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The Desert Prince's MistressWhen he only seemed to be interested in Lara when she played it cool which is unusual for me as far as Modern Romance books "gothe chemistry between darian and lara was great " chemistry between Darian and Lara was great the sex scenes were better than average for this imprintI won t ever be a huge Sharon Kendrick fan because I don t understand her characters Their point scoring their power struggles their lack of honesty and apparent need to play games rather than just saying what s in their hearts these things are all totally alien to me I can t understand the way they think and feel or why they do the things they do because I m not built that way and never will be But I did enjoy this book even without being able to really understand the characters motivations 35 stars but we ll round up I found this story charming Thanks for the recommendation from Lexxi Callahan Satu omentar pasti tentang buku ini menarik Dan membuat Please Share My Wife With Me kita penasaranarena tokoh yang dilindungi Lara Khalim dan Rose The Cruel Collection kelihatannya tokoh yang saling mencintai dan belum diterjemahkan atau malah belum ditulis oleh penulisnyaWalaupun awalnya terjadiesalah pahaman antara Darian dan Lara terkait dengan cara Lara mendekati Darian Pada Akhirnya Darian Menyadari Bahwa akhirnya Darian menyadari bahwa mencintai Lara dan ada satu Got Parts? kalimat menarik yang di lontarkan Darianepada Lara rumah adalah tempat hatimu beradaDan saya merasa alimat tersebut ada benarnya Une histoire plut t surprenante et pas mal Un livre bien crit aussi mais je le trouve un peu b cl L histoire aurait m rit tre plus longue et d velopp e Boring DNF40. Utrageous discovery that would change his whole life and Lara's He was actually the illegitimate heir to a wealthy desert ingdom and a desert princ.

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R to Prince Khalim the current ruler and husband of Lara s best friend Lara decides to seek out Darian for herself to see if he s worthy only find that best friend Lara to seek out Darian for herself to see if he s worthy only to find that s the most exciting potent man she s ever metI found the premise for this book totally ridiculous Best friend of the princess or not I can t imagine anyone making the initial choice that Lara did and withholding the letter from Prince Khalim Lara most certainly did not have the right to make that choice and the arrogance of her thinking that she could decide if Darian was worthy of nowing his birthright Drove Me Up The Wall I Can Absolutely Understand Why me up the wall I can absolutely understand why felt so angry and betrayed for much of the bookThat said aside from her initial choice I liked Lara uite a lot She was assertive and a bit fiery which I appreciated as so many English heroines seem less English Rose than wilted blossom She did lose a bit of that fire when things started getting tough with Darian which was a shame Darian suffers from EHS English Hero Syndrome and exhibits many of the same symptoms that are typical to this condition coldness arrogance game playing anger a combination of lust and disdain for his partner but he stops short of outright cruelty and his anger is understandable Lara DID deceive him and play God with his life after all There were only a few times when I outright disliked him once when he was thinking that there was nothing off putting than a woman who wanted to see you too much or one who didn t have a packed social calendar what are we 16 and a couple times. As his mistress Their mutual attraction was scorching hot and they couldn't eep their hands off each other Desire took over until Darian made an Entah enapa dari dulu paling males baca yang cowoknya turunan Timur Tengah syeikh tycoon and stuff Ilpil gara gara Tiger Prince nya Sandra Brown ali yeee pTapi saya suka sama Lara dan ide ceritanya Sedikit berharap tokoh Rose sahabat Lara muncul tapi ternyata nggak D Beli buku ini berbarengan dengan buku Keir O Connell s Mistress Wanita Pilihan Keir O Connell O Connells 1 harga yang sama juga cuma 10rebu Sayangnya ga sebagus bukunya Sandra Marton Read this on the middle of the night started 11 pm ended 1 am Only two hours coz I skip few paragraphs Apa yah yang bikin buku ini ga begitu menarik Camp Tiger karakternya aga sedikit menyebalkan Perasaan antara Hh nya not believable Yah ga rugi juga sih untung buku obral Lara is so stupid and selfish for what she did It was an okay read with likable characters and fair amount of steam Rasax dulu udah pernah baca tp ntah smp slesai ap gcz yg ingat cm bagian awal2x ajNarna bacax cm beda 2hari aj am rayuan sang bos jd mdadak sadar lo ad tokoh yg wara wiri d cerita in ternyata nongol d cerita rayuan sang bosn dy adalah tak lain n tak bukan jake d cerita in ternyata nongol d cerita rayuan sang bosn dy adalah tak lain n tak bukan jake sang Artis Terkenalyg Pilem2x Jd Box terkenalyg pilem2x jd box rayuan sang bos jake jd sahabatx c herodsni jake jd sahabat n teman satu rumahx c heroine Larayg sempat membuat c darian cemburu pjd penasaran n syang rasax lo g ad cerita ttg c jake Lara is working at the Maraban Embassy when she opens a letter by a woman claiming that her son Darian is the illegitimate child of the late Sheikh of Maraban Rather than immediately reporting the lette. Multimillionaire Darian Wildman made the decision instantly that he had to have Lara Black both as the face advertising his mobile phone company and. ,

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