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Surprising Lord Jack

characters â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Sally MacKenzie

E knows she can t travel alone as she is so she cuts her hair and dresses as a boy to make the ourney Trouble comes when her horse goes lame and she ends up having to stay at an inn overnight She wakes up the next morning with a strange man in bed with herThis is when the fun begins Frances actually keeps her head and doesn t panic when she wakes to find Jack there with her An overzealous innkeeper s wife talks Jack into taking Frances with him on his way to London despite her objections meaning that Frances has to find a way to keep up the masuerade Even worse she runs into a man who knows her brother and appears to see through her disguise Arriving in London there is bad news Her brother is no longer at his last known address Jack finds an abandoned baby and there is an encounter with another unpleasant man in a whorehouse Taking the baby to a place of refuge shows Frances an unexpected side to Jack Another encounter with the obnoxious Pettigrew opens Jack s eyes to the fact that his traveling companion is not what he thoughtThough Jack has carefully cultivated the reputation of a rake he is actually a very honorable man Being caught in a compromising situation with a young woman is not something he wants as that could force a marriage he doesn t want At twenty six he feels he s still too young and has too much else going on Besides the argumentative young woman next to him is nothing like the type of woman he has in mind As soon as he gets to his house he ll write to his mother who he s sure will find a way to fix the dilemmaFrances is eually horrified at the idea of being forced into marriage She has no intention of ever getting married Thanks to the influence of her aunt and the knowledge of her father s failings she has a very poor opinion of all men and she has no problem saying so Knowing Jack s reputation gives her even of a reason to resist the idea of marrying himOnce his mother the Duchess of Love arrives she takes over management of the scandal There aren t too many people who will go against a Duchess when it comes to social conventions She also investigates Frances s background and finds that she has family who would be thrilled to get to know her Their combined efforts mitigate the scandal somewhat and suddenly Frances is thrust into an entirely different lifeI loved seeing the way that Jack and Frances s opinions of each other began to change Jack became sensitive to the reasons why Frances has the opinions she does It was rather sweet to see the way that he tried to comfort her when she was upset It was also funny to see how he went from looking at her as the girl who tried to look like a boy to a desirable woman He wasn t uite sure how to deal with his changing feelings Frances was a bit obnoxious at the beginning with her all men are evil attitude Discovering who Jack was and being aware of his reputation set her against him at once but almost immediately she saw things that contradicted that reputation I loved seeing her slowly begin to realize that she wants from life and that Jack is a big part of thatThroughout the book is the mystery of who is behind the killings of prostitutes and noblewomen of tarnished reputation Jack is determined to find out who it is and stop him When he gets involved with Frances he fears that the scandal will make her a target of this killer There are several possible suspects and each one is shown to have the capability When the final confrontation comes Frances is in the middle of it thanks to a stupid move on her part I really liked the way it was resolved by something a little different than the man riding to the rescue It also served as the final push needed to get Jack and Frances togetherI also thoroughly enjoyed the Duchess and the emphasis she placed on the importance of family I loved seeing her bring Frances and her she placed on the importance of family I loved seeing her bring Frances and her s family together and the change it made in Frances s life I also liked the Duchess s protectiveness toward Jack and her realistic withholding of approval of Frances until she was sure that Jack wouldn t be hurt I loved seeing her loving relationship with her husband and the final scene with them had me laughing out loud 25 stars This book had so much promise but was ruined by what is possibly the worst HR heroine I have ever read She had zero likable ualities Often when reading HR I wonder what the heroine sees in the hero This time it was the other way around He was too good for her Review posted on Demon Lover s Books MoreThis story begins with Frances Hadley chopping her hair taking her brother s clothes and escaping her horrid aunt who d raised her She heads off to London intending to force her twin brother and their solicitor to give her her dowry and let her leave her aunt her aunt had planned to drug her and let a certain suitor compromise her thus forcing the Her aunt was a Nasty Piece Of WorkOf piece of workOf nothing goes as Jack is bailing on his brother s engagement ball because a certain lady from the last book Bedding Lord Ned is intent on marrying him Jack takes off in a horrible snowstorm and stays at the closest inn This inn usually keeps a room for the Valentine family but this one night they ve let it to a young lad Jack doesn t mind sharing and he climbs into bed with the boy The next morning Frances wakes up to an attractive man in her bed What I liked is that for her part she kept her head even whilst freaking out Jack has no clue she s a girl She s tall with few curves and dressed as a young boy People see what they want right