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Ockers Melinda lookedupset Seeing her so unhappy made me unhappy The first day back to school after the winter break was turning out to be worrisome and first class hadn t even started etFavourite uote Our teacher Mr Crane gave me a uestioning look as I slunk in through the door five minutes late interrupting him in the middle of whatever he d been saying Nice of Hollywood Education you to join us Ms Donovan Happy to be here I replied easily earning a couple laughs from the back row I wasn t normally a smartass but it still came easily to me Chapter 2Demon Princess Series Reign or Shine Reign Check Reign Fall Reign Storm Damn it Michelle why doou torture me with our perfect triangle I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE TEAM was supposed to be Team And now I have happy wedding thoughts for Rhys "and Nikki Damn it all This series just keeps on getting better "Nikki Damn it all This series just keeps on getting better better I am the apsolute biggest fan of Michelle Rowen Not only are her books unlike all the same old same old stuff around at the moment She writes in such a halirious manner Although I love both the Faery King and the Shadow Servant I so want Nikki to choose Rhys I have a feeling Michael is going to go evil That Faery rose Rhys gave to her how sweet I love the added drama of psychotic faerys a demon hunter for a best friend and an ex turning into a Dragon possibly even an Oracle These books are so intense and so much happens in 300 pages that I find it impossible to put down The book took me less than 24 hours to read and if I didnt have children study commitments and cleaning to do I would of happily sat down for 4 hours straight and power read it Im so eagerly awaiting the 4th and final installment Is it crazy to want Nikkis Mum and Desmond to have a happily ever after and possible get married and have another half demon sibling LMAO Such a great book a solid 5 star rating from me Thank ou to Michelle Rowen for sending me an eARC I was dying in agony waiting for the third book in this series I devoured the whole thing in one day and then I read it againHalf Demon Princess Nikki just can t catch a break Her dragon oracle friendkind of ex boyfriend Chris sees a new danger coming for her Her best friend Melinda is a demon slayer She hasn t seen Michael her unofficial boyfriend in two weeks Rhys the faery king continues to try to make her jealous Her mom is dating her teacher and her father is still busy ruling the Shadowlands where he can t leave his castle Melinda Nikki s BFF is a bit depressed trying to avoid her demon slayer training She definitely has some interesting development in this book and we learn a lot about her Nikki s dad King Desmond wants Nikki to start practicing with her Darkling powers A good idea with a possible threat on it s way I still want to see if Nikki can fly And of course she has Rhys and Michael after her attention I love her interactions with these two boys Rhys is as charming and arrogant as ever You can t help but love him He will be rude The Missing Brides (Missing, yet hilarious one minute then sweet and vulnerable the next Nikki continues to fight her feelings for him but it is so obvious she will have to give in eventually Who wouldn t Rhys continues to try to make her jealous by dating Melinda but when Nikki needs something from him he comes up with a fabulous payment plan A kiss for what she wants So can Nikki continue to deny her feelings even after that Ohou must read to see but I think Rhys fans will be pleased I was hoping for of him but was so thrilled with every little piece of him I was blessed with Michael is having trouble dealing with what happened in the last book and trying to hide it from Nikki During their training sessions some honest feelings come out I feel really sad for Michael but then at the same time he kind of bothers me He also scares me a little bit I can t say I blame Nikki for some of the second thoughts and caution she has towards him He is a really complex character and I wish all the best for him especially with finding someone new because I want Nikki with Rhys When the danger comes there is action and surprises just like in the first two A big cliffhanger leaving me dying to see what happens next This series is extremely fun cute exciting and enjoyable If Jan, Jans en de kinderen 11 you have not picked up the first booket Dudo of St Quentin you should definitely do that Orou should just pick up all of Michelle Rowen s books because her writing is like Pringles so once Drittes Reich und Zweiter Weltkrieg you startou can t stop I can never put the books down I m off to read it a third time I have to hold myself over until the conclusion Series Facebook page Vote TEAM RHYS or team michael hereThis was my reaction before during and after reading this REIGN FALL Read the first three chapters here. Torn between two boys Rhys the faery king she’s prophesied to marry and Michael a Shadow whom she’s forbidden to loveTo top it all off a dark force is haunting Nikki something mysterious and evil that wants the demon princess deadbut who or what is it.

