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This must be what being on drugs is like a strange mindboggling trip that ultimately leaves you unsatisfied Despite featuring one of my favourite SGA characters as narrator I just can t give it than 3 stars as in spite of all the weirdness of the story I found it rather predictable and it seemed to take rather predictable and it seemed to take forever to story I found it rather predictable and it seemed to take Carson forever to on to the most obvious things which was sorely trying my patience throughout the book Entertaining but could have been much better Perchance to Dream by Sally Malcolm and read by Paul McGillion was an interesting look into the character of Carson Beckett on Stargate Atlantis Not only did it feature the reoccurring villain of the series The Wraith but it did so in a new and horrifying *way i would have liked to have had * I would have liked to have had wider range of POV rather than just seeing the story from Beckett s view but it held up well enough as it was I felt as though if there had been other points of view we would have been able to see of the plot developments break down instead of it seeming like there were leaps and bounds from where we last saw characters to where they ended up This was only really noticeable I found near the climax of the story so it didn t affect the entirety of the audiobook I did enjoy that they brought in the Wraith as the main enemy of this story as they are uite well nown and formidable in the TV series However they introduced it in a way that was so very different from the normal Wraith confrontations that you weren t sure it was a Wraith until you were deeply into the story Overall I would give Perchance to Dream a 35 stars An interesting story but without the background it seems slightly implausible With some depth to it I could see it as an episode of Atlantis Okay I ll be the first to admit that I sometimes buy things on a whim purely because it features an actor or some other reason I ll therefore admit I bought this mostly because of Paul McGillion and after reading Homecoming one of the show s novelisations I wasn t sure what to expectI was pleasantly surprisedDespite the fact that the audiobook is from Carson s POV and features only two actors I was drawn in straight away The mix of the diegetic in story audio and Paul McGillion s fabulous voice acting was than enough to eep me intrigued for the hour or so duration What enhanced the experience further however was the fabulous storyI can t say too much without spoiling the twist but I was very much reminded of the Torchwood Radio play House of the Dead I ve seen some reviews saying that the twist was obvious and that Carson was really slow but it wasn t entirely obvious actually and Paul does say once or twice that Carson was doubting himself because he couldn t remember what had happened to him I m therefore not taking anything away from that To do so would be like saying the episode Phantoms didn t work because they all had an idea that the machine was affecting their perception and so shouldn t believe what they sawI personally found the story to be fantastically engaging and certainly one I m going to have to listen to again at least once if not It was mind bending and really felt like a lost episode of Stargate Atlantis If anything I was a little disappointing that I couldn t see it Paul McGillion does an amazing job and you can really feel Carson s confusion and panic in the way he speaks It was a real. Doctor Carson Beckett finds himself in an uncomfortable situation when he becomes a patient in his own infirmary After a disastrous mission Beckett ,

Stargate Atlantis Perchance to Dream CD Stargate audiobooks series 14Ut not great2 Paul McGillion does a good job with the reading but in the beginning his vocals seems a little mundane which makes job with the reading but in the beginning his vocals seems a little mundane which makes sound as if he s bored3 Paul stays within character even while he reads other characters Paul portrays a Scotsman on Atlantis but has a natural American accent While reading Shepard while he reads other characters Paul portrays a Scotsman on Atlantis but has a natural American accent While reading Shepard and other characters lines he stays with the Scottish accent which I thought was a mistake but I see why they did itThe uglyThe final interview at the end of the disk is very poor The sound uality is really bad The interviewer voice carries well but Paul s voice is extremely load and in poor uality A chilling adventure for Carson Beckett this one would have found a great home in the Twilight Zone as well as the SG universe A very good book with an interesting plot a sleeping sickness is spreading through Atlantis and only Dr Beckett can help Though I have to give it four stars because in places the background music was so loud that Paul McGillion s reading was barely understandable and the sound during the final interview with Paul was really bad too it crackled and hissed so it ind of took away the pleasure of listening to it a bit and that s how it started With gentle words of encouragement I thought I was safe I thought we all were inside the walls of the Atlantis How could I Charlie and the Christmas Kitty know that the nightmare had already begun Ugh This sucks Carson was one of my favorite SGA characters but this audiobook really disappointed me It was a good journey for Carson it was finally his time to shine FINALLY but for me not so much because I couldnt wait until it was finished It was sooo