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Lusion by any means as a thirty sixth state was needed to win ratification to the Constitution The battle that had been brewing since the nation s inception came down to the Volunteer State of Tennessee As the United States nears the one hundredth anniversary of women s suffrage Elaine F Weiss pays homage to the suffragists and their opponents the antis in The Woman s Hour The Great Fight to Win the Vote Weiss takes readers back to Nashville Tennessee in 1920 as the battle for women s suffrage reached an pic conclusion In 1872 young Carrie Lane woke up on Election Day and witnessed her father and the family s farm hands leave to go vote Her mother an História do Rei Transparente educated woman was not journeying with the adults and Carrie asked why not The farm hands mostly illiterate snickered only men were allowed to voteven if many college Best Mechanic Ever educated women knew about currentvents than they did This was the law of the land that only men could vote and the incident triggered a spark in Carrie Lane that would last the rest of her life Nearly fifty years later Carrie Chapman Catt had devoted her Dinosaur Dinners entire life tonfranchising women to vote After attending a rally for suffrage as a young adult Catt had the pleasure of meeting Susan B Anthony founder of the movement along with Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1848 Catt joined the ranks of Aunt Susan s Girls and the fledgling National American Women s Suffrage Association NAWSA as the women would use any means necessary to achieve full American citizenship through voting A movement is considered successful if it swells in ranks and splinters into multiple groups that differ in ideology yet have the In His Blood end goal of achieving the same dream This occurred in 1908 with the women s movement when Alice Paul broke ranks and founded the National Women s Party NWP While the women of NAWSA practiced nonviolence after seeing how abolitionists lead by Frederick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison achieved annd to slavery and gained black men s voting the women of the NWP used a model practiced by English suffragists lead by Emmeline Pankhurst Pankhurst would use any means necessary to achieve suffrage and Paul followed her lead holding rallies at the White House and burning the President s likeness in Desert Kings (Deathlands, effigy Many of her members saw jail timearned Prison Pins and traveled the country on the Jail time Special to canvass for suffrage Not all women believed that their sisters should vote An Officer and a Spy especially in the south The Anti movement lead by Josephine Pearson in a promise to her mother Amanda at the core believed that giving women suffrage would lead to the breakdown of the American family With women working outside of the home and gaining key positions in government they would no longer be homemakers and child rearersven prominent women Eleanor Roosevelt and Ida Tarbell believed in the cause In Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, essence society would be on the verge of collapse That this took place after fighting to defeat bolshevism in the Great War and the winning of women s suffrage in many European nations is telling Additionally southern whites saw the women s voting as allowing Negro women the right to vote Already Negro men could vote and their combined numbers were sure to overturn white supremacy in the south Withach group the Suffragists and Antis having strong arguments as to why or why not women should be allowed to vote hundreds of women converged on Nashville Tennessee s Hermitage Hotel in August 1920 as the battle for women s suffrage reached its Ooko epic conclusion Even though women have now been voting for nearly one hundred years Weiss account of the battle for Tennessee to ratify women s suffrage read like a thriller As Catt foresaw the battle for women to vote would be fought by men Both the Suffragists and the Antis recruited the women of Tennessee to be on their side of the battle and these women were in charge of canvassing the state to convince law makers of both parties to be on their side People of both sides and genders stooped to the usual political tactics of blackmail bribery carousing and the promise of future political appointments One could tell if a law maker sided with the Suffragists or Antis by the yellow or red rose that he placed in his lapel On a few occasions meetings with key women on both sides saw lawmakers switch their allegiance from yes to no and back again In the steamy pre air conditionednvironment of 1920 Nashville a few courageous men switched their allegiance from no to yes once and for all and the 19th amendment won its thirty sixth state the two thirds majority needed for ratification The women had their hour Today there is a sculpture in Nashville s Central Park honoring the NAWSA members who won Tennessee for the Suffragists Women voted for the first time in 1920 and have been Naked ever since often surpassing men s participation at the ballot box The Antis argument is not without merit and the women s movement of today includes in its ranks women who have chosen to be homemakers and stay at home moms I can proudly say that I have stayed home to raise my kids and vote on a regular basis Despite reading biographies about Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton from the time I was a kid I was unfamiliar with the micro history that lead to the passage of the 1920 constitutional amendment Elaine F Weiss has done a magnificent job of bringing thesevents to life and honoring the women on both sides of the fight who Shadow Scale (Seraphina, eventually gained votes for women As women s history month approaches The Women s Hour was a worthy read to get me inspired to celebrate women s history month nearly one hundred years after the great fight Note This is a current read in the Nonfiction Book Club here on goodreads and the ongoing discussion is almost as compelling as the fight to win the vote 5 stars After thinking about this book overnight I ve