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Lores the rivalry between iconic fashion designers Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel Jeanne Mackin does a fantastic ob of bringing both women alive and showing us and Coco Chanel Jeanne Mackin does a fantastic The Sun on My Head job of bringing both women alive and showing us how different they are from their designs to their political sides I was drawn into their obsession with besting each other right from start to end Jeanne Mackin does a goodob weaving a part of history here by adding some tension to the story with the threat of the Nazi invasion The story is told through our main character Lily Sutter who becomes drawn into the middle of the rivalry between Elsa and Coco Through her POV we are told a lot about design and that I didn t find that interesting and at times weighed down the story for me Back t find that interesting and at times weighed down the story for me Back the day I would have been so into this one with the description of clothing and colour however now I am all about runner shoes and have no flair for design at all My husband well that s a different story Lol I received all My husband well that s a different story Lol I received complimentary copy from the publisher The focus of The Last Collection is the rivalry between fashion designers Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli Oh my What a rivalry it was Fierce In 1938 Paris Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli are each trying to be the most well known designer in France Everyone knows they are rivals Because of this they choose to be polar opposites in every way Where Chanel is classic and understated Schiaparelli is bold and edgy Lily Sutter is a young American teacher visiting her brother Charlie in Paris who offers to buy her a Cha 425 STARS A beautifully written novel highlighting two famous fashion designer icons The gossip and rivalry was ever so entertaining and at times even shocking The Paris setting was fascinating as tensions were building as Germany and Hitler were on the move towards France It was a dangerous time in history I was curious how the designers would react to the invasionThe novel follows Lily Sutter an American teacher who travels to Paris to visit her brother She becomes a focus between the two iconic designers and their fued is escalated and the cat fighting becomes uite intenseI enjoyed learning about their very different personalities and styles Shiaparelli was playful and edgy while Chanel was the legend of classic elegant piecesI found this novel intriguing and at times gripping with a cast of strong personalities A bit of glamour some humor and a reminder of the dangerous period when Hitler was invading countriesFans of fashion and historical fiction will be thrilled with this oneOut June 252019Thanks to Berkley for my copy 45 stars I couldn t he whispered bending close to my earI knowI wantedI know that too Few rivalries were as brilliant vibrant and long standing as the one between Coco Chanel and Elsa SchiaparelliLily Sutter a recently widowed American woman has managed to wander between the two feuding females thanks to her hapless brother Charlie Lily s brother sents her a desperate cryptic note and so she travels to Paris in 1938 Oh Charlie What have you gotten yourself intoLove he said He offers to buy her a Chanel dress but Lily insists on visiting Schiaparelli dragging along Ania Charlie s girlfriend and the IT girl of the times Clothes aren t ust clothes They are moods desires uality of our souls and our dreams made visible Ania falls in love with Schiaparelli s wild whimiscial style such a far cry from Chanel s classic elegance and buys dresses than Lily can comprehend and the rest of Paris follows suit Coco s collection was a successBut the Schiaparelli collection was a grand success Schiaparelli delighted offers Lily an artist position at her store and things are looking up Schiaparelli might for once become Paris s top fashion designer It is a night of victory Even so I have a bad feeling No keep smiling Maybe it is nothing maybe it is ust the stars lining up strangely But what awaits the two women is something far wilder than either could imagine I never expected to fall so much for this one I loved the whimsical nature of Schiaparelli she was so vibrant and fun to readChanel was cold calculating and absolutely ruthless Every time she came onto the page it was pure gold Go ahead Coco said Weep Baptize the gown if you must The only thing that was a bit of a stretch for me how uickly both incredible fashion designers latched onto little widowed LilyHowever once Lily picked up the Claimed by the Wealthy Magnate job for Schiaparelli their fascination began to make senseThe setting was convincingly done and the era was well represented at least to my admittedly untrained eyeI adored all the little details that the author wove into the story it absolutely swept me off my feet I loved how the author described the actual collections Schiaparelli and Chanel designed for during those years The clothing was so cool to read about especially the circus themed collection I would LOVED to have seen Chanel s reaction in real life All in all this book was smart witty and funny It completely took me on aourney and I loved every minute of it YouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading With thanks to Berkley Publishing and the author for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest reviewAll uotes come from an uncorrected proof and are subject to change upon publication. Nent girlfriend soon begins wearing Schiaparelli's designs as well and much of Paris follows in her footstepsSchiaparelli offers budding artist Lily a ob at her store and Lily finds herself increasingly involved with Schiaparelli and Chanel's personal war Their fierce competition reaches new and dangerous heights as the Nazis and the looming threat of World War II bear down on Par.

