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T seuel to a captivating series I loved it It was well written has a great story with amazing characters and held my attention from start to finish I love how Colleen s books draws me into her worlds and wish I was in them Her attention to detail is incredible and I love the mythology I want the next book nowUpdated December 15 2015It has a cover Updated July 16 2015I want it I want it I want it Book uality 1 starBook Enjoyability 3 starsWell folks it s that time again Time to get on my tiny soapbox and ell into the void about how terrible this woman s content is while thousands of people enthusiastically read her books and get warped ideas about what other countries are like WheeeIf I seem a bit bitter this time around it s because I didn t enjoy this book nearly as much as her previous fair That s probably my own fault since I read a really good series with actual characters world building epic uests and conseuences immediately before this What was I thinking Anywho let s focus on Recreated I can sum it up pretty simple as follows The Host New Moon Colleen Houck formula RecreatedThe New Moon aspect is simply the fact that our main breeding pair wait can mummies breed forget I asked Our main couple are separated for the duration of the book and the main plot point is them being reunited and in Amon s absence we are introduced to our love Triangle Hexagon Dodecahedron I can t even keep track to be honestThe ridiculous love geometry comes about from The Host elements of the book Let me start by saying I hate The Host The book did its best to stomp all over any creative science fiction notions while spreading a message that the protagonist s autonomy wasn t as important as that of an unwelcomed parasite But I digress sort of view spoilerRecreated introduces a similar parasitic mind timeshare plan when Anubis tells Lily she must go become a Sphinx by merging with a lion If that line made no sense to How McGruff and the Crying Indian Changed America you good do not adjustour set Wicked City (Wicked City, you have a thinking mind So this action introduces Tia the lioness who happens to have a name and speak English and uickly grasp human ideas and basically wants to fuck every male character Ok so whatever Lily is slowing losing her individual soul as she merges with a fucking lion who can take total control over her body at any time but whatever lions are the spice of life Well near the end of the book we get introduced to another mind parasite in the form of an Irish fairyes spelled like that who decides to join the mind slumber party without invitationSo now Lily has three separate souls inside her body and I want ou to make a note of something All the souls in Lily are female and there just haaaappens to be three brothers that Lily s person is bonded with I wonder how this could play outSo basically Amon gets the spoiled white princess Asten gets to fuck a lion and Ahmose gets a fairy the size of his hand Between this and the epilogue story about a woman marrying a lion and unicorn I think Houck might really have a bestial fixation hide spoiler Chapter by chapter reviewrecap on my blog the Snark TheaterI meanwow is this a new low There are probably books I ve read that I hate than this but I ve rarely seen a book this consistently incompetently writtenRecreated continues on the

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from Twilight trend that Colleen Houck s bread and butter This is our New Moon with the primary love interest being away most of the book and our protagonist angsting about itNow ou may be fooled into thinking that since Lily does go on a uest to rescue him that makes her a active character than Bella And ou would be right to assume that because there s no way someone could write this story and write a less active character than Bella motherfucking SwanThis is where Colleen Houck s genius comes in And by that I mean this book also takes from another Meyer story Since there s only one other Meyer story out there ou guessed it I m talking about The Host So whenever it s time for Lily to do stuff reallyshe now has the spirit of a lioness in her mind to take over for her Isn t that convenient Oh but don t worry Tiaret is still female she still needs a man to give her instructions most of the time But still as far as divorcing the protagonist and narrator from any kind of agency this is pretty much the ultimate versionIt gets worse later on where a third spirit of anIrish fairy because that belongs in an Egyptian themed book joins in You may recall there are three pretty boys in this series Well each of Lily s new personalities is in love with one of them Instantaneous world shattering love with no development of why they like them beyond stuff like he has good arms actual thing that Ashleigh the fairy says about her pretty boyBut if that wasn t enough misogyny let s talk about this book s main villain Do ou know Ammit the Devourer a faithful if monstrous servant of Ma at who eats the hearts of those judged unworthy of entering the paradise that is Aaru That s boring let s make her an evil slutty temptress whose power seems to revolve entirely about making men do stuff for her Now that s what I m talking aboutYeah there isn t much to salvage about this book The "one good idea in there is the backstoryworld building infodump we get about halfway through which "good idea in there is the backstoryworld building infodump we get about halfway through which an admittedly original take on the Egyptian cosmogony while not being too far from the source material as to make me cringe Unfortunately it has et to come into playanywhere and also that very same infodump goes on to state that Seth wants to destroy the universe which kind of ruins the whole chapter to meJustsomebody please stop Colleen Houck from writing I m begging ou. M Yet she can feel Amon’s pain and she has been having dreams dreams of Amon continually suffering For before he departed Amon gave Lily something very special an item that connects them even though they are worlds apart Now Lily must use this object to free him and to free their realms from darkness and utter chaos She will do whatever it tak.