changed my rating to five stars When an author can take a book where we already know the outcome but can make it not only interesting but thrilling and heartfelt it can Garner no less Plus I listened to this and the narrator Tania Gilbert was brilliant as wellA book I truly believevery women should read They will come away with a deep appreciation to the ffort and pain read They will come away with a deep appreciation to the ffort and pain went into our having the right to vote Yes there are many names within hard to keep track of but you will come to know the key motivators uite well These women were indefatigable in their fight many were jailed force fed and made to ndure other indignities Some were I ll with underlying conditions and yet on they fought I was surprised by the amount of women who were anti suffragettes underlying conditions and yet on they fought I was surprised by the amount of women who were anti suffragettes their reasons interesting ven somewhat credible looking back on it from today But it is clear the right to vote is a privilege and one hard In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, earned and should not be neglected with mundanexcuses According to the other since the Bark eighties women than men havexcercisd this right and I can only hope that this continues and multipliesI learned so much history from this book and at times such as when Katt goes to the White House to thank President Wilson for his support and finds after his stroke a wreck of a man I actually got teary On Such a Full Sea eyed Despite this being non fiction I found this to be a verymotional book What an admirable struggle the rights for women which still today has a way to Y Jack Daniel's and the BibleFollowing a handful of remarkable women who led their respective forces into battle along with appearances by Woodrow Wilson Warren Harding Frederick Douglass and Eleanor Roosevelt The Woman's Hour is an inspiring story of activists winning their own freedom in one of the last campaigns forged in the shadow of the Civil War and the beginning of the great twentieth century battles for civil rights. The Woman's Hour

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This book was a suffrage thriller It s about the fight to get Tennessee to ratify the 19th amendment and it s a fascinating read It s also super revelatory about the debates today Here are a few takeaways and thoughts 1 The anti suffrage women these are today s conservative women who always seem to be fighting against their own political representation I will never understand it but what was fascinating here is that Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! every single phyllis schlafly and Sarah Palin and Tomi Lahern s today would say that of course they would be fighting for suffrage but they wouldn t That s the pathetic and sad truth 2 The anti suffrage men were in a few camps bought by railroads or liuor interests who thought women would be against them and the men who thought that the women would join a womens party and unseat them This goes back to point one but it seems thatveryone was afraid that women would join together and push female candidates and form a coalition to push for certain interests against war alcohol corruption but ha Jokes on us we totally didn t Ugh3 Shocking to me that Eleanor Roosevelt and Ida Tarbell were anti vote and so was Wilson s wife I cannot fathom it And Harding and Wilson seems to show not all that much strength Cannibal either way here 4 The racism of the suffragettes Yikes I mean I sort of knew about Susan B Anthony s infamous rants but it seems to have been pervasive though not total And it s just unbelievable that they would be willing to throw their black female sisters under the bus so that they could get the vote though Anthony felt like Frederick Douglass through the girls under the bus to get the 15th amendment passed But they wouldn t let Ida B Wells march with them and they kept making arguments that the womens vote would not threaten white supremacy in the south oh by the way that s what this whole thing hinged on in Tennessee by the way the Klan having long made the 15th amendment null and void Charming Such a great book This book chronicles the political showdown between pro and anti women s suffrage forces as they descended on 1920s Nashville when Tennessee became the 36th and last state reuired for ratification of the 19th Amendment This was a tightly fought political battle overflowing with libel bribery and whiskey in spite of ProhibitionEven though it s no secret how the storynds most readers will begin to wonder how in the world will this thing get passed From our perspective one hundred years later it is tempting to consider the move of giving women the franchise to be part of the inevitable arc of history But this book makes it clear that is was definitely not a sure thing from their perspective at the timeThe story is told from the perspective of the individuals working on the project at the time In doing so the book provides numerous mini biographies and as these stories are told the long history of the Women s Suffrage movement going back to Seneca Falls Convention is covered Thus the stories of Susan B Anthony Elizabeth Cady Stanton and others are reviewedThe three individuals on the Nashville scene primarily portrayed by this book are Carrie Chapman Catt Sue Shelton White and Josephine A Pearson Readers unfamiliar with suffragette history will be surprised to learn how divided the pro suffragettes were and that some of the most prodigious opposition was led by women Catt led the National American Woman Suffrage Association which considered the National Woman s Party led by Alice Paul and represented in Nashville by Sue White to be too radical Josephine Pearson was the leading opposition leader in Nashville and was motivated by her belief that she was obeying both God and the wishes of her deceased mother One would think that anything so logical as women s suffrage shouldn t reuired such hard work to bring about Sadly part of the reason women s suffrage was able to pass in a southern