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The Last CollectionThe thirties was a golden age of couture and it was dominated by one city paris it was dominated by one city Paris that city was dominated by two women Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli Paris 1938 Lily Sutter art teacher arrives in Paris to meet her brother who is visiting the city While picking a dress at Elsa Schiaparelli s boutiue Lily meets the famous designer again Later through her brother s girlfriend she also meets Coco Chanel Lily becomes friends with both fashion designers Her short visit turns into a longer stay She uses her artistic abilities to paint Elsa s boutiue windows Thus Lily works for flamboyant Elsa but at the same time she feels drawn to elegant Coco In a way both
icons use Lily For Their As for their as both continuously fight for reputation and fame They were ambitious sometimes vain always talented a new type of women who made their own rules With the brewing political situation and talks of Hitler invading Paris Elsa also has something else in mind for Lily Elsa sees two choices when it comes to politics It s either fascism or communism She picks the latter in opposition to Coco who picks the first But she needs to protect her daughterIn general I don t like stories which are propelled by rivalry but I didn t mind this one It actually added some humor to the story I enjoyed the views of two icons of each other Coco That Italian arrivista was turning women into clowns Dresses with silly buttons as big as tennis balls flopping feathers all over the place trains three yards long animal embroideries and seuins like circus performer costumes There is much depth to the interesting characters and their very different styles of fashion Coco epitome of style simple and classy Shiap representing verve and confidence with bold colors and frippery Dimensions are interestingly expressed how the styles of fashion of those two icons reflect their childhoods The characters are charged with emotions making them very realThe world of couture comes alive with designs of the two icons fashion shows and what goes around them Set against the brewing political situation which brings effects of it on businesses and people Dressing well is resistance revenge pride a form of control over forces that try to control us That is why prisoners are put in identical uniforms They no longer exist as individuals Enjoyed the writing very much It moves the story uickly Beautifully crafted story brings the rich world of fashion and two icons who forged that world Intimately presented we get to know both women on both sides public and private I ve always been a lover of fashion was obsessed with fashion designers and design at one point in my life thanks to my artist mother who scattered our home with fashion magazines because she ust like Elsa Schiaparelli always said couture and high fashion is every much an art form as paintings or drawings Reading The Last Collection was ust sublime as I loved reading about icons Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli two women who couldn t be different if they tried and their well known rivalryJeanne Mackin has written an exuisite novel set amidst the backdrop of the beginning of WWII in Paris 1938 where fashion houses were dominated by two women Chanel and Schiaparelli Coco was known for her very tailored looks lean proportions black and white colors tweeds feminized men s looks class elegance and simplicity Schiap on the other hand was all about artistic freedom creativity and innovation bold colors designs and materials Dressing the echelon of society and being recognized as the best drove their rivalryBecoming entwined with both women and their rivalry is the story s main protagonist Lily Sutter the widowed American teacherartist living in France whose first person POV immediately draws you into the story the events fictional and non fictional the characters and setting Lily s lost all ability to paint after her husband s death and her world is dull and gray Yet once she is caught up in the world of Paris befriends Ania becomes close to Schiap and Coco as close as anyone can she begins a ourney of self discovery that allows her to see the world in color again and also begin to paintI felt the writing was magical as Mackin blends fact with fiction to create this fascinating and tense novel Schiap and Coco are major parts of the narrative including facts like the much talked about incident when Coco accidentally on purpose caused Schiap s costume to catch fire while they were dancing Coco s affair with Nazi officer Von Dincklage Schiap s socialism and But there s to this story with fictional characters like Lily Ania Lily s brother Charlie and Otto As their stories overlap the iconic women Mackin writes an absorbing and emotional novel that seems so realistic that I almost Googled Lily The Last Collection is a fascinating highly detailed novel that gives great insight into the fashion houses of the 1930s the wonderful creativity of Chanel and Schiaparelli descriptions of their clothing and accessory designs and of course the impact of WWII Highly recommended for fashion lovers and history loversThank you Berkley Books for the gifted copy All opinions are my own I received this book for free from the publisher Berkley Publishing in. An American woman becomes entangled in the intense rivalry between iconic fashion designers Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli in this captivating novel from the acclaimed author of The Beautiful American Paris 1938 Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli are fighting for recognition as the most successful and influential fashion designer in France and their rivalry is already legendary ,