He insists on taking her to London to see her brother but this is where everything starts to fall apart for Frances Frances brother has gotten married and left his home She has no plan B We see that Jack has a secret life He s not the rake persona he s so carefully cultivated he s actually uite the do gooder He takes in strays and gives them a home and work Frances of course believes her aunt s gossip and tales about Lord Jack being a rake of the highest order She thinks at one point all the orphans must be his illegitimate children Jack also takes her to a brothel because not only is Jack a good Samaritan he s also apparently the only one in London who can find the Silent Slasher I thought that part was a bit unnecessary but it worked After Jack has dragged Frances around to the worst parts of London some Galina jerk who knows her almost fianc has realized she s a girl and hints at it so obviously that when Jack finally realizes it I had to laughThe thing I liked about Frances is that she s actually not very nice But she realizes it after a really rough confrontation with her brother She finally sees things from his point and it s actually pretty heartbreaking I liked how she tried though She tried to be ladylike she tried to change from her nagging bossy persona and she tried really hard to be someone she could be proud ofAnd she really wasn t all that badust innocent and mis informed I kind of liked her spunky ways bI think that this is a fun series I read all 3 stories in Dead Boy just a couple days The author s tone is light and fun They re fast and satisfying reads and you ll find yourself not wanting to put the book downARC courtesy of Kensington Books and Zebra Historical. Etermined miss has run him out of his own house party Luckily the inn has one bed left Jackust has to share with a rather entertaining red headed youth Perhaps the two of them should ride to London together It will make a pleasant escape from his mother’s matchmaking melodram.
Frances isn t well endowed in the chest area She s one of those heroines with long legs You know I ve noticed that if heroines have long legs they don t have big chests and if they have big chests they are usually short and the top of their heads only come up to the hero s chin I guess a heroine can t have both long legs and a big chest Speaking of long legs when her disguise is eventually revealed we do have the standard male fantasy of leg wrapping On with the plotSo anyway we have Lord Jack and Frances the woman disguised as a boy stuck together because Jack must protect this young fellow Frances on the other hand doesn t want anything to do with her savior You see she hatesssss men all men her father treats her badly her brother treats her badly all men are evil And besides all men being bad Jack is a rake lothario man about town Little does she know that all those horrible rumors about him are not true Nope Jack is a good deed doer Why that house in London which appears to be a brothel is actually a house where he puts the or ph ans he has rescued He also runs around rescuing prostitutes and makes sure they are protected But he doesn t want anyone to know he is a good deed doer he wants to maintain the facade of lascivious lord I have to ask why Why does he want to be perceived as bad Why can t he let his family know It s not as if they are some dysfunctional family They all have novels of their own Why I bet if his family knew what he was doing they d want to help but nooo it s a big secret I found this annoying And why aren t any of these or ph an and save the prostitute homes in a better part of the city or out in the country where the air is clean Why are they still forced to live down some dark street On with the plotSo after swinging by Jack s rescue spa our couple head toward Jack s home and it is at this time that the light bulb finally goes off in Jack s brain Francis is really a Frances He s a she Now he must marry her He s been in her company for days He s been in her bed It doesn t matter that he didn t know she wasn t a boy They must wed But faithful readers he forgot that our heroine hatesss men all men she refuses It s time for Jack to call in reinforcements in the guise of his family Allll those people from previous novels come barreling in And the first priority is a dress fitting Yes what romance novel could be without the reuisite dress maker and all her minions changing our 14 year old boy into a glorious long legged beauty This of course leads to the awakening of our hero s Mr Toad I have to say that Jack s Mr Toad was the only sign that there was romance in this story If it hadn t been for Mr Toad puffing up behind palm trees I would never have known there was any kind of attraction between these two Jack and Frances had about as much chemistry as a wet ragOn with the plot Well Jack Mud and Stars just cannot talk Frances into marrying him She hatesss men and she wants to live in her cottage by the sea What we need are reinforcements I bet I forgot to mention Frances family on her maternal side the loving grandparents who have always wanted to see her but have been refused admittance by the cru el aunt So all is well ruination is avoided Frances is accepted back into the bosom of her family there s no need for JackDid I happen to mention the silent slasher Yep thrown into the mix is a maniac who s going around slashing women s throats I guess he s the silent slasher because he s not noisy Well Jack has made it his responsibility to stop him and that is because he is a good deed doer Almost by himself he is trying to find the villain Jack Jack he s our man All he needs is a red cape He must find the killer before the killer finds Frances Why Frances you may ask Well it seems