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Relays cell phones and the internet It shows how uncensored pornography would #Become The Downfall Of #the Downfall Of Western Nations Has It Already of western nations Has it already Summertime on IcarusA brave man facing death by being too close to the Sun A great thriller from the early days of space flight Death and the SenatorClarke s answer to a real politician William Proxmire who did not want to fund the space program On my first reading I did not understand the significance Years later I stumbled upon the dreadful things Proxmire was doing in order to support his dairy farm votersThe stories are I REMEMBER BABYLON SUMMERTIME ON ICARUSOUT OF THE CRADLE REMEMBER BABYLON SUMMERTIME ON ICARUSOUT OF THE CRADLE ORBITINGWHO S THEREHATE INTO THE COMET AN APE ABOUT THE HOUSESATURN RISING LET THERE BE LIGHT DEATH AND THE SENATOR TROUBLE WITH TIMEBEFORE EDEN A SLIGHT CASE OF SUNSTROKE DOG STAR THE ROAD TO THE SEAAlways leave the customer wanting There are twelve awe inspiring tales remaining for ou the reader to discoverEnjoy How did I live this long without reading Clark He s the king of the killer final sentence Reading this collection of sci fi stories was like traveling back in time You can see the types of uestions sci fi writers were struggling with compared to contemporary ones Reading this book was like a history lesson as it was written in the 60s when the cold war was at it s height There were a few stories deal with Russia and Sputnik Would I recommend these stories Not really unless ou were interested in the history of sci fi and really liked this author Short stories not my favourite Yet this science fiction has won me overA master in his class It offers through every single tale a good insight into human nature not as deep as Ray Bradbury s Martian Chronicles which is indeed a little fantastic and it cares less about rigorous scientific facts But in this book it is notorious Clarke s scientific background while he is taking care of details to make as realistic as posible every passage Been published even before first moon landing it is very interesting to fin. There • 1958Hate • 1961Into the Comet • 1960An Ape About the House • 1962Saturn Rising • 1961Let There Be Light • Tales from the White Hart • 1957Death and the Senator • 1961Trouble With Time • 1960Before Eden • 1961A Slight Case of Sunstroke • 1958Dog Star • 1962The Road to the Sea • 1951. Himself The stories are varied and different and of course with the sparkle of brilliance that ou can expect from Arthur C Clarke A good read for anyone and a must read for sifi fans My first taste of hard science fiction Of course after that I was hooked for life I think I was about 11 when I bought it That was around 1973 I didn t know anything about Arthur C Clarke The title intrigued me wow 10 worlds for 75 cents and I liked the cover It showed space suited figures floating in a pink void What happened to all that great cover art Anyway even though many of the short stories were too mature for me I still got a foothold into the genre and I m still a fan 40 ears later It #never gets old travelling to the past reading #gets old travelling to the past reading 50 ear old short stories to travel to the futureSome of the anachronisms are cute The time spent describing communications or space tech or other things that didn t go the way we thought they would or are so commonplace now they reuire no explanation at allSome of the characters and situations are funny Some are thought provoking Some of the stories take too long and some I wish would keep goingA pleasant mix or less This classic collection of short stories includes some of Clarke s finest work vivid glimpses into the future a ear a decade a century a millennium from nowI first read this book in the 1960s and its images have stayed with me whenever I think of Arthur C Clarke To review a collection of short stories is a balancing act "Do I tediously describe each story making it easy for the reader to say I "I tediously describe each story making it easy for the reader to say I read all of the review so I don t need to read the book A bit like those movie trailers that show all the action scenesOr do I gloss over all the stories simply saying that they show a coming of age in the growing field of science fiction which gives the reader no idea of what they are about and no reason to read anyI am trying for the middle way so bear with me as I give ou Tales of Ten Worlds I remember BabylonClarke wrote this back in 1945 before satellite. Ding story The Road to the Sea is set thousands of ears in the future when men have ventured beyond our solar system and the last civilizations on earth are being evacuatedContains the following short storiesI Remember Babylon • 1960Summertime on Icarus • 1960Out of the Cradle Endlessly Orbiting • 1959Who's. This is a collection of 15 short stories well the last one is really a novelette ranging from humorous to thought provoking to melancholy What comes out clearly in this collection is the breadth of Clarke s story telling ability his uniue way of pulling ou into each tale Most people who are not sci fi readers uniue way of pulling ou into each tale Most people who are not sci fi readers know Clarke BY 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY BUT HE IS SO 2001 A Space Odyssey but he is so than thatI enjoyed every story but the following stand outSummertime on Icarus Clarke s description of the intense sunrise on the asteroid our protagonist is stuck on is so vivid I felt like I was sweating as I read itWho s There Because I like cats and it is a clever very short story with a feel good endingHate This is a particularly chilling tale of how hatred can make a man do something that he will regret the rest of his life The shock ending came out of nowhere and it is probably the best story in the bookSaturn Rising This story is about a visionary man who sees what can be done and is patient enough to wait After reading it ou may want to look up what Bigelow is doing on space habitats Death and the Senator This story examines the issues of choice and mortality and age The ending is satisfying even though it is not a surpriseOddly the story I liked the least was the long final story The Road to the Sea It is well written and is interesting but I felt the ending just wasn t there I wanted after the long build up and it wasn t there But that said it is still a good story This is the one of the few collections I have read where I liked every story but that is not surprising since if I like an author most of his or her work will appeal to me Where I get disappointed is with anthologies since many of the authors included write in #a style that I don t like and thus their stories fall flatAs ou can see from #style that I don t like and thus their stories fall flatAs ou can see from copyrights this is an old book but probably still has it and of course there is always E bay Some pretty cool short stories about space and sci fi stuff This is a collection of short stories from the master storyteller. Fifteen stories by our ablest practitioner of science fiction ranging from the sinister rescue of a Sputnik and the Pacific to startling and amusing adventures on the moon in a comet's tail on Mars and Venus and the rings of Saturn and on the asteroid Icarus only seventeen million miles from the sun The long conclu. .

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