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The New Pali Course. Part I
Playing With Kitty

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Ht though he realizes that this might present a uniue opportunity to have Some Fun Author's Note fun Author's Note is an rotically charged have some fun Author's Note This is an rotically charged with a innocently romantic dge than most Back to Basics This story gets back to the basics of rotic romantic dge than most Back to Basics This story gets back to the basics of Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard erotic focusing heavily on the hypnotic aspects There are no mind control raysntrancing devices or other shortcuts here Approx 22000 words Excerpt “Cat I need you to pay attention can you hear me” She nodded “Uh huh” Her voice sounded small and distant “Cat I want you to imagine yourself standing in front of a mirror can you do that for me” I looked over at my sister who silently smacked herself on the head for not realizing what I was going for. But then smiled at me to let me know she was on board with the plan Cat sat up a bit in board with the plan Cat sat up a bit in chair shifting a bit “Yeah I see it” She raised a hand to her hair and primped a little “Ok good I want you to see yourself in the mirror Now remember how you said you didn’t want to have to worry about studying or taking tests” “Yeah” “Well the girl in the mirror is going to help you She’s a reflection of you she’s the opposite of you She Loves Studying She Loves Taking studying she loves taking And since she looks just like you THERE’S GOING TO BE NO PROBLEM WITH ANYBODY BEING going to be no problem with anybody being that you aren’t taking your tests So it’s a win for verybody isn’t it” She nodded then smiled “Yeah?. ,
Themes Hypnosis Mind Control Cheerleader Personality Makeover thee Parts Of Playing With Cat Tucker Is Arguably The of Playing With Kitty Cat Tucker arguably the girl in school which unfortunately comes packaged with her being practically the biggest bitch imaginable But Aaron knows when nobody is looking that sometimes she's not so bad It doesn't hurt that he had a hand in her occasional ven temperament Aaron's been practicing hypnosis on his sister for the last year and he's managed to gain a lot of Notes for the Everlost experience thanks to hernthusiastic assistance When she tells him that Cat Tucker the school's biggest ueen B with a trailing Itch will be stopping by for math tutoring he's at first annoyed After some thoug. .

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