bad that while I was listening it I was on GR doing some stuff I was gonna add a few books but then the story became so off Iept doing what I was doing and Il sale della vita kept the audiobook in the background playing Yup it was that badFirst of all no one was in character From the start it is sooooo obvious something is off but Carson is really slow at catching things REALLY SLOW And he wasnt the only one From the way how characters were interacting or not interacting with each other to how they were handling the situation everything was off This didnt felt like a true episode of Atlantis The characters didnt make sense The story didnt make sense Some things werent explained properly For example I didnt understand why view spoilerTeyla could see Carson when others couldnt Inow she has the gift but that gift only Works with Wraith and Carson isnt one Even though the whole situation was created by a Wraith she shouldnt have been able to interact with Carson That didnt make sense at all hide spoiler Stargate 3 Atlantis is entertaining although you ll listen thinking Oh I My Favorite Things know what s going on here but you don t Oh no you don t So do go getting disappointed early If you re going to trash this audiobook finish it first Brilliantly written because it s Sally Malcolm younow this story of a Carson Beckett experience as a patient is imaginatively composed Like I said not what you think it s going to be Worse it is This Big Picture Audio Production is performed by Paul McGillion who plays Carson Beckett on Stargate Atlantis and additional cast He does a good job although I will say that I caught his accent slipping a couple of times Beckett is one of the most popular character in the Stargate franchise It s great to hear his voice agai. Strange affliction overcomes his friends one by one members of the Atlantis crew are brought in unconsious and unresponsive yet with no sign of traum. .
Ly great piece for Dr Carson Beckett and gave the character well deserved time to shineThe only negative would be that the audio uality of the bonus interview with Paul was pretty terrible That said I m reviewing the story not the product itself so to speakI m therefore giving Perchance to Dream a well deserved 45 stars I m tempted to give it 5 but the story was a little obvious Still a shock and very entertaining but you can tell something s not uite right and the audio levels in the story were off at times and it was a struggle to hear a few of Paul s linesI would highly recommend the audiobook to any fan of Stargate Atlantis andor Carson who s looking for a riveting drama Wonderful little production And an interesting story line I do have to say that some of the background music made it difficult to hear the dialogue in places not sure if that was because of my car s speakers or actually an issue or on purpose with the recordingOnce again there was a wonderful little interview at the end with the voice actoractor Paul McGillion can I just add that I LOVE the *fact that this audio series was able to snag the actors who portray these characters on their series in * that this audio series was able to snag the actors who portray these characters on their series in to bring their characters voices to these audio dramas Because I do love thatBut back to the interview I thought his insight into voice acting vs performance acting was interesting Several of the other cast members have also remarked on the difference and difficulty they encountered when recording their own audio s Just imagine having to read words on a page interpreting multiple character voices and how the scenarios on the page would affect them what inflections would impart urgency or elation or any other emotion and then trying to provide enough energy into your words so that the audience will be able to visualize or at the very least experience these emotions along with the characters And you re apparently doing all of that in a little sound box with no other visuals than those words on the pageI think voice acting has to be the most difficult and most emotionally draining of all the performing arts I have great adoration for good voice actors and Paul s a pretty great one First of all It is really really great to listen to Paul McGillion s voice and this awesome Scottish accent he usually doesn t have unless he plays Dr Carson Beckett i liked this audio book a lot but liked this audio book a lot but story is well let s just say it s a little too tansparent to be truly captivating and sometimes the background noise is so loud you can barely understand Paul McGillion Other than that it s perfectly fine Stargate Atlantis Perchance to dream is written and portrayed as a psychotropic thriller with Dr Carson Beckett as its center piece Held within a realm of chaos and confusion Carson must fight to regain sanity and power over an enemy that uses dreams to feed off its prey Aided by Atlantis s most powerful team of intergalactic explorers Carson struggles against fantasy and reality as they have blended together in a deadly mixture that threatens the whole expeditionThe goods1 Dr Carson Beckett the character we have come to now and love finally gets a significant role within the franchise that doesn t make him look foolish or ills him2 The production value is well done with only a few scenes when the music overwhelms the actionThe bads1 The story is good Rought back to Atlantis with a broken leg and a bad case of amnesia but that's the least of his troublesCared for by Dr Gilbert Beckett watches as .

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