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Lawman Lover (Outlaws, eThe drama of Rian sx mistress hovering where she isn "t wanted putting on a serene front when all along she is determined to come between Rian and Catherine No matter "wanted putting on a serene front when all along she is determined to come between Rian and Catherine No matter she has to do or how City Girl in Training evil she is determined to get her man back She is the absolute perfect villainess and if you thought you disliked her in book one you will hate her by the time you get to thend of this second book At the same time you can t help but feel sorry for her because she is so mentally disturbed One person you can t feel sorry for at times is Rian I wanted to jump into the book and give him a good shaking for being such a man when it came to Isabel s lying and deception You ll see what I mean when you read the book for yourself Brilliant writing on the author s partAgain we are left with a cliffhanger and a desperate longing to find out what happens next Will Catherine remember who attacked her what will happen when next Will Catherine remember who attacked her what will happen when does Will Rian be able to stop himself from killing the man Will the wicked Isabel get her comeuppance and finally accept that Rian will never be hers again and can Catherine and Rian finally find the happiness they so very much deserve together I cannot wait to read the third and final instalment to find outIf I had to say anything negative about this book it s a very little thing it s the way the brothers names are spelt Liam and Rian I kept wanting to say Rian s name as Ree an because that is how you pronounce Liam When their names were mentioned a lot in the same paragraph it got uite annoying reading Rian incorrectly and having to correct myself A silly niggling thing and certainly not worth rating the book down overI voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book I Mystery at Kittiwake Bay enjoyed reading this story This book had some pretty interesting characters in it The plot was great along with the situations actions choices and truth This second book in this series takes up where the main characters Catherine and Rian left off from in their relationship in the story A must read for any and all book loversverywhere Good Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files enough for a soap opera Oh mywhat was very good is gettingven betterBesides Catherine and Rian I love how well rounded all of the other characters areeven the despicable ones As Catherine slowly regains of her memory the arch bitch Isabel becomes determined to keep her claws in Rian And God love him but Rian can be a total idiot at timesDefinitely looking forward to the conclusion of this awesome story Resolve Carla Susan Smith Corsets and Carriages 2Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre Romance Historical I love Susan s Vampire s Promise series and when I saw the first one in this historical series I thought I d like to read these books A historical trilogy its a very big departure from the supernatural world I loved book one have just finished book two read the day I got it and am keen to see how things wrap up Luckily there s not too long to wait book one is Jan 9th book two Jan 31st and book three is scheduled for Feb 18 so not one of those where by the time the The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, end part is released you ve forgotten how it started Rian is the archetypical dark swoon making hero and a true gentleman Someone who had vowed never to remarry after the death of his wife but who was known for his affairs thoughach lady knew that they would never mean to him Then he found literally Catherine and his thinking has undergone a huge change ven if he s not uite ready to admit it to himselfLady Isabel though is determined to be the next Mrs Connor regardless of what Rian wants or feels and she isn t going to let him having feelings for someone lse stand in her way she s a rich widow and way She s a rich widow and the money to persuade others to do what she wants and removing Catherine is her current desire She really is a wonderful character one of those who. Ck that brought her there but she can’t deny the feelings Rian awakens in her In danger of losing her heart to a man tormented by the dark secrets of his own past Catherine uestions what an innocent like her has to offer such an An Italian Education experienced man of the world “You have no idea what you are doing to me how much I want you how much This book is wonderful I picked up this book without having read the first in the series and it worked OK I was able to fully appreciate the story There were a few timesspecially when reading about Rian s brother Liam and his wife Felicity when I figured I missed something But *this story is truly njoyable from cover to *story is truly njoyable from cover to Rian and Liam are brothers and this book includes the wedding of Liam and Felicity I really njoyed the story of how Catherine is taken into their Family And How Felicity and how Felicity after her and ventually Rian and Catherine fall in love I could really have done without the annoying other woman Isabelle Whil This book continues immediately from Mischance with Catherine Rian travelling to Oakhaven there Catherine regains her health strength On the night of his brother Liam s wedding ball Rian proves Daddy Wanted exactly how much he wants his beautiful young prot g only to be lured by his former mistress Isabel Howard into committing the ultimate betrayal For Isabel will stop at nothing to do away with Catherine and destroy her future with the man they both desire above all othersI read this immediately after Mischance now can t wait to read Salvation when I hopeverything will be resolved I couldn t put this down read well into the night to finish it I m totally Forbidden Stranger engrossed in the story I felt Rian was uite na ve at timesspecially concerning Isabel I wanted to shake some sense int Let me begin by saying that this story is part two in a series and as such the story does not conclude in this novel It does however perfectly set up for the continuation of the story in book three This story or less picks up where book one leaves off Once again this author manages to seamlessly weave together several different story lines in a way that makes sense and keeps the reader interested I also Snowy River Man enjoyed seeing interaction between Rian and Catherine and watching their relationship begin tovolve into something And oh Isabel Just when you think she can t sink any lower she manages to surprise you Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze even In my opinion she s a near perfect villain and I can t wait to see whatlse the author has in store with her I believe this story will appeal to those who Les brumes d'avalon : roman enjoy slightly unconventional historical romance novels Honestly I can t wait to find out how it allnds it book threeDISCLAIMER I received a complimentary copy of this novel in Malakai (Wicked Games, exchange for my honest review This has not affected my review in any way All thoughts and opinionsxpressed in this review are 100% my own Resolve is the second book in the Corsets and Carriages trilogy by Carla Susan Smith You definitely should read the first book in the trilogy Mischance before reading this one as this one follows on from a cliffhanger at the The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone end of that bookRian Connor has taken Catherine Davenport to the familystate in the country He and his brother believe It S The Best s the best for her to recuperate and try to get her memories back She lost them after suffering a serious traumatic beating and near rape which we read about in Mischance During her time in the country both Rian and Catherine realise that if nothing Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, else they have a strong case of lust towardsach other Rian won t act on it because he knows how fragile Catherine is Catherine won t act on it because for one she is an innocent and wouldn t know where to start and secondly because she believes herself too damaged and possibly beneath his social status They couldn t have a future together Despite that they do manage to share a couple of passionate kissesThis story of course revolves around the couple and the hope for a happily The Family Plan ever after for them it has so much going on so many things conspiring to keep them apart Of course there is the angst Catherine suffers as bits and pieces of her memory start to return in a dramatic way There is also. “I am not so naïve that I don’t know what happens between a man and a woman when they are lovers” In the sanctuary of Rian Connor’s magnificent ancestralstate Catherine Davenport struggles to remember who she was before he found her wandering practically naked on the docks of London She has little memory of the vicious atta.

