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Eople shooting their guns instead of their mouths if you got irritated that LaHaye and Jenkins kept cutting away from all the good parts the sodomy rape and devil worship then you re in for a treat Nobody so earnestly diligently and hilariously describes mankind s various last stands against the forces of Ol Scratch like Johnstone and The Devil s Kiss proves beyond a shadow *Of A Doubt How Ridiculously Seriously He Took The Idea *a doubt how ridiculously seriously he took the idea ArmageddonThe Devil s Kiss is the story of Sam Balon a preacher in the small Great Plains community of Whitfield Nebraska circa 1958 The fictional town of Whitfield is located within the eually fictional Fork County though based on his description of its size and location my guess is Johnstone modeled Fork on the real life Cherry County Nebraska which is both large and largely uninhabited At the start of the story Balon knows there s something #ROTTEN IN WHITFIELD HE JUST CAN T FIGURE OUT #in Whitfield he ust can t figure out have gone missing church attendance is dropping all across the board Whitfield has no shortage of churches despite serving a population in the very very low four digits and there ve been ueer goings on ever since Black Wilder and his team of archaeologists started digging around the standing stones searching for who knows what What s the community itself seems to have turned actively hostile against its own members kids vanish all the time formerly friendly neighbors now give each other the side eye and teenagers openly defy their elders Even Sam s wife Michelle is stepping out on him shacking up with other locals on Friday night and coming home Saturday morning reeking of booze body odor and sexSam may not know what s going on but "His Army Training Is " Army training is him there s a fight a brewing in Whitfield Some men might turn tail and run but not Sam Balon A rugged manly man of action Balon served with the United Nations Partisan Infantry Korea UNPIK during the Korean War a guerrilla commando group which served as a precursor to the modern day US Special Forces prior to taking up the business of soul winning As Johnstone puts itThe devil despises the Sam Balon s of the world and would prefer to stay away from themNaturally the devil of this world does nothing of the sort otherwise this would be a real short story Instead the devil sends his agents warlock Black Wilder and witch Nydia to Whitfield Their mission turn the community away from God to instead service Satan They do this by first taking over the local radio station so it can broadcast that newfangled Rock n Roll and Country music thus ensuring all the kids turn into rebellious little shits even eager to disobey their parents than normal Then they ll use the time honored tradition of blood sacrifice orgies and promises of eternal power to seduce their flock to the Dark Side If any of that doesn t work there s always bestiality pedophilia and torture to fall back onThe only thing they have to worry about are the handful of citizens they can t turn to the dark side Hell s about to break loose in Nebraska where a small handful of true believers have to somehow stave off not ust their neighbors but also the risen dead and a force of werewolf like beasts to keep Satan from prevailing Sam Balon doesn t realize it but he s been nominated by God to be His champion But how can mortal men and women stand against the ultimate eternal embodiment of everything evil and profanePerhaps you are thinking the power of righteousness in some form of ritual song or exorcism can save the people of Whitfield from the path of damnationOr maybe prayer the right words spoken at the right time to drive the Devil from his conuestMaybe you re a Celine Dion fan and assume the power of love will conuer all Could it be the ones committing the evil need to be forgiven as Christ taught in his sermons about turning the other cheek giving to the poor and being unconcerned with worldly goodsNah bro This is William W JohnstoneBalon s gonna save the town and its inhabitants by view spoilerburning it to the ground blowing it sky high with dynamite dropping its vile residents in hails of gunfire executing his current wife with a stake through the heart porking his new wife until she s pregnant with his son then boning the coven s high priestess across time and space until she s carrying his twins hide spoile. Trid stench of evil hangs in the area The townspeople are about to be touched by the Devil's ki. .
The Devil s Kiss BY WILLIAM W JOHNSTONE IS TAKING William W Johnstone is taking trip in your time machine back to the time where paperback horror novels could be found in wire racks at drugstores not pharmacies filled with lurid covers of the Devil and demonic children They sold like wild fire Mr Johnstone was there with his contributions This novel was the beginning of a five book series along with his other one shot stories The best way to describe these is no attempt at subtlety Evil is evil and speaks and acts with clear intent The heroes are befuddled and seemingly overwhelmed How to combat the attempt Hard time deciding between one or five stars It s bad real bad but good bad It s like Jack Chick the maker of the sublimely cheezy Christian comic pamphlets wrote a horror novel There s no real suspense it s ust fucking over the top ridiculous But there s an energy and fun charge that kept me reading It holds together because there s no hint of irony or self awareness The depiction of Satanists is probably true to what a lot of Real Americans believe Check it out if you like novels featuring a small town preacherex commando who murders everyone in his town after they start worshiping Satan The Devil s Kissseries The Devil book 1by William W JohnstoneHorrorOccultGroup For The Love of A BookChallengeDiscovery Bookshelf Challenge R4C1Group Romance Readers Reading Challengeschallenge 2017 March Monthly Challenge 10 Reader s Choice Read any book of your choice silently and unmercifullyAs night falls heavily on the small prairie town red rimmed eyes look out from tightly shut windows An occasional snarl rips from once human throats Shadows play on dimly lit streets deepening the gloom of the alleys bringing with the darkness and almost tangible aura of fearFor the time is now right in Whitfield The Beasts are hungry the Undead are awake the putrid stench of evil hangs in the air and the inhabitants of Whitfield are about to be touched by THE DEVIL S KISSmy rating 5 starsMy thoughtsThis is and was a re read for me even though its been years since I ve read it this is the type of story that once you start to read it your hooked and won t want to stop if you like books that are about God vs evil then this series is for you Oof This one was