that our villain is killing women who have sinned and Frances has sinned by sleeping in Jack s bed back at the inn when she was a boy So she has to be a target and Jack must be her protector If Jack had only read a romance novel he would know to look for the man with the garlic breathIn the end I was disappointed in Surprising Lord Jack The story meandered all over the place never making up its mind whether it was a lighthearted romance or a dark moody love story with a murder or two thrown in There were too many directions and a weak romance Jack and Frances didn t work as a romantic couple There wasn t any spark between the two of them and definitely nothing that would last a lifetime So far this is the weakest book in the Duchess of Love series by Sally MacKenzieKaysBlog Suprising Lord Jack begins with Frances Hadley disguised as a young boy and running to London and away from her aunt who is intent on selling her into marriage icey roads and a lame horse however force her to stop at an inn for the night Lord Jack Valentine escapes his mother s valentines ball and an aggressive lady with her sights set on him and sets out for London but also finds himself at the inn due to the iced roads Jack s usual room however is occupied by a young boy who Jack can not see being tossed outso Jack agrees to share This isust another rung in Frances ladder to ruinFrances Hadley is a strong heroine with a great sense of self she has "Spent Ten Years Managing The "ten years managing the estate in the absence of her father and Twin brother and is determined to secure her dowry so she can live by herself away from her traitor Twin brother and is determined to secure her dowry so she can live by herself away from her traitor an Aunt Lord Jack is a wonderfully compassionate caring and patient heroLord Jack and Frances relationship grows while they are trying to escape the scandal of being discovered o have shared a bed and the marriage of necessity the Scandel brings with it along the same time line the author alo gives out a murder mystery that Jack is involved in trying I enjoyed this book the hero and heroine are strong characters and the few twist to the story the author throws in to the story line keeps the book from being a cookie cutter romance the one caveat for me was that the ending left me wanting which in hindsight is the very thing that willbring me back for the next book I was looking for info on their relationship and how Frances fit into Jack s life and Charities also info of Frances relationship with her brother and recently reunited grandparentsArc courtesy of NetGalley and Kensington publishing for an honest review Another fun book in the Duchess of Love series Now that his brother Ned Bedding Lord Ned is engaged to be married Jack s mother has set her sights on finding a wife for him Desperate to escape the young ladies at his mother s Valentine s ball Jack sets off for London Caught in a storm he stops at an inn where he ends up sharing the bed with a youth who has his own reasons to runFrances and her twin brother have been raised mostly by their aunt Their father is a Known Rake Who Abandoned Their rake who abandoned their Frances s brother Frederick left the estate several years earlier and hasn t been back preferring to live his life in London Frances has had enough of people telling her what to do The latest is finding out that her aunt has been scheming with a man to force Frances into marriage with him So she is going to go to London to see her brother get the money from her dowry and find a place of her own where she can live as she wants Sh. Ealt with lately though there’s no way she’s going as a woman A pair of breeches and a uick chop of her red curls and she’ll have much less to worry aboutJack Valentine third son of the famous Duchess of Love is through being pursued by pushy young ladies One particularly I love a good story about a woman disguised as a man and this one sure didn t disappoint All too often it seems like the woman is uncovered way too uickly but Frances manages to hang in there for long enough to keep the tension interesting I felt a little frustrated with Frances and her stubbornness but when of her backstory is revealed her personality and issues make sense I fell hard in love with poor Jack too and his attempts to get Francis to man up a bit This is the second book in a trilogy but I didn t feel too lost or like I was missing anything by reading it first I went back and read the first book Bedding Lord Ned after reading Surprising Lord Jack and Book 2 hadn t given too much away so Book 1 was still really enjoyable There are little hints in this book and the first book about plot points for Ash brother to Jack and Ned and Hero of the third book and I felt like maybe I was missing something the first book would have revealed but instead the first book as well ust gives little tastes and teases of the other brothers and nothing concrete Can be read as a stand alone in series order or as a series out of order Picks up right where Bedding Lord Ned left off I really liked Frances I liked that she wasn t perfect maybe not the nicest person She realizes it and becomes better I liked Lord Jack and not everyone is as they seem I thought his extra curricular activities were admirable Missed Ash he isn t in this at all but I think his story and Jack s take place concurrentlyGreat story that I finished overnight Frances Hadley has lived safely at her family s estates for years but now she must take desperate measures Her aunt has made a deal with a man to ruin her so that a marriage is reuired Getting her dowry and moving to a cottage by herself is the only path she can see out of this mess So Frances cuts her hair dons her brother s