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TERRIFIED of this because he s soooo great ButI m now REALLY starting to like Rhys as wellBUT I JUST LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCHOkaymy freak out is oversort of WHY WAS THIS BOOK SO GOOD Honestly I think that book two was my FAVVVVVVVVVVOOOOOOORRRRRIIIITTTTEEE BUT this book was DEFINITELY close in being my favorite I LOVED that there was Rhys even though I shouldn tI can never decide who I want the heroine to lovewellmost of the time I can t decide and ou got to know him better sort of andddddd that there was REVELATIONS with her bestie Melinda I just LOVEEEDDD this book Too much since the FOURTH ONE ISN I just LOVEEEDDD this book Too much since the FOURTH ONE ISN OUT YET First of all I want to thank the lovely Michelle Rowen for sending me the e ARC of this bookI will admit I had to go back and re read the first two because it s just been so long and WITH SO MANY OTHER BOOKS IN BETWEEN I WAS so many other books in between I was bit confused about Nikki s story but once I was finished with those two I remembered just how great this story isReign Fall continues Nikki the half demon princess s story One of the things that s so great about the Demon Princess books is that while the supernatural is obviously a huge part of the plot and story the problems Nikki faces psychological problems concerning people around her troubles accepting our bodies change during adolescent ears conflicts between friends etc are all very much real even if the spark behind those problems are a little less conventionalThe whole side story with Clara was something I had never not in a thousand Smoking Lovely years anticipated and I loved that It s always great when an author can take a character and totally surpriseou with itNikki herself made me laugh She gets annoyed almost as uickly as I do and she deals with it in pretty much the same way as me venting to any and everyone who happens to be aroundMichael I can t say I ve ever been a big fan of his I have a huge gaping obsolutely ridiculously big weak point for feary kings but in this book he just plain out bothered me Keeping secrets is never a good thing in a relationship and he could have at least told Nikki why he refused to kiss her Instead he gets all angtsy and jealous and throws a fit then screws up Rhys on the other hand was amazing although as mentioned above I m probably a tad biased here lol I love his sense of humor and his sarcasm I love that he hides his true broken and oung self behind this tougher than thou facade He s a very complex character and I was sad there wasn t as much of him in the book as I wanted there to beMelinda surprised me I never expected her to do the things she did but I was glad she did them wellexcept for one thing but she did redeem herself later on so no harm doneOn the whole a great book An excellent seuel to the first two which I m sure Nikki fans will love Can t wait for Reign Storm that ending was just mean and the fourth one promises great things to come Rating I loved itSecrets I was beyond happy when I found out Michelle was going to finish her Demon Princess series and even happier when she asked for reviewers This has been a favourite YA series of mine since I read the first two books mid last ear and I have to say I loved this as much as the others I liked the way Michelle had mini recaps of the previous books sprinkled through the first couple chapters to bring me up to speed without being annoying about it A lot of secrets are revealed and those that were previously kept in the dark are now finding out the truth One of my most waited developments happens near the end but we won t know the conseuences of it until book 4Rhys In Reign Check I wasn t entirely sure who I loved out of Michael and Rhys until near the end where I leaned towards Rhys Reign Fall has now got me completely in love with him Rhys is totally swoon worthy He s confident and true to himself but still cares about Nikki and tries to do what he believes is right Michael was a bit of an ass and rather selfish when it came to Nikki He s meant to care about her and Forbidden Mate (Holland Brothers, yet he doesn t trust her enough to ask for help until it s too late That s not how a boyfriend should act It seems it goes both ways though because as much as Nikki tries to deny it Rhys is getting under her skin and I hope he stays there Stands Tall Reign Fall has survived the dreaded filler clich of being an in between book and stands tall on it s own merits As we discover that the secrets of the shadows may lead to the prophecy about Nikki coming to pass the final book Reign Storm is going to go off with a bang Personally I can t wait to attend the partyFirst Lines It s not easy being best friends with a demon slayer Not whenou have a secret like mine In the hall by our Slayer in training one who doesn't know that Nikki is exactly the prey she’s sworn to hunt Nikki’s demon king father has signed her up for lessons in how to master her erratic half demon powers and that’s on top of her regular homework Also she’s. ,

