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Tention with this first book I am so excited for the next one Charlotte has a big ay to plan for and Angie has a new job Threads of Evidence comes out in September 2 12 stars rounded up This one was a bit arker and gritty for a cozy which isn t bad but wasn t what I was expecting from the cover Reading this as a cozy which isn t bad but wasn t what I was expecting from the cover Reading this as group read with the Cozy Mystery Goodreads group This is good I am going to like the series I can tell already I finished Twisted Threads today and liked it so much The characters are interesting and it prompted me to go to Hobby Lobby and buy a needlework kit I "CAN T WAIT TO READ THE NEXT BOOK HERE "t wait to read the next book Here what I DIDN T like1 Gram is only 65 and yet she is portrayed as being as ancient at least in her 80s it would seem I know her granddaughter sees her that way but most people I know including myself who are 65 or even older are capable and spry unless they have health issues2 The minister collects Ouija boards and occasionally communes with spirits I idn t see his enomination mentioned but the ministers I have known would eschew such activities as being emonic according to the Bible and would only be communing with the Holy SpiritOther than those fairly major gripes I loved the bookI must now order some items Ms Wait mentions Wool Wax Cr me Tracy Chevalier s historical novel The Lady and the Unicorn Jo Ippolito Christensen s The Needlepoint Book and Hope Hanley s 101 Needlepoint Stitches Thanks for piuing my interest Lea Wait Yes I m Lea Wait the author of TWISTED THREADS the first in the Mainely Needlepoint series And I m very excited about this new series The protagonist Angela Curtis known as Angel to her grandmother is a Mainer and most if not all of the series will be set in Haven Harbor Maine That s 새로 만든 먼나라 이웃나라 12 - 미국 3 down the coast a bit from Cabot Cove and Weymouth The series is written from Angie s point of view she s 28 and not as book educated as Maggie Summer the protagonist of my Shadows Antiue Print Mystery series Angie had a rough childhood her single mother had a bad reputation in their small town and sheisappeared when Angie was ten Angie herself