CHARACTERS Resolve Corsets and Carriages #2

Are totally selfish manipulative and have no care for others As I was reading part of me was thinking c mon surely they can see through this while hoping Carla let things run to the full A Family Practice extent and drag out the drama and theatrics Its characters like hers so deliciously avid and amoral that can make a book Romance without drama or controversy without some nasty grasping selfish types can be very bland Lady Isobel is one of the finest anti heroines Of course there s Catherine recovering well developing strong feelings for Rian becoming part of the Connor family and loved by them and the staff but who still has no memories other than her name Slowly things happen that are bringing back little parts and her confidence is growing Isobel doesn t like that she s still there and there s a fabulous private confrontation between the two fairlyarly in the book that shows Isobel she s not the pushover she hoped Ultimately I think Catherine will be in real danger from her though Isobel has A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity everyonelse apart from the staff of course hoodwinked about her motives and machinations Its another wonderful read and though its part two of a trilogy Carla avoids the awful hated cliffhanger mployed by so many authors I hate them with a vengeance and TBH they spoil a book for me Carla finishes this on a natural break point setting up book three and delivering a tantalising description of what s to come I m setting up book three and delivering a tantalising description of what s to come I m a great historical reader but I do love to occasionally dip into the genre and this trilogy is proving a perfect read for me Stars Five some fabulous characters what looks like an awful betrayal and the promise of lots drama to come I adore books with lots of jealousy and dramatics ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers Resolve is the second book in the Corsets and and dramatics ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers Resolve is the second book in the Corsets and series by Carla Susan Smith and picks up where Mischance leaves off after Catherine and Isabel Howard s confrontation Rian Connor decides to take Catherine out of the city to help her in her recovery and brings her to his ancestral home Isabel is unable to accept the fact that the affair she had with Rian is over and still blaming Catherine she plots to get him back by any means necessary Catherine xcited to tell Rian that she finally remembered a key thing about her past her name discovers Rian and Isabel in a very compromising position as planned by the devious "Isabel Hurt And Betrayed Catherine Retreats To Felicity S Rian "Hurt and betrayed Catherine retreats to Felicity s Rian new sister in law childhood home to lick her wounds and regroup Can she For Better and Worse ever forgive him his betrayal This is the second book in the Corsets and Carriages series I read the first book in the series and was looking forward to reading this the second book continuing to catch up with the characters in he first book She is a woman without a past he just may be the one who could help her to rememberAfter being savagely beaten shescapes with her life barely intact with many bodily injuries that take a long time to heal One thing that isn t so uick to return is her memory though She has no idea who beat her or why She is rescued by a devastatingly handsome man who is nothing but kind to her His mistress though wants nothing to do with Catherine and to keep Rian all to herself Despite Isabel s jealousy and conniving ways when Rian looks to marry it is with Catherine not Isabel No matter how much Isabel tries to insert herself in Rian s life there is no hope for herWill Catherine regain her memory and will she feel worthy of Rian s loveAn Cassidys Kids (Maitland Maternity, emotional tale of finding love when and where you leastxpect itI very much Rescuing the Texans Heart enjoyed this uick read and look forward to reading book three the last in the series very soon Pub Date 30 Jan 2018 I was given a complimentary copy from Kensington Books through NetGalley All opinionsxpressed are Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., entirely my own. Need you” On the night of his brother’s wedding ball Rian provesxactly how much he wants his beautiful young protégé only to be lured by his former mistress into committing the ultimate betrayal For Isabel Howard will stop at nothing to do away with Catherine and destroy her future with the man they both desire above all other. Resolve Corsets and Carriages #2
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