state such as Tennessee was the implied permission and in the nd reality that the southern states would be allowed to continue their obstruction of voting rights for African Americans That was a battle for fifty years later It is the battleground of Memphis Tennessee in August 1920 where Carrie Catt and Alice Paul suffragettes stand toe to toe with Josephine Pearson an anti suffragette The fight for the 19th Amendment comes down to one needed state to ratify giving the vote to women in America It is an lection year and Tennessee governor Albert Roberts wants to make is an Man, Son of Man election year and Tennessee governor Albert Roberts wants to make he is relected His stance on the Susan B Anthony Amendment could make or break his campaign In the hopes that the woman vote will get him another term Roberts calls a special session of the Tennessee legislature to consider the amendment The women of the suffrage movement are split between the Catt s National American Women s Suffrage Association and the radical National Women s Party led by Paul They both go after the men of Tennessee s House and Senate while their opponent Pearson pulls some dirty tricks of her own to try to suash the vote The days leading up to the vote are frenzied and stressful for all involved Each side knows that whichever way the vote goes it will be by a narrow margin The savior of the day is one Harry Burn who on the advice of his mother makes a very last minute decision that heralds a monumental change in the lives of all American womenThis is one of those non fiction books that reads like a novel The in the lives of all American womenThis is one of those non fiction books that reads like a novel The changes in those days leading up to the final vote can at times be nail biting It is a story that all women need to read Many women fought to get the right to vote Many women fought against it as well I think a lot of modern women take the ability to vote for granted It shows in our polls with only about 63% of Alter Ego eligible women voting in the 2016 Novemberlection This is an xcellent book that will make you want to go out and join the League of Women Voters and stand as a proud voter The year is 1920 Every state but two has voted on the 19th Amendment The 1920 Every state but two has voted on the 19th Amendment The states remaining are Tennessee and North Carolina There is no uestion that the issue of women voting in NC is dead on arrival so all yes are on TNThe year is 1920 It is a presidential Uncommon Wisdom election year and the issue before the country is will it drastically change the face of thelectorate 10 weeks before a presidential Unseen City election Imagine debating an amendment that changed the voting age or allowed illegal immigrants to vote weeks before the vote Tennessee s decision literally decides who the next presidentThe issue is not just women s rights it is state s rights Ratification will force states opposed to suffrage almost all of the former Confederate States to allow to let women voteThe timing is crucial The Amendment passed in Congress in 1919 in part because of the role women played during WW I and the Spanish Flu If it fails then it might be another generation before the Susan B Anthony Amendment has a chance of passingThe issue is bigger than women s rights Women include black women What role does racism play in the passage or resistance to passage of the Amendment Is the country ready to let black women voteThe 1870 Tennessee Constitution forbade the legislation from considering a federal Amendment until after the Novemberlection but the Supreme Court ruled the US Constitution overrode this Still the state le. The nail biting climax of one of the greatest political victories in American history the down and dirty campaign to get the last state to ratify the 19th amendment granting women the right to voteNashville August 1920 Thirty five states have ratified the Nineteenth Amendment twelve have rejected or refused to vote and one last state is needed It all comes down to Tennessee the moment of truth for the suffragists after a sev. ,

Gislators could approve reject or delay ratificationElaine Weiss s book is fascinating the twists and turns in the book She tells the story in such a captivating way One of the most surprising aspects of the book is that prior to the section dealing with the debate on the Tennessee Legislative Floor was that most of the Suffs and Antis were women Let me just highlight one section Weiss presents a story When you finish the story the 19th Amendment looks dead in the water One Tennessee legislature however declares that unless divine intervention occurs the amendment is going to pass What did he know How did he know itAnother story involves a Tennessee state senator Herschel Kandler who makes such a pathetic speech that he antagonized Art everybody He accuses the legislatures of being in a petticoat governmentg beholden to women Virtually verybody blasts this man But one senator points out that Kandler is so out of touch with reality that he doesn t realize women no longer wear petticoatsThis is one of those rare books that I couldn t put down I was up until 330am finishing it This is the first of several books that I m reading in preparation for the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment this sets a very high bar for the subject A very strong 5 star review The start of this book thrilled me We see imagery of the Union Station in Nashville 1 Mercury alight on the steeple of Union Station Weiss notes this Mercury depiction as Mrs Catt of NAWSA nters Nashville on the train Apparently Weiss likens Mrs Catt to a divine messenger2 Bas relief of Miss Nashville depicted as goddess over the main ntrance of the station This imagery shows how ntrenched the Cult of True Womanhood was in The Matriarchs (The Family early 2oth century Tenneessee3 Bas relief of a LN train andngine bursting forth from a wall In the historical narrative of US American woman s suffrage the LN line fought against woman suffrage in Tenneesse This is made clear in the book but never xplainedBy reading this book I have learned of the progression of middle class women into the public realmDuring the Great Awakenings congregations needed preachers women stepped upDuring the Abolitionist Movement women act as donors orators writersWith the advent of typewriters women start working as typist secretariesDuring the Great War women worked industrial and communications jobsview spoilerAfter WWI women had as a group learned all they needed to to run two large camps of organizations Suffragists and Antis Both camps did their job of lobbying wellNote There were other jobs middle class women did such as nursing that did not so obviously contribute to women being able to organize service and promote large groups hide spoiler The Woman s Hour The Great Fight to Win the Vote is a comprehensive and meticulously researched study of the fight for the women s vote across the nation but focusing on the fight for the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in Tennessee the thirty sixth state that would bring voting rights for women throughout the United States and not the patchwork of ineuities and partial freedoms that presently xisted throughout When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) each of the fortyight states in 1919 What was striking was that this was after seven decades of fighting for these rights What I found so interesting was how the struggle for voting rights was such an intricate part of the civil rights movement Weiss focuses on the last six weeks of the campaign as the suffragists and anti suffragists converged in Nashville in advance of the vote The crusade for woman suffrage stands as one of the defining civil rights movements in the history of our country and its organizing stragegies lobbying techniues and nonviolentt protest actions became the model for the civil rights campaigns to follow in the twentieth and twenty first centuriesThe No Biggy! early advocates of legal rights for American women all began their activist careers as fervent abolitionists They believed slavery was a grievous wrong and they were obliged to confront and stop itWhen I ran away from slavery it was for myself when I advocatedmancipation it was for my people but when I stood up for the rights of women self was out of the uestion and I found a little nobility in the act Frederick Douglass 1888 I received an ARC from NetGalley in xchange for an honest review The Woman s Hour The
Great Fight To Win The 
Fight to Win the by Elaine F Weiss follows a handful of brave women who fought for the right to vote with cameos from Woodrow Wilson Warren G Harding Frederick Douglass and Eleanor Roosevelt The narrative presented primarily takes place in Nashville August 1920 By this time only one state is reuired for ratification of the nineteenth amendment and verything falls on Tennessee The opposition features politicians with careers at stake liuor companies railroad magnates and racists who don t want black women voting There are also the Antis women who fear that their own Attracting Birds to Your Backyard enfranchisement will cause the moral collapse of the United States All of theselements come together to face off in Nashville replete with dirty tricks betrayals and bribes bigotry Jack Daniel s and the BibleThis history book by Elaine F Weiss is Deep Listening easily one of the most readable and comprehensive books on the women s suffrage movement focusing on ratification and Tennessee that I havever had the opportunity to read I ve been reading uite a bit lately about that time period and women s suffrage but this is hands down the most informative when it comes to such a key moment in history The author also does a fantastic job of integrating history of the movement into the primary as well I for one particularly Bird-by-Bird Gardening enjoyed seeing Victoria Woodhull s name get brought up since she s so often left out I m glad that people are really beginning to learn about her life The author also does a great job of starkly laying out all of the movement s detractors so matter of factly detailing their means methods and motivations for being on the other side of history Finally I d also like to mention that Weiss also does a brilliant job of making her history book feel incredibly timely Of course the mainvents in the book take place 98 years ago but she still does a fantastic job of making their battle feel like fresh and currentOverall I highly recommend this new non fiction book from Elaine F Weiss all about verything finally non fiction book from Elaine F Weiss all about verything finally together after a decades long struggle for women to cast their ballots Every page of this inspiring 400 page tome is inspiring and well worth your time I will definitely be keeping my Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone eyes out for future projects from this author Audiobook read by Elaine Weiss and Tavia GilbertJoining the spirit of women s history month I chose this book Thank you to my friends who read it before me Diane s review saying she believed all women should read this book Being a historynthusiast and coming from a maternal line of political junkies the dates 1848 and 1920 were My Teacher Is a Robot entrenched in my brain from anarly age The years that American women first organized at Seneca Falls New York and then won the right to vote seventy years later are milestone Supper Club events in United States history My grandmother liked to remind me that she never missed a trip to the ballot box in her life from the time she was anligible voter Yet women s Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) enfranchisement was not an foregone conc. En decade crusade The opposing forces include politicians with careers at stake liuor companies railroad magnates and a lot of racists who don't want black women voting And then there are the 'Antis' women who oppose their ownnfranchisement fearing suffrage will bring about the moral collapse of the nation They all converge in a boiling hot summer for a vicious face off replete with dirty tricks betrayals and bribes bigotr.
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