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S a lioness Do ou really think they speak poetically2 If people hated the love triangle in Tiger s Curse prepare The Workshop yourself for a rectangle Oh but wait there s Lily is in love with Amon Tia is in love with Asten and Ashleigh is in love with Ahmose But they re all in the same body wutAnd I m pretty sure in the end they re all going to be magically separated from each other and get to live HEA3 This is essentially the Tiger s series but only written slightly different For exampleDr Hassan Mr KadamLily KelseyAmon RenAsten KishanAhmose KishanThenou trade Indian mythology for Egyptian Tigers for Lions and voilaRather than writing an entire new series by basically rewriting The Legacy of Aaron Geist your first one continue the first one Thenou don t end up with crap like thisIf I seem angry it s because I m seriously disappointed I really thought I was going to get another series that I adored A few other things that angered me Ever hear of a monogamous relationship As an fyi it usually it doesn t include making out with Prisoner of Night (Black Dagger Brotherhood, your boyfriends brother Who ever edited this first edition needs to go back through it Some parts were seriously hard to read because there was 3 4 people talking with 3 4 fonts to distinguish who it was and it failed terribly All the godscreatures falling in love with Lily Okay so it s explained off as being Amon s Heart Scarab But come on Does she really have to have all gods and men falling at her feetAll in all This sucked It pains me terribly to rate it so low But a two is the highest I ll goIfou loved this Awesome I m glad ou got enjoyment out of this This is just some things that really peeved me offTiger s curse is still and will probably always be one of my most love series After the first book in this series was such a letdown I was a bit reluctant to read this one and even considered donating it without reading it I m glad I finally convinced myself to read it because it was a vast improvement from the first and I actually enjoyed it It was by no means perfect but there were much less cringe worthy moments and that made it a much pleasant read The Egyptian theme is interesting but I still don t think it s the series for me though and since I don t own book three I won t continue on with this series Updated August 18 2016Recreated is gripping exciting and amazing Lily Young has traveled across the globe with a reawakened Egyptian prince and had an adventure like no other and now she s about to have the adventure of her life When she and Amon tragically departed Amon transported himself to the Netherworld where he is tormented by the loss of Lily and suffers in agony than fulfill his ancient duty to protect humanity from Seth Still heartbroken Lily seeks refuge at her grandmother s farm where she dreams of Amon and feels his pain Before Amon left he gave something special to Lily that connects their worlds that will help her find Amon before he is lost to her forever AS LILY JOURNEYS THROUGH THE NETHERWORLD TO FIND AMON Lily journeys through the Netherworld to find Amon encounters danger after danger in her uest to rescue Amon Recreated is full of emotion magic romance adventure confessions danger truths and twistsAfter her adventure in Egypt Lily Young tries to return to a normal life however she continues to dream about Amon as he fights for his life in the Netherworld Heartbroken Lily goes to her grandmother s farm where she is able to communicate with Amon and feel his pain After learning from Anubis that Amon is in mortal danger Lily with the help of Dr Hassan must journey to the Netherworld to find Amon and convince him to return before it s too late but first must gain the power of the Sphinx However during the merging Lily and the mind of the lioness Tia was incomplete and now must adapt to live in one body and work together and discover their abilities After convincing the Sun God to help Lily and Tia they are allowed to enter the Netherworld where they are joined by Amon s brothers Asten and Ahmose to help in the search and rescue of AmonIn the Netherworld Lily and her friends face danger and Lily continues to dream of Amon as they search for him before the Devourer does To protect Lily from the Devourer finding her while she dreams Asten uses his powers to shield her and a part of her grows closer to him Upon learning Amon s capture by the Devourer Lily and her friends fight the Devourer s minions in order to save him and discover who she serves and Lily also learns how she fits in the fight against Seth regarding an ancient prophecy In the fight against evil Lily must become a beacon of hope as she struggles with all the many changes happening within herLily is understandably struggling with losing Amon She is willing "To Enter Danger And Become A Sphinx In Order To "enter danger and become a Sphinx in order to him from death That s love Amon I have to admire him and feel that he was being a little selfish for his decision Tia is interesting She s direct and fierce but is learning the ways of human life Amon s brothers are back and are as awesome as I remember them though we get of their backgrounds here Asten OMG I wanted to hug him We get to meet of the gods and some were funny and cool while others were strict in the mudThe romance in the book was very much the same with confessions of love and heated kisses between Amon and Lily The devotion between them is what fans like me love to read about and dream to one day have However Lily has found a second love interest that sent me in a raging mood Though the romantic moments between the two were admitting hot but I was screaming at her What are ou doing Then there s a twist to the romance that is almost confusing For me at leastOverall Recreated was great It is a grea. ?s about to embark on the journey of a lifetime When Amon and Lily part tragically he transports himself to the Netherworld what mortals call hell Tormented by the loss of his one true love he’d rather suffer in agony during Lily’s mortal Fields of Fire (Frontlines, years than fulfill his duty to protect humanity Heartbroken Lily seeks refuge on