3 for the first half and 5 for the second halfThis is one Those Cheesy But those cheesy but oh cute series that ou cannot help but love and this book sure didn t disappointI liked the first half but it wasn t great I m not sure if it s because it s been so long since Book 2 came out and by the way I am SO glad Rowen decided to come out with the third book because I remember her saying she wasn t sure if the series was going to continue due to lack of interest Book 2 kind of left us with an OMG I can t wait for the next book and Book 3 just started pretty much uneventful I am glad that Rowen gives us a bit of a recap though not in a way that bores usBut the second half was awesome I can t help but bores usBut the second half was awesome I can t help but Michael but GAH he so frustrated me throughout this whole book And Rhys there is just something about him that is so alluring And if boy drama isn t enough we learn a lot of about best friend Melinda and ex Chris and this new girl ClaraI m sad to hear Book 4 will be the last one but at the same time I admire authors who knows how to give the perfect ending to a great series instead of dragging it out and ruining the whole experience I can t wait for the finale and I hope it s going to be awesome The third book in the Demon Princess series definitely does not disappoint Book 1 was okay Book 2 was good but Book 3 won me over I realize that the publishing house dropped the series so Ms Rowen listening to the enraged and desperate cries of her fans went ahead and self published this book and ou know what It rocks It seriously rocks There are so many things I liked about it so get comfortable as I recount them1 Nikki continues to grow as a character and I totally appreciate that She didn t start off as someone I could like very much but as the series continues she comes into her own and Under Grand Hotel, Volume 02 you can actually map her growth by her responses to certain events In fact the major players in the series all seem to be evolving and I really really like that I like how faery prince seems to be changing just as much as I like how the Shadow is becoming something or someone different It s fascinating2 The honesty You know how sometimesou read books and DIRTY - 47 verruchte TABU Erotik Geschichten you figure out everything before the characters know it dramatic irony not because it is a secret or something but because they refuse to put it out there maybe to create tension or suspense I dunno but in The Demon Series people just tell each other stuff and I APPRECIATE THAT SO MUCH Even the stuff that is not easy to tell For example Nikki and her Shadow boyfriend that is in uotes because there seems to be an ambiguity about their relationship They tell each other stuff that I wouldn t tell my boyfriend likeou she actually liked kissing Faery Prince not that I blame her I mean the dude is totally hot And he returns the honesty It s something refreshing and this earns lots of points with me3 The friendship Okay so Im Squirrely! (The Nut Family, you re a demon well half but whose measuring andour best friend is a demon slayer You see how that could get awkward Yeah but Rowen manages to avoid melodrama and keep it fresh and funny between the girls I liked the lack of pathos and once again honesty 4 Girl Power There is no damsel in distress trope going on here Nikki saves herself More than once And does it brilliantly If ou are in the mood for fluff hot boys and kick ass heroines give this series a go You will laugh swoon and sometimes roll our eyes It s good as ice cream Honestly this series is just SSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing But I don t know who I like better Rhys or Mickael Anyway I can t wait to read Reign Storm I m sure it will be even awesome than the third book because each one is better than the last And in Reign Fall there s just so many things happening So definitly a must read XD This is a great series to followI loved reading this series so much I ve only got time to jot a few words and then I m back to my official work duties so all I can say for now is that this book as well as the previous ones in this series is a definite must read and I d recommend it to those who ve enjoyed Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa or Jenna Black s Faeriewalker series though this is not faerie kind of novel uite frankly in my opinion this series ranks higher in my list than those other two I ve mentioned I do love those other two as well So there My in depth review to follow I AM SO DEPRESSED I NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW FIRST there were only twoTHEN the third came out and I WAS SO HAPPYTHEN THERE IS A FOURTH THAT IS NOT WRITTEN YET I CANNOT HANDLE THE WAITING I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS I NEED TO KNOW I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO afraid that Michael is going to die in the fourth book I am. Prophesies demon slayers dragons homework It’s going to be a hell of a weekIt’s been a dangerous ride for Nikki Donovan since she first learned she’s a demon princess And the ride isn't over etShe’s just found out that her best friend is a demon. Reign Fall

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