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Inister turn While on their honeymoon Mark and Erin find a mysterious black bag in the ocean Let s just say the items in the bag are not in the least bit innocent This of course adds intense moments and leads to a show of an ending I had some issues with this book which is why I only gave it three stars One my god was this book slow p ntil 50 percent for me I felt like nothing was happening and I was struggling to complete chapter after Chapter Finally It Picked Finally it picked half way through I felt was happening and I was struggling to complete chapter after chapter Finally it picked p half way through I felt some of the events that transpired from Mark and Erin s decisions were just too For the Love of All Thats Holy, Dont Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde unbelievable I felt that it would be almost impossible to get away with some of the things that Mark and Erin got away with Too much security etc currently I feel like this was an overall average thriller for me with a decent ending 3 starsThank you so much to Netgalley and Random House Ballantine for an advanced arc in exchange for my honest review Published to GR 52318Publication date 6518 Full review hereThis might seem harsh but I really don tnderstand how this book got published in the way it isTHIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERSSTYLE AND WRITINGSteadman s writing is not steady Well There is A LOT in this book A LOT In the beginning I thought hey she must be going into these details for a reason Then the I read the I became sure there is no reason for s reading a wedding reception 3 course menu and prices for pages OR how our character interprets a pregnancy test for at least a few page I mean not emotionally but literally with the blue crosses and a lot of fuck and shits OR how do we learn about Glock s for at least 5 pages at that point I asked myself I can read this in Wikipedia Honestly as far as I know it s better to tell something with less words I can edit this book and cut it to half of it s size EASILY without losing anything in the plot at all size EASILY without losing anything in the plot at all literally talks about everything in this book The character boards onto a plane and we have a lecture about first classes The character dives into sea and we have a lecture and description about different types of sharks There is. While scuba diving in the crystal blue sea they find something in the water Could the life of your dreams be the stuff of nightmaresSuddenly the newlyweds must make a dangerous choice to speak out or to protect their secret After all if no one else knows who would be hurt Their decision will trigger a devastating chain of events Have you ever wonde. 35 Wow What dynamite first chapter Thought I d be In For The Thriller Of The Summer If Only This for the thriller of the summer If only This reminded me of the old slasher movies where you re screaming at the characters not to go into the basement I found myself screaming at Erin and Mike Not to open the duffel bag But of course characters aren t going to listen to me At seemingly every turn they d be doing something that would just make me cringe and screaming stop Have you ever wondered how long it takes to dig a grave The book held my interest even though I was almost hoarse from yelling at the characters For the most part I enjoyed the ride The endingwell I was hoping for a little clarity than what was givenYou do need to put your believability issues aside to stay with the plot I d like to say I walked loving it but I can t Though I will say I liked it and would recommend this one for an easy vacation read A Traveling Friend read Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman is a 2018 Ballantine publication Slightly predictable morality tale With A Nice Hook a nice hook a few clever twists You just got married you re in financial straits looking at a drastic change in your ality of living standards but you ve already got a nice honeymoon p I had a really hard time rating this one do you ever have books where you get so frustrated with the characters that you just want to scream Well this is definitely one where I was super frustrated and wanted to throw my kindle at times lol Erin and Mark are a newly married couple that don t have the best honest relationship I noticed that Erin and Mark both have been keeping secrets from one another Erin is trusting Mark a little then she should despite all the red flags But Erin isn t so innocent either is trusting Mark a little then she should despite all the red flags But Erin isn t so innocent either has been keeping just as much from her husband Mark Seems like a disaster waiting to happeneeek Erin is a filmmaker who has an interest in the world of crime She begins a filming project about three people who are being released from prison The documentary examines closely the lives of these three individuals and starts out as a project but ends p taking a If you could make one simple choice that would change your life forever would youErin is a documentary filmmaker on the brink of a professional breakthrough Mark a handsome investment banker with big plans Passionately in love they embark on a dream honeymoon to the tropical island of Bora Bora where they enjoy the sun the sand and each other Then. ,
A lot Just asking WHY WHAT THE HELL Do people really enjoy reading these hence so many 5 starsTHE PLOTI won t lie The first 30% wasn t that bad Then it just started tumbling down to the cliff into the waterThe plot is absurd view spoilerOur protagonist Erin is engaged with an investment banker
who mysteriously gets fired from high paying job days before their wedding They go to honeymoon They find SOMETHING in the water Then hell breaks lose It s alright Erin is an idiot I nderstand Mark is as flat as an A4 paper but he does the job Then there is a whole storyline of 3 prisoners Holli Eddie and Alexa Erin meets and interviews them to make a documentary and it looks like they re just thrown in to spice it p Oh wait one of the prisoners Eddie the dangerous criminal becomes Erin s fairy gangsta mother so that must be why they re in Every time Erin has a criminal problem she rings Eddie Uh oh I think HMP Pentonville must be operating as a call center I can t see how else Eddie can take so many calls from Erin So here is a tip if you have a body to dispose some illegal diamonds to sell you ever need a gun or encrypt some illegal documents I don t know just ring HMP Pentonville and I am sure they can put in contact with the right sort of criminalThere are so many silly things about the plot that makes your eyes roll like Mark and Erin smuggling loads of diamonds and millions of dollars to the UK without any problems in their luggage which I honestly think British Border Force should take as a wake p call if this is the case with first class passengers never being searched or Erin trying to sell the diamonds almost in the open market next to vegetables and the criminals still can t spot them silly criminalsDid I mention Holli suddenly running wild the criminals still can t spot them silly criminalsdid i can t spot them silly criminalsDid I Holli suddenly running wild Isis what the heck was this for we ll never know hide spoiler The story was just meh for me The audio was incredible The author is an actress from Downton Abby If you don t read a lot of thrillers you might enjoy this If you do read a lot of thrillers you might find it just okI m still in a rut On to the next. Red how long it takes to dig a graveWonder no longer Catherine Steadman's enthralling voice shines throughout this spellbinding debut novel With piercing insight and fascinating twists Something in the Water challenges the reader to confront the hopes we desperately cling to the ideals we're tempted to abandon and the perfect lies we tell ourselves. .