her grandmother’s far. I so don t even know how to live right now 2016 I CANT WAIT THAT LONG I NEED IT THAT ENDING I NEED TO KNOW WHAT GOING TO HAPPEN I M HONESTLY NOT GOING TO LAST TILL THIS TIME NEXT YEAR JUST KILL ME NOW AND PUT ME Not bad at all I liked the first one better This story offered a change in plot and charactersou that became endearing in the first book while introducing some new ones into the mix Should be for an interesting finale August 8th WhyWhy did I do this to myself How could I put myself through reading this book Yes I did like the first book Reawakened but then after some reflection I realized how much I didn t like it A ear later when I thought I had forgotten about what bothered me in Reawakened I picked up this seuel And well I was wrong For me it was much worseI m going to say there will be spoilers in this review but that is to be on the safe side Sure this is the second book in the series but honestly I m not going to talk much about what happens Because that s how much I do not care My reviews have been incredibly salty as of late haven t they Sorry bout thatFirst off to describe this books as a whole I would say it s info dumping at it s worst Dialogue upon dialogue of info lectures whatever about Egyptian mythology And I love Egyptian mythology But honestly at that moment I would have picked up a nonfiction book on the topic That is how bored I was with RecreatedHere is one book that revolves around Egyptian culture and is overall just better in general Presenting Mara Daughter of the Nile You re welcomeNot only is there barely any action in this just of the talking going places something happens info dumping but about every single guy falls for Lily And ou know why that is the case Well let s say our heroine has in her possession this heart scarab that makes it so any male attracted to her unless they are in love with someone else Why What is the point of this Please explain We barely get any scenes with both her and Amon the actual love interest Instead we spend a good time seeing Horus head over heels in love with Lily trying to kiss her or seduce her or whatever I skimmed as best as I couldReally the only thing I actually liked about this book is the addition of Tia the lioness With her merging with Lily to become a sphinx it made the character interactions much interesting How would ou like it if ou were inhabiting another person s body trying not to take it overBut other than that Meh MEH Why did I even bother I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review uotes taken from ARC may or may not be in the published edition This review appears on Happy Indulgence Check it out for reviewsIf The Wedding (Lux, you knew the end of the journey would have a great reward but it would be difficult along the way wouldou embark on that adventureIt s an easy decisions for Gryffindors and Ravenclaws but for the rest of ou out there the risk probably doesn t outweigh the rewardLily in Recreated is definitely a Gryffindor she shows her courage time and time again and isn t afraid to thrust every part of her human self into saving her love Amon But over time her affections for him changes and she starts finding herself attracted to other men By the end of the book I felt really let down by everything that she had been through and the end result Not only because of where her heart lay but also because of the ambiguous open "ending that was incredibly dissatisfyingThere were some parts that kept me reading such "that was incredibly dissatisfyingThere were some parts that kept me reading such the Egyptian mythology with many gods goddesses and creatures being covere 455 starsInitial Thoughts Upon FinishingRIGHT NOW I AM SO INCREDIBLY NOT OKAY I need the next book I cannot function without it That was the cruelest cliff hanger of ever But omg this book this story THESE CHARACTERS Give me now please I loved this so much that I just have not been able to put it down I can t wait for the next book to clear up the mess that everyone ends up in in this book because GOOD LORD Lily needs some help right updateLiterally dropping my rating because the I reflect on this book the I hate it Everytime I see it in my read shelf I get angry all over againIt s been a really long time since I have sat down and actually wrote a review I think the last one was written months ago when I tried to start up my
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again But there was so much that needed to be said about thisA few things1 This review is filled with much rage and uite a few spoilers2 As someone who absolutely adores the Tiger s Series this is very very hard for me to write3 Just because ou love a series from an author does NOT mean ou have to love everything they write Although Tiger s Curse is my favorite series of all time This book was terribleI Think The Reason I the reason I raging so hard from this book is because I had such high expectations of having a completely new series surrounding Egyptian mythology which I love There was some mythology in this that did peak my interest and was some of my favorite partsReawakened was okay but kind of fell flat This one absolutely face planted I ll start with the things I liked1 The mythology Awesome stories as usual2 She clearly researched as much as she could which was nice3 The grandmother Nebu The tree and Ashleigh s attitude4 Some of the fights at the end were kind of coolThings I hated1 LilyTiaAshleigh This is just creepy as all hell I really wish that this Sphinx thing would of happened the way it was supposed to cause having three consciousness in the same person is just weird and doesn t make any sense at all You could sometimes figure out which personality was in control at that time but it just made the whole book awkward Also Tia From Colleen Houck New York Times bestselling author of The Tiger’s Curse comes Recreated the second book in the epic Egyptian inspired Reawakened series in which a seventeen ear old must literally go to hell to save the love of her life Lily Young thought traveling across the globe with a reawakened sun prince was a grand adventure Now she?.

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