a doozy It felt like it was written by a 12 year old Catholic boy with at best a cursory understanding 0f sexand honestly I LOVED it SEX SATAN BEASTS ROCK n ROLL GUNS RAMBO style shit Yeah this one s got it all I wish this had been made into a movie in the 80s If you are looking for a horror movie experience here it is It s poorly written full of typos grammar and punctuation errors BUT SO WHAT Basically a B Movie in novel form it s great if you know what This book was actually uite good #I WOULD GIVE IT STARS AND LESS STARS LESS #would give it stars and less stars Less of the anti Christian stuff in it but being a Christian I know some of this stuff its all to true More stuff because it was Historias de Inmigracion just plain good So I will leave it at a very strong three I will finish this series out I must find out what happens to the survivors and the town This is the first in a series of novel s about Satanic covens and their supernatural exploits in the United States and Canada It comes down to being an interesting blend of pulp fiction and the supernaturalAn unusual preacher named Sam Bolan begins to find things a bit odd in his small Nebraska hometown Church attendance is almost nonexistent The town s denizens are acting strangely People are disappearing All in all something evil is in the airSam eventually finds that the majority of the townsfolk are in league with the devil and bands with a small group to fight them off as they make their final play to control the town and all within itJohnstone demonstrates some old fashioned beliefs in his writing such as the evils of rock roll and a woman s place being in the kitchen I had to chuckle at the number of times women were sent to the kitchen to make sandwhiches while the men discussed survivalAside from the out of date thinking this is an entertaining and original read Hilariously this book manages to be both clumsily erotic and kind of frightening Johnstone writes like a horny 6th grade horror geek who is learning English as a second language in the middle of backwoods Georgia but something about this book makes me smile when I thin. As the years pass Black Wilder is waiting forust the right moment to emerge from the shadows. K of it The author is purportedly a Christian and the depictions of satanic orgies are supposed to shock and frighten us but I get the feeling that Johnstone turned himself on when he was writing them I think I have to read this again I bought this at a Winn Dixie in Alabama one 5th grade summer because the cover made it look like a Stephen King book my father picked it up while I was reading one of the campy sex scenes and the next day the book disappeared So five years ago I stumbled across a copy at a used bookstore of course I had to buy it The best 5 dollars I ve spent in a long time Another good one If you read the Devil s heart you will know that it is first in a seueal of three books This book is terrible I am upset that I wasted a whole 99 on it I tried to get through it I truly did but I ust eventually had to give up I m not sure what the author was trying to get across but he definitely mentioned rock music multiple times in regard to why people were into devil worship Maybe this was meant to be humorous I ust have no idea But I can assure you that when I listen to rock n roll I don t want to go #dance naked for Satan in the backwoods At times it seemed like this was supposed to be a book #naked for Satan in the backwoods At times it seemed like this was supposed to be a book by a Christian author but as I got about 60% of the way through it I Aprendiz de Homero just couldn t agree Johnstone is no Ted Dekker that s for sure He seemed like an overly sexual old man getting hisollies through writing disturbing scenes that didn t add to the story The pastor who is meant to be the hero of the book decides to sleep with a member of his church and then performs a wedding ceremony afterwards whist going on about how he is sinning There s mentions of incest bestiality and a slew of other nastiness He mentioned gross smells so often I actually had to go clean my house ust because I needed to smell something better than what I was imagining SOOOOOOOO If you want to read a repressed individual s overly active sexual imagination here s the book for you If you want to read a book about God fearing people fighting against Satan s influence I suggest you check out something about God fearing people fighting against Satan s influence I suggest you check out something the lines of This Present Darkness This friends is the book that started it all William Wallace Johnstone spent a decade playing the fake it til you make it game with his writing and after ten long years of editors reading his manuscripts and herniating themselves into an early grave from laughter somebody at Kensington with no sense of humor plucked The Devil s Kiss off the slush pile and said Let s publish this guy What s the worst that could happenNow almost four decades later with several hundred books to his name and a legacy that lives on like a testosterone poisoned VC Andrews the Johnstone name is still parting good ol boys from their hard earned money despite the man behind it being dead since 2004 Having concluded my aunt through this 450 page tribute to the Republican party incest and Jesus Christ I m at a loss for words Not because I m reeling from what I ust read but because I have no idea how to review this book without repeating myselfSee this ain t my first Johnstone rodeo From the 80 s on up through the mid 90 s Johnstone utterly ruled the horror market The fervor and fury with which this man cranked out manuscripts must have seen him going through typewriters the way I go through toilet paper after a night of too much Long John Silver s And I ve made it my personal mission in life to read and review every last horror novel the guy wroteBecause of course I haveI ve already worked my way through Bats Toy Cemetery and most recently Night Mask but I figured before I got any further I should probably go back to where it all started and see if Johnstone was always a few degrees short of a protractor or if this madness developed later in his career My wife feels there are better things to spend money on than old horror novels and despite how wrong she is on this front one can t deny that collecting Johnstone s back catalog of horror books certainly bends one s wallet over the sawhorse Nevertheless finding myself in possession of money than sense I sprung for a full run of Johnstone s The Devil trilogy uadrilogy series of which The Devil s Kiss is book one and started readingFolks let me tell you something if you thought the Left Behind series needed In the small prairie town The time is now the beasts are hungry the Undead are awake and the pu. The Devil's Kiss