Exchange for an honest reviewThis a really fascinating book It combined pre WWII and WWII historical fiction with the really fascinating book It combined pre WWII and WWII historical fiction with the throat world of haute couture fashion It took me a little longer to get interested in it but once I was I was hooked Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli are two very intriguing women and this book does a great ob showcasing their legendary rivalry As the author writes Men who persist in the belief that women are soft sentimental creatures have never worked in the fashion industry pg 134 The added backdrop of WWII created even drama between the two I liked that the book did not shy away from Coco s affair with a famous Nazi The novel utilizes a third party Lily affair with a famous Nazi The novel utilizes a third party Lily to highlight the complexities of both women Lily ends up befriending and spending time with both of them and in doing so we are shown a intimate view of these two remarkable women Lastly there was a really wonderful uote about fashion as a means of resistance The book states Dressing well is resistance revenge pride a form of control over forces trying to control us That s why when taken prisoner he first thing your enemy takes is that outer layer of your identity and independence your clothes That is why prisoners are put in identical uniforms They no longer exist as individuals pg 274 Overall this is an enthralling portrait of two headstrong fashion designers in the years leading up to World War II Two iconic fashion designers who couldn t be different one is French and one is Italian one is from wealth and the other is from poverty They possessed different aesthetics different political views and very different personality types Coco Chanel is famous for simple lines natural shapes and the introduction of trousers while Elsa Schiaparelli is famous for idiosyncrasy whimsy and the introduction of culottes Prior to WWII both befriend a penniless American widow who becomes enmeshed in their bitter rivalry Their friendship continues through WWII and shortly beyond Filled with the glitz and glamour of Paris during the heady days of indulgence before the war this is solid historical fiction perfect for summer reading The Last Collection by Jeanne Mackin is a 2019 Berkley publication Interesting highly absorbing look at the lives of two fashion iconsParis 1938Lily Sutter an art teacher and grieving widow accepts her brother Charlie s invitation to visit him in Paris Once there meets Charlie s girlfriend Ania a woman who is trapped in a loveless marriage Through her Lilly finds herself involved with both Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli two highly competitive fashion designers The two women couldn t be different The rivalry between them is very intense even violent on occasion However the encroaching war spotlights their political disagreements as both prepare themselves for undeniable change Lily finds herself caught up in their intrigue narrating the story from her first person perspective The author did a great ob at weaving the political climate into a story centered around headstrong women and the colorful world of fashion The sadness and fear that permeates Paris is palpable which gives the story an extra layer of tension and poignancy To be honest I ve never had much interest in learning about the lives of fashion industry icons I know book have been written and movies have been made about Coco Chanel and like many other women I keep a bottle of Chanel 5 on my dresser Other than that I knew very little about her but had heard rumors that she was a Nazi sympathizer but never pursued the rumor Coco ChanelSchiaparelli I m afraid I was only vaguely aware of this designer and I think I may not be totally alone in that For me this novel was fascinating and I uickly found myself absorbed in the tactics the two designers resorted to in order to one up the other oneElsa SchiaparelliWhile the antics of the Chanel and Schiaparelli is interesting I can t say I felt much compassion or empathy for them although I did find their characters enthralling I did however emotionally invest myself in Charles Ania and Lily s segments of the book which I thought was the most compelling part of the story As to the historical accuracy goes I feel the author has done her homework but because this is fiction many of the inner thoughts provided are most likely speculative As with any historical fiction novel I m also sure that some liberties were taken However because I m so unfamiliar with the topic at hand I can t speak to that What I do know is that I found this story engrossing and thought provoking and enjoyed the approach the author took giving Lily a chance to embrace her artistic nature and maybe find a second chance at love in the aftermath of so much tragedy and turmoil This was a very nice change of pace from the usual world war two inspired historical fiction that has become so popular this year Even if you are not interested in fashion the history politics and Paris location will soon draw you into the story and keep you engaged and invested in the drama from beginning to end 4 stars Fascinating look at two fashion icons as different as the clothes they designed Review coming soon 35 StarsThe Last Collection is a fun and entertaining yet heartfelt story that exp. Hey oppose each other at every turn in both their politics and their designs Chanel's are classic elegant and practical; Schiaparelli's bold experimental and surrealWhen Lily Sutter a recently widowed young American teacher visits her brother Charlie in Paris he insists on buying her a couture dress a Chanel Lily however prefers a Schiaparelli Charlie's beautiful and socially promi.

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