the point of interrupting because I want all the details first when sometimes I need to remember that listening and commiserating may be what s really wantedMy only complaint is that the book is really written as if the daughter is the reader I m guessing that s intentional but it would have been nice to haveven just a chapter like If you re the father reading thi. O their dads for a less than traditional bond but one that still stands the test of time and provides support respect and guidance for the lives they lead today Our Fathers Ourselves is Emerging Markets essential reading for any woman who hasver wondered how she could forge a closer connection with and gain a deeper understanding of her father.

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Sucked Couldnt finish the book Another book I only read half of I was intrigued by the premise of the study but halfway through the book I was tired of hearing about horrible fatherdaughter relationships Some didn t ven seem all that horrible to me just a bit sad I know we can learn from those relationships but it would have interested me if
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wasn t predictable I m disappointed by this book The premise sounded good but it s mostly just a series of anecdotes that aren t connected together too well All the stories are interesting but there is no unifying theme Mostly I learned that strong women all had strong father figures It s not that insightful or The Voyage of the Norman D., As Told by the Cabin Boy earth shattering an observation There is little about the changing American familyI just finished The last fifty pages were interesting but they had nothing to do with the anecdotes They were suggestions about how to improve one s relationship with one s father The book would have been better starting out with the last fifty pages and analyzing the anecdotes through the analysis at thend Overall totally overhyped Read the very last fifty pages Don t bother with the rest I was so disappointed in this After reading reviews and blurbs I was looking forward to a really in depth discussion on "The Actual Real Life "actual real life certain patterns of behavior and choices can have on a woman as well as practical ways to approach these issues and facilitate healing This had a lot of great narrative moments from interviewees but I did not take anything away from this than I already knew from reading African Successes, Volume I every other book out there about fathers and daughter s Really looking for a no hold s barred in your face honest representation of having serious Daddy issues and HOW TO FIX them or at least begin healing process other than Just talk to himTell him his little girl is still thereRealize he isn t a perfect man Blah blah blah That is so generic How do you fix a minister of the Lord orveryone thinks walks on water and yet has created a perfectionistic monster who suffocates veryone around her That s the book I want Anyone know of one Utter dire and disgusting rubbishThis is a book from a past time when American There's no denying that a woman's relationship with her father is one of the most important in her life And there's also no getting around how the uality of that relationship good bad or otherwise profoundly affects daughters in a multitude of waysIn Our Fathers Ourselves research psychologist author and scholar Dr Peggy Drexler. Omen hadn t a clue about what their fathers really were that is pedophiles and satanistsBut Dr Drexler is right fathers certainly do have an influence on their daughters As a therapist I see it very "week women seeking help for stress and depression only to reveal hidden memories of satanic abuse "women seeking help for stress and depression only to reveal hidden memories of satanic abuse incest In Sweden feminists are comprehending that 100% of males are satanists and they are organizing their domestic abuse refuges correctly and Lehrbuch Der Physiologie ensuring that male abuse perpetrators are not given therapy just prison In the US pioneering books like The Courage To Heal finally awoke women to the horrible reality of our society that men marry to have daughters and sons that they can rape and perform satanic rituals on The cheery fantasy of a world with fathers contributing to the characters of their daughters is just that a fantasy a myth born out from the misguided accounts of women such as female scientists who sometimes determine their inspiration came from their fathersAnd the front cover picture Shouldn t such scenes be reported to the policeI didn t finish the book it repulsed me from the first chapter Interesting anecdotes and good insight I wonder if the findings would be so strong if she had a diverse career demographic in her study But well written and thought provoking I didnjoy and idenify with many stories of the women in this book I would have like to see diversity in the women It did how Plastic Techniques in Neurosurgery (English Edition) eBook: James Tait Goodrich, David A. Staffenberg: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. ever provide some personal insight into my own relationshipI recieved this book for free and am in no way compensated for my reviewI highly recommend this book for anyone FTC I received a free copy of this book and was not reimbursed in any other way I got abook copy of this from the publisher I was attracted to
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as I I have a very good relationship with my father and was interested in the Sexy, Healthy, Food - 25 Clean-eats, Gluten-free Recipes experiences of other woman The author was drawn to doing this research for a different reason Her father died when she was three and a half and she was alwaysnvious of her friends relationships with her father and curious about what her own relationship would have been likeShe also watched her husband s relationship with her daughter and saw how it was di. Examines the ways in which the father daughter bond impacts women and offers helpful advice for creating a better stronger rewarding relationship Through her xtensive research and interviews with women Dr Drexler paints an intimate timely portrait of the modern father daughter relationshipWomen today are increasingly looking ,

Our Fathers Ourselves