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The Silent WorldDed the two of us Going Over For Dinner over for dinner the Hogle place and always feeling welcome to just drop byThe Hogles ad a real library in their ouse with built in shelves and everything including a globe of the earth and another of the night sky Alfred Hogle noticing that I Hunted by Herne (Otherkind Kink: Horned Gods, had an interest in reading made the contents of this library available to me Thanks toim I read CS Lewis and lots of nature and science books at an early age One of the science books which made an impression was Jacues Cousteau s first work The Silent World in this Lady Lorena’s Spinster’s Society hardcover edition I think Mr Hoglead been an engineer before On the First Night of Christmas his retirement because this and so many other ofis books were substantially about technology Unlike some of the engineering books P.S. Im Pregnant head Tigress for Two (Alaskan Tigers, however this onead a real story some adventure and lots of interesting photographs The opening shot of Louis Malle s film version of The Silent World tracks a platoon of divers as they descend through blue water the focus of the shot owever is not the men themselves but on the long strings of bubbles emitted by their regulators and the flares each

them is olding The trace other words a flexible buoyant and irrepressible string which threads the seawate. Apture where divers become like drunken gods; and of the 396 foot dive that took a brave companion's lifeCousteau Dumas and their courageous teams of divers ave used their new techniues of exploration to make important discoveries in almost every branch of science In The Silent World they share with us the greatest undersea experience men ave ever a.

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The joy of this book is the discovery of the underwater world Though Cousteau made these
decades ago they are new you when you pick up the book It s a wonderful read if you can get ahold of a copy A pretty good warts and all story of Cousteau s early dives and ow they developed aualungs and new types of euipment that are still the foundation for diving today As a kid I watched The Undersea World of Jacues Cousteau every week so this book was a little bit of a retro experience for me If you Attentions Throbbing have even the mildest interest in biographies diving or anything to do with the undersea environment you should read this book It is also a very interesting look into Post WWII EuropeFind it Read it Wow Scuba diving the Red Sea exploration what else can a girl ask for This girl anyway My favorite bits of this book were the ones that revealedow much diving and biology as changed in the past 50 years No riding turtles ripping out gorgonia or petting cuttlefish The crunch of coral is a bad thing these days And oh this book is so French Cousteau talks about all the bottles of wine they brought with them on their adventures Point me towards the ocean During childhood summers spent along the lake A new era of undersea exploration adventures Point me towards the ocean During childhood summers spent along the lake A new era of undersea exploration in 1943 when the young French naval officers JY Cousteau Philippe Tailliez and the great civilian diver Frédéric Dumas plunged into the Mediterranean with the first aualung co invented by CousteauIn this fascinating report Cousteau and Dumas tell what it is like to be “menfish” swimming in the deep twilight. T Grandmother s in SW Michigan I was effectively an only child my brother Fin Einar not being born until I was seven and being pretty useless for years afterwards There was my brother Fin Einar not being born until I was seven and being pretty useless for years afterwards There was one other kid in the woods we called Livingston Hills Diane Werner the daughter of Dad s childhood friend Christian We would see each other a lot over the years until she maturing faster started getting girlish around age twelveDiane and I ad an arrangement whereby we played both indoors and outdoors on alternating days Indoor days were Spinetinglers Anthology 2008 hers Then we would playouse with dolls and stuff Outdoor days were mine Then we would play army often as tank commanders patrolling the rutted sandy roads in the woods Of course there were plenty of exceptions to this arrangement Rarely some adult would take us to town or rain might force us inside or there d be another family with kids up at their summer ouse for us to visitPretty much everybody in Livingston Hills stayed in a summer ouse The Werners and the in Livingston Hills stayed in a summer Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Obesity house The Werners and the Hogles who lived in a realouse between ours were the only year round residents Childless Diane was like a daughter to them and doubtless spent much of their isolated winters with The Doughboys her at theirome During summers I was inclu. Zone with sharks mantas morays whales and octopi They tell of exploring sunken ships and of the treasures they brought up They describe ventures into an inland water cave that all but claimed their lives and their crazy 魔法使いの涙 [Mahou Tsukai no Namida] human guinea pig experiment with underwater explosions Cousteau writes brilliantly ofis audacious 50 fathom dive into the zone of .