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giving five stars for is pretty standard This story tops them all It is a free read and I only wish I could purchase it i 45 starsIts free yes it needs editing amongst a few other oddities including the writing and structure I AM NOT GOING TO NITPICK IT WAS ENJOYABLE AND not going to nitpick it was enjoyable and me feel warm and happy Pete and Eric were lovely and its fast love not a worry for me It s gorgeous and fun not a worry for me It s gorgeous and fun few good chuckles as well I loved it Worth reading as long as you can go with the warts and all theory This one is an all time favourite of mine One of my first forays into the MM scene I was so sad to see it end This one for me could of gone on indefinitely Funny sweet adorable there are not enough good words to describe it I just loved everybody male and female and that says a lot as I tend to hate most femmale characters lol All right folks what can I say about this one It was a free read and I always caution on you get what you pay for Th. He family doctor A sweet read with an endearing small boy hot men the momzi. ,
I can t give any star because I didn t finish it Read Up To Chapter 46 to chapter 46 73 yeah because I didn t finish it Read p to chapter 46 of 73 yeah freebieI was an amazing book but in chapter 47 I read well start to and then give Favourite Daughter up a 14 years boy first person narration sex experienceNope not for megreat bookp to that point There with David the boy sex the book cross my comfort zoneAbandoned Even though I haven t finished I know this one is going on the My Favorites shelf already because I just LOVE Eric and Pete Eric is so warm and loving with the Until Again uirkiest sense of humor and a mother that kind of creeps me out Fun and touching family first story with love being the core and true foundation of the book It s one of the books you can t wait to find out the ending but that you hate to have endOkay I just finished and I have to tell you this story is so amazingly witty funny loving tenderirky LOL entertaining etc etc etc that I had to create a new shelf just for it My 6 Star Favs I know GR goes p to five stars but I This is a free read comprising 76 chapters mm genreA single dad falls for

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At was before I read some really excellent free WRITING AND THIS IS INCLUDED AT FIRST I WAS and this is included At first I was that this book is way too long with 76 chapters Eric was a bit whiny and I am shocked that he ever passed for straight Jase was just too cute for words and you could not help but fall in love with Pete David and the Mother was outstanding When I began reading I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop Everything was just too perfect and we all know what happens when things are too good in books But honestly as you read you Just Want To Read About want to read about lives and the day to day interactions I could honestly read 100 chapters I had a lot of fun with this book in a Seinfeld kind of way Everything just happened and some of it was outrageous and you think no way can all of that happen to one person Eric but with the characters and the writing you can just about believe it is all true I was sad when it was over and hope he decides to write about this cast of characters. Lla from hellAdded to GR with author's permissionApprox 250000 words comple.

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