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Ore through his workout programs or his YouTube Channel But There Were Also But there were also helpful and inspiring points that he brings up making it worth the investment of time and money This book is best for someone who is interested in and fitness especially if you re about or are already oing the P90X program It s a very easy read and has some good tips for taking care of your body and mind I m kind of floored that I enjoyed this book I m kind of floored that I enjoyed this book muchMy wife completed P90X and mentioned his lines multiple times had a mini crush on him etcI bought her the book for Christmas 2018 and she was in the middle of a ifferent book so I picked it up read it and am impressedHis knowledge is vast and it was enjoyable to learn about his trying times and how exercise variation intensity etc all come togetherThe Concl I love Tony Horton I mean I haven t made my way through P90X completely yet but the guy knows his fitness And here s the thing fitness advice tends to cross over to life advice pretty often Those principles that make us physically healthy pushing hard being consistent oing your best properly recovering those are all things that make us emotionally healthy too As a side note a least once a month the pastor at the church I attend talks about P90X in a sermon again usually about the importance of consistency Each chapter in this book is a Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, different law to practice Take what you need leave what youon t but it s full of pretty solid practical advice enough stories to keep it interesting and some classic TH humor okay note on that last point his book humor is way funnier than his workout humor just sayin Definitely recommend as a good personal evelopment book gives you a little pep talk and motivation to start putting some healthy habits into practice Get out there and Do your best and forget the res. Kills and principles that work in the gym work in every area of life Tony shares stories of the hard won battles he’s faced many of the same life challenges experienced by his fans from childhood bullies and problems at school to financial troubles and being overweightEnlightening and practical The Big Picture can help you how to slim own feel good and live better.

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The Big PictureLOVE this book it is so basic And Common Sense It S Encouraging It common sense It s encouraging it real I am part bias because I really love TH even his corniness but I o love the message of this book The tips and strategies are ones that should be applied to anyone s lifethis of this book The tips and strategies are ones that should be applied to anyone s lifethis not just a book for someone that maybe picked it up because they are on a weight loss journeyit s for everyone There are so many good messages in this I often grab uotes from it and pass them along to my teenage boys I keep it on me at all times and am constantly re reading I liked this book It s part biography part self help and part motivation Tony Horton is a fitness trainer in the United States that s known for his straight forward approach Not surprisingly his examples of how to apply his advice are often in the area of fitness His writing style is like he just turned on ictation voice recognition and started talking Maybe that s what he Goldilocks the Three Bears didThe self help information isn t earth shattering You knew you had to figure out your big purpose in life rightIt s not bad either For me the most helpful self help idea was applying big picture ideas for improving life to fitness It made me thinkifferently about how I could apply big picture ideas to improve other areas of lifeThe strength of the book is the motivational part It s a uick read so it would be easy to read this book than once to get a better perspective on whatever needs improvement in a particular momentThe only self help idea in this book that I argue against was the igression there are many of them but I m only uibbling with this one to ignore hunger While I m good with the idea that hunger isn t an emergency thank you Martha Beck I on t think ignoring hunger is a good as a blanket ruleThe author seems to assume everyone eats garbage except him of course Garbage messes up hunger signals. Part Tony Robbins part Mehmet Oz here is fitness guru and creator of P90X Tony Horton’s wake up call for readers a motivational and practical guide to creating a better life and a healthier bodyOne of America’s best known and most loved fitness gurus master of motivation Tony Horton shares his philosophy that will help you live your best life In his first non wor. ,

He oesn t say that but I think that s what he was getting at While I agree that a meal of higher carbohydrates causes me to be hungry uicker than a meal of higher fat and that s the premise of Always Hungry that oesn t mean of higher fat and that s the premise of Always Hungry that oesn t mean think it s ok to tell people to ignore their body s normal signals A lot of people have physical or emotional issues and for them ignoring hunger may be a bad thingFor a summary of the book see my blog at self help book reports com He gave some good Advice But Some Of but some of was Doctor Extraño doing the extreme and also not all of America can afford to eat the things heoes Useful infoI enjoyed Tonys book and like him as motivator as I have used everybody products for a number of years and Tony H and Shaun T have helped me stay fit The only issue i have as I am of similar age to Tony in the book is i can t recommend exercising at least 6 ays out of seven as Tony stated in his book not for a 55 year old anyway I think this would be hard on most men of similar age Plus reading between the lines i am not sure if he has any heavy family commitments which oes make a ifference as it written from a single man s perspective A good book but a bit out of touch with reality from my point of view A nice little boostJust what a needed to working through a little exercise slump Grateful for some wise simple words to move forward Man I really like this guy I loved the bookgreat advice As I m nearing the end of the P90X program I realize there s an interesting bond that occurs when you re spending 5 7 hours a week with a persona on the TV I know all of Tony s pre recorded lines *by heart at this point but I still look forward to the *heart at this point but I still look forward to the we have each morning This made me interested in reading his new book Granted a lot of the advice in the book is simplistic or maybe it s because I ve heard a lot of bef. Kout book he offers 11 Rules that provide a clear path and purpose for achieving life goals and obtaining optimal healthWritten with his trademark irreverence candor and take no prisoners approach The Big Picture shows you how your physical health is intricately linked to your mental financial and family health and overall happiness and contentment and how the same