clothes and starts her trek to London She didn t expect the snow storm her horse going lame or her needing to spend a night in a tavern inn Nor did she expect that this would set in motion a chain of events that will put her in the same position she ust ran fromJack Valentine is the third son to a Duke His mother is known as the Duchess of Love for all her match making attempts Trying to escape his mother s Valentines Day ball Jack heads toward London only to be thwarted by a snow storm When Jack arrives at a road side Inn he finds his normal room is occupied by a young boy taking a dangerous trip to London alone Being philanthropic Jack takes this young boy with him to see him safely to his brother What Jack doesn t realize is he Eros Unbound (Great Loves, just shared his bed with Lady Hadley and now she is his young traveling companionOld emotional wounds and difficult situations will either bring Jack and Frances together or tear them apart Out of the frying pan and into the fire is the best way to explain both Jack s and Frances s volatile situation I found the story contained a very amusing predicament a mind boggling murder mystery and wonderful sexual chemistry The characters were fantastic making Surprising Lord Jack a marvelously entertaining historical romance I did wish we had insight into Jack s philanthropy but look forward to seeing in the coming Duchess of Love Series Shakespeare stole the show D This ARC copy of Surprising Lord Jack was given to me by Kensington Publishing Corp Zebra in exchange for a honest review Publish Date March 5 2013 I seem to follow the law of diminishing returns when reading Sally Mackenzie s books I start out loving her stories and her character but as I continue to read the books she releases I find less charm in them I read the Naked series a few years ago and they started well I liked books one and two but as I got deeper into books three and beyond they seems less and less entertaining to the point I stopped reading them at all I hate to make general assumptions but I think her newest Duchess of Love series is taking the same pathSurprising Lord Jack actually started off fairly well for me We are introduced to our heroine Frances Hadley as she is escaping from her home and her overbearing aunt on a mission to find her twin brother in London and to secure her dowry from their father s solicitor so she can make an independent life for herself To save herself from ruin while on the run Frances cuts her hair and wears her brother s hand me downs to pass herself off as a young man rather than a woman Her situation becomes further complicated when she stops at an inn and is accidentally paired up with Lord Jack Valentine as an overnight roommate as well as traveling companion to London Jack doesn t see the woman hiding under the shabby men s clothing and he exposes her to things the sheltered Miss had never even thought of experiencing including his naked self All of this set up seemed so promising and I was enjoying the initial getting to know you phase of Frances and Jack s relationship however it all started falling apart very soon after they arrive in LondonFor the full review please go to 25 stars rounded up to 3 stars Iust really can t stand overly naive heroines that have book smarts but NO common sense Tis better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all like in this book Luv Luv Oh where art thou luv One of the reasons I read Sally MacKenzie is because usually her stories have a strong sense OF HUMOR MIXED WITH ROMANCE WHEN SALLY MACKENZIE IS humor mixed with romance When Sally MacKenzie is the top of her game she makes me laugh Sorry to say Surprising Lord Jack had little humor and hardly any romanceHere s my take on the plot our heroine Frances overhears her evil aunt plotting to marry her off to a local nincompoop Now Frances has a brother but he s a creep and her father is absent Actually it wouldn t matter if her father was around because for whatever reason he doesn t particularly care for Frances Of "course our heroine has an inheritance that is being cared for "our heroine has an inheritance that is being cared for a solicitor in London Well as all self respecting heroines know the only way to run away to London is to disguise oneself as a boy For some reason women in romance novels never look their age when they put on a pair of pants I never uite understand that I know I look my age when I have a pair of pants on The only thing that would make me look like a 14 year old boy would be a face lift Back to the plotAs luck would have it our disguised as a boy heroine soon has a lame horse and the roads are bad and she s got a blister on her foot because she s wearing her snarly brother s boots But look what s that Why it s an inn An inn crowded with boisterous men but an inn nonetheless The landlady takes pity on the poor unfortunate boy and lets him have a room that is normally reserved for the absent Lord Jack Our disguised heroine is much tuckered out so her and her blisters fall into a deep sleep Miles away at the annual matchmaking ball given by his mother is our hero Lord Jack Lord ack does not want to be there so he escapes into the night Guess where he ends up Well it is his reserved room at the inn after all Eventually he ends up in the room with the 121314 year old boy Of course like most heroes he only sees what he is told a rather coltish boy sleeping He doesn t suspect the boy is a woman And why should he. One naughty little masuerade can't hurtUnladylike BehaviorFrances Hadley has managed her family’s estate for years So why can’t she reuest her own dowry She’ll have to go to London herself and knock some sense into the men interfering in her life With the nonsense she’s ,