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The Definition of Icing (Dallas Demons, yI received a free digital copy of this book from the publishers via NetGalleyThis is a historical fiction novel set in Ceylon in 1935 and follows aoung married couple called Louisa and Elliot They have a rocky marriage at times as Louisa is struggling to carry a child having had many miscarriages and Elliot has gambling and drink problems Louisa couldn t have predicted just what else her husband was hiding from her though His death in a car crash when he should have actually been sailing opens Louisa s eyes and leads her to uestion how well she ever really knew her husband at allI love how Dinah Jefferies spins mini mysteries into her historical fictions I love historical fictions and enjoy the settings and the descriptions in every single book she writes The mysteries really help pull me into the stories too though This mystery was no exception and Elliot was uite the piece of work I would never have predicted the mess that he left Louisa in which led to many twists and turns My mind did go a little into disappointed overdrive though as I kept over complicating my guesses as to what would happen as the novel went on This did lead to some disappointment from me on that front as things were much simpler than what my mind had createdI did find parts of this story dragged a little Once I had got past the initial introduction to the book become settled down in the time period and surroundings and the initial mystery started the plot took a bit of a dip for me At times I had to force myself along with the story This only lasted for around ten percent of the book though Then things really started to heat up again as the true measure of just how terrible a person Elliot had been really came to lightI love Dinah Jefferies writing and I can t wait to get stuck into of her wonderful settings and mysteries I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to read a historical fiction set somewhere totally uniue and enjoys mysteries too is such a charmer and always living for that adrenalin rush I really felt for his sister Margo always living in his shadow and trying to get noticed His secrets bring nothing but heartache for not only Louisa but both of their familiesI loved Louisa from the beginning Despite living with her sadness shadowing her life she is optimistic and open to change Always there to support Elliot she has to re think many things after his death Shock after shock had me tense and anxious waiting for a resolution Twisting my stomach and making me want to hit out in frustration Especially at Louisa s mother in law Irene Seething is an understatement and nothing changed my mind about herI was overjoyed to find out that Gwen is Louisa s friend and that Louisa gets to spend a healing time on the tea plantation with her I think of Gwen as mine what a testament that a story read over two Paris Kanonen--The Paris Guns (Wilhelmgeschutze) and Project Harp years ago can still be recalled readily to mind along with the same emotionsI felt Louisa and Leo were very similar with their outlook on life despite the outward appearances The attraction felt very natural Their growing friendship has lots of fun moments as well as the turmoil Oh I felt that exhilaration on the back of the motorbike just as much as Louisa did The moments that drew them together showed their true characters and even though it would have been easy for Louisa to just fall into his strength she still maintains independence with everything having its right time I think Leo s understanding of Elliot is spot on and this only made me warm to him even Once again I experienced the exotic locations first hand Galle Columbia and Cinnamon Hills city and country similaret different The smells the monsoon the food and the people are all colourful and full of life I love being able to visit different cultures vicariouslyThere are moments of grief in The Sapphire Widow but also moments of pure joy The scenes that not only brought me the most sadness but also the most happiness are ones I can t share no spoilers I can say that I was invested emotionally in each and every one Yes this is a story of secrets and heartache but ultimately I found it uplifting One not to miss I

"only received a "
received a of this today but luckily it s been one OF THOSE DAYS WHERE I VE those days where I ve travelling and waiting around a bit so plenty of time for readingI ve just had the most productive day ever thanks to Dinah Jefferies solved a mystery been transported Hey ForeverBookers I ve just finished perhaps my favourite standalone novel EVER I don t love standalone novels because I often think they re over too uickly but this one although it did still leave me wanting it had a great and packed story I often think that standalones are a waste of time because I m only just getting invested when I ve finished However that wasn t the case with The Sapphire Widow by Dinah Jeffries It s also published as The Tea Planter s Secret by the same author and is sooooooo good It s an adult historical fiction set in 1935 While the novel did go FAR beyond my expectations there were still a couple of things that I would have liked added to the plot 5 STARSI read The Sapphire Widow for many readathons again Reading Rivalry Book featuring a taboo subject Betrayal and lying Fiction Feud Society for the game of Clue Knife thrillermystery It s a mystery in that we get a big reveal and are trying to work out how that happened Litwits Forbidden Love I d say that there are two forbidden loves Literary Love Affair Trees On The Cover On all versions of this book I believe there are trees on the cover according to Goodreads anyway mARCh a thon This is my own little readathon where I m trying to get through as many arcs as I can in the month of March This is my second and it s still only 8th March I hope to read at least 5 arcs Wish me luckThere are SO many areas to the plot so if I don t summarise them all sorry Just know that it s still an amazing story that I think anyone can find something in whether it s purely for enjoyment another book to add to our Goodreads Read stack or hope I however wouldn t advise this for anyone struggling through the loss of a baby or maybe even wanting a baby soooo much as that s what our main character Louisa struggles with throughout She s had many failed pregnancies and a daughter that dies after child birth before the story begins Louisa lives in historical Galle Ceylon in Sri Lanka She s a well off English immigrant She lives out there with her husband Elliot and her father Christopher These characters play big enough roles in the story but it s mainly focused on Louisa The novel is written in third person narrative which I didn t mind so much this time I think it s because we can see Into The Eyes Of Other the eyes of other which in other third person novels that I ve read we don t need to see Here we do to really get a grip of the events The Sapphire Widow is really about accepting that with support ou can overcome anything just by changing the way Three Barnyard Tales you view the world and people aroundou and that nothing should stop A Short History of Ireland, 1500-2000 you from trying to do whatou want NOTE This is an adult novel as it explores the stigma surrounding women who can t have children for one reason or another There are love scenes too that are spread out over the novel There is a story that s to do with death of a loved one as well as racism too The novel is historical so that is to be expected Spoilers below Even after twelve If an Elephant Went to School years of marriage she still thought him a truly handsome man This is what Louisa thinks of her husband Elliot at the beginning of The Sapphire Widow What she doesn t realise at this point is the giant secret he s been keeping forears When had she died Before or during the birth itself To be born without life What did it. A sweeping breath taking story of love and betrayal from the Number One Sunday Times bestselling author of The Tea Planter's WifeAlso called The Sapphire WidowCeylon 1935 Louisa Reeve the daughter of a successful British gem trader and her husband Elliot a charming thrill seeking businessman seem. .
The Sapphire WidowMean These were the uestions still haunting her Here Louisa is recollecting the birth of her and Elliot s daughter Julia and her uick death after birth She doesn t think it s fair which of course it isn t All Louisa wants is a baby of her own After this and her other miscarriages is this really too much to ask she uestions This is why what Elliot has done hurts so much too As to what he s done he s already got a seven Morse Code for Radio Amateurs year old son Conor When Louisa finds this out she s shocked beyond all belief How dare he have a child with someone else she thinks Maybe next time I ll come withou A trip away just the two of us He didn t reply Elliot doesn t want her to come with him because she ll discover his secret Elliot knew about Conor it s revealed in the second half of The Sapphire Widow He writes a letter to Zinnia Conor s mother that he never sent which Louisa discovers after his death It explains his love for her and that he wants to be with her instead of Louisa When Louisa is told by Leo our other main character that he knew about Conor because he s Zinnia s cousin she s shocked But danger was Elliot s addiction alludes to how nothing scares Elliot He dies uite early on in the novel I believe that he is the Sapphire Trader in one of the titles as it s him that has the huge secret He dies in a car accident we learn in the first half of the story We don t ever uncover why he died though That doesn t really matter to the overall plot but it would have been nice to know Was it his debts Was it his other relationships that are also hinted at We just don t know Maybe we re to come to our own conclusionI believe that The Sapphire Widow t is a book about moving on and about finding love again The romantic elements were my favourite parts of the plot I loved Leo Louisa s partner after the death of Elliot Something about the intense darkness of his eyes unsettled her When Leo is introduced he s a bit of a recluse because he lives at a tea plantation and doesn t see many people day in day out This is what Louisa is referring to when she says his eyes unsettle her I believe He s just not used to people This is when Elliot is showing Louisa the plantation The only people that Leo sees are Zinnia and Conor his family both of whom I mentioned above but he doesn t spend a lot of time with them at first It s Leo that tells Louisa of Elliot s affair after his death as he thinks she deserves to know the truth He knows because his sister told him Of course she s angry to begin with who wouldn t be If I found out my husband had had a secret affair and a child as a result I d be livid Louisa doesn t think she ll be able to see or be around Conor He s what she always wanted with Elliot He should be her son she thinks But as the story progresses we see that Louisa accepts and learns to love Conor for who he is and doesn t care about who made him They had come a long way since those early days and she had to admit she really was beginning to think of the child as hers I found this line sweet because it shows that Louisa has come to accept Conor as her own child Zinnia dies during the novel leaving Conor motherless All he s got is Leo after her death Does this bond between him and Louisa continue to grow or does it all come to a bad end I desperately wanted Louisa to fall pregnant with Leo s baby Does this happen You ll have to read to find out We never find out why Louisa couldn t have children with Elliot It obviously wasn t because of him as he has Conor This isn t expanded on I think because at the time this is set 1935 women just didn t know why they couldn t have babies They just had to accept it and move on Now with all the technological advances we do have of an idea as to why some women struggle to have children Of course there s a romance in The Sapphire Widow There are actually two for our main character but only one is focused on which is good When I read the blurb I thought that Louisa would have both men on the go at once but this is not the case thank goodness The main romance is have both men on the go at once but this is not the case thank goodness The main romance is Louisa and Leo It was slowburn which I m not normally a fan of but this one came with a LOT of chemistry I don t normally like slowburn romance because I think they re uite boring but because of the chemistry Louisa and Leo had together I was all for this one We could clearly see Louisa as she realised her feelings for Leo as well as Leo s feelings for her but I also Wanted To Hear Your Voice She Smiled Happy It S to hear The Ideal Muslim Society your voice She smiled happy It s to hearou too IWell what I mean is that I m looking forward to seeing Linux Networking Cookbook you too That s all She felt the warmth curling inside her chest and sensed that something that might change everything was on the verge of happening Of course it s their love that might or might not happen Does it You ll have to read to find out Another big part of The Sapphire Widow is Irene Elliot s mother She s not always on the page but is there throughout a bit like Margo Elliot s sister Margo is always on Louisa s side like her sister than Elliot s but Irene is a horrible woman She s always trying to put Louisa down and tell her she s wrong which isn t true Louisa is right than Irene When a husband strays I blame the wife And by thatou mean If Marcus Garvey you d only had children Louisa felt stunned Soou blame me for his extramarital affair And what about his debts Were they my doing too Irene shrugged To be completely honest I thought Irene was a vile woman and absolutely hated her She s the worst as in most evil antagonist I ve come across in a non fantasy novel The way she says If ou d only had children leaving it open ended really made me angry It s like she wanted to rile Louisa She s just not a nice woman and when she threatens to adopt Conor because he s her grandson Louisa feels it s up to her to make sure that doesn t happen Where does Conor end up You ll have to read to find out There are other elements like Elliot s gambling debts and the building of an emporium to see the jewellery which I wasn t all that interested in Luckily those bits were scattered in the main plot so it wasn t all in one place What did I like about The Sapphire Widow I LOVED the romance I don t normally like slowburn romance because I think it s too slow but I don t think instalove would have really worked because we needed to see Louisa get to know and trust Leo first before anything could happen between them It would have been nice to have seen a little but I m happy with what we got I loved the characters even Irene or how she was written anyway They all had something different about them to make them stand out The very minor characters weren t focused on very much I appreciated this I felt very much on Louisa s wavelength I thought that I would have made the exact decisions that she did throughout I felt as if I was Louisa apart from how we look different I loved the setting It was great to read about a place that I didn t know I ve never read about or studied Sri Lanka so I wasn t aware how different it was to the country where I live The setting wasn t largely focused on but what was there was interesting like the plantation and beach scenes Where I live the weather isn t nice enough to have plantations or to go to the beach every other day I liked how I felt about EVERY emotion while reading I felt love anger resentment hate excitement surprise and That s really *What We All Want *we all want a good novel I think I put the heart emoji next to the scenes that I considered love scenes and I must have had over 50 by the end of the novel The author was able to write all these emotions while still keeping a flowing story What didn t I like about The Sapphire Widow There wasn t really anything that I didn t like apart from something tha. Like the couple who have it all Except what they long for than anything a childWhile Louisa struggles with miscarriages Elliot is increasingly absent spending much of his time at a nearby cinnamon plantation overlooking the Indian ocean After his sudden death Louisa is left alone to solve the myst. T I don t want to spoil The novel would have been perfect if this event had of happened but I understand why it didn t because life is never perfecteven for book characters That was the only thing that would have made this a beyond amazing book for me It was amazing as it was Therefore I ADORED The Sapphire Widow I highly recommend it if ou love slowburn romance books set in way off places if Amok you don t already live in Sri Lanka historical fiction that feels like it s todayou re reading about and just sweet stories that tug at our heartstrings As I said above warning for talk of miscarriage and loss of children however Stand by for my next review coming soon The Sapphire Widow is another mesmerising story from Dinah Jefferies Set in Ceylon in 1935 it s a beautifully written and evoc I never thought that with a few classic exceptions I would read historical fiction willingly That was until I saw the beautiful cover of this book and wanted to know I read the excerpt and wanted to read the bookDinah Jefferies writing completely transported my imagination to Ceylon in 1935The book tells the story of Louisa Reeve the daughter of a British gem trader and her husband Elliot a charming businessman her relationship with her husband appears perfect but as we all know looks can be deceiving and so can husbandsI thoroughly enjoyed this book I completely left my comfort zone and feel that I was rewarded with finding such a well written tale I was given a copy of this book by the Publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The ear is 1935 Ceylon which is what it was known as before their independence It is now known as the island nation of Sri Lanka There is ceylon tea grown in this lushtropical area The rain falls abundantly there and it s perfect for growing cinnamon there Louisa Reeve and her husband have struggled for Crochet years to have a child Miscarriages and a still birth have left her devastated and have taken a real toll on her marriage Elliot her husband has been increasingly absent from home His wife s sadness has taken a toll on him as well and he spends much time at a nearby plantation he s invested in Cinnamon Hills On the night a large party is thrown at their house he is very late and a police officer brings the devastating news her husband has been in a fatal car accident Louisa s life is left in ruins when she discovers he has ruined them financially after borrowing a large sum of money from her and she has no idea where it s gone When other devastating secrets are revealed she discovers the man she married has been a true stranger to her and not who she thought he was at all The scent of cinnamon in the humid air along with the lush foliage will drawou into this hauntingly beautiful book as Playhouse you try to solve who Luisa s husband really is and it will keepou reading Wonderfulwonderful historical book I absolutely can not wait to read by this author This is a real winnerPub Date 14 Aug 2018 I was given a complimentary copy of this book from Crown Publishing though NetGalley Thank ou All opinions expressed are my own Oh my the story cover says a story of love and betrayal included and my word both were heavily included What an action packed historical fiction novel that completely surprised me and exceeded my expectations At my local library I was one of the first in line to borrow a copy since I followed the book club run by Richard and Judy Set in the ear 1935 in Ceylon Desire and Deceive young woman Louisa Reeve lives with her husband Elliot and is the daughter of a gem trader with multiple successes There is just one downside to her world Not having a child After another miscarriage Louisa notices that her husband is spending less time with her and heading to a plantation next to the Indian Ocean Suddenly Elliot dies in an accident but leaves uestions than answers Over the course of the novel Louisa is left to pick up the pieces but in doing so ends up unlocking hidden secrets that shattered everythi The best thing about this latest book by Jefferies is the time and setting 1935 Ceylon now Sri Lanka The author does a very good job of describing the country s flora and fauna weather geography food etc soou can almost picture the place in Dannys Dragon (Tao of Love, your mind In addition we have the opportunity here to meet up again with Gwen and Laurence Hooper main characters of THE TEA PLANTER S WIFE who make cameo appearances here Gwen actually makes extensive cameos enough to be considered a secondary character in this bookHowever neither characters nor plot nor dialogue interested me much There s such a lack of depth to the people and the story and I found the dialogue often to be awkwardly written Even when the author is trying to have the characters interact meaningfully mostly what they do is spout platitudes to each other superficial psychobabble or just boring vapidity It was hard to like anyone or care about their fates since they were about as dimensional as paper dollsAs for the plot it centers around Louisa Reeve the Sapphire Widow of the book s title In 1935 she has been married for than a decade to dashing charming handsome Elliot They have tried for a family forears with tragic results miscarriages and a stillbirth Elliot has become a sometimes distant often absent husband and Louisa enables him by not calling him on his behavior and in addition continuing to supply him with funds since she and her father with their gem cutting business hold the purse stringsWhen Elliot dies unexpectedly his secret life is revealed both of a financial nature with gambling debts and shady business dealings and of a personal with the ultimate betrayal of a secret mistress and child So the story finds Louisa trying to cope with all this There is an inadeuately developed mystery missing funds and some is an inadeuately developed mystery of missing funds some characters running around popping up now and again to do shady things in addition to Louisa s dealings with in laws Elliot s mistress and child and Leo owner of the nearby cinnamon plantation which Elliot often visited and who is the mistress s cousinBut here s the problem I didn t care About anything Or anyone Well I disliked Elliot because he was a horrid husband but I couldn t really sympathize with Louisa because she was such a dishrag of a woman As for The Other Characters The Mother In Law other characters the mother in law a caricature ish witch Louisa s father and father in law were nonentities the sister in law was just Louisa s clone the mistress was a weak willed self absorbed puzzle and Louisa s new love was a boring do nothing who SPOILERISH comments to follow didn t even take appropriate action when his cousin the mistress needed medical attention and emotional support Instead his inaction led to her unnecessary death And then what does he do but delegate much of the care of Elliot s illegitimate child to Louisa because he s so busy with his cinnamon End of SPOILERISH commentsThe descriptive passages about the country were good but the story itself was sketchily developed almost like a rough draft The mystery about Elliot fell flat because of this Even the newly developing love connection for Louisa felt contrived and unconvincing I was disappointed by this new book by Jefferies It s not even half as good as THE TEA PLANTER S WIFE This is a weak entry in women s fiction The cover however is lovely and if Household Gods you count colonial Ceylon as a character the story has one good one Louisa Reeve had been happily married to her husband Elliot for twelveears the only problems being her miscarriages plus the stillbirth of their daughter eight Maos Little Red Book years prior Elliot was often absent from their home with business meetings in Columbo and working at the nearby cinnamon plantation where he held shares But Louisa mis. Ery he left behind Revisiting the plantation at Cinnamon Hills she finds herself unexpectedly drawn towards the owner Leo a rugged outdoors man with a cheuered past The plantation casts a spell but all is not as it seems And when Elliot's shocking betrayal is revealed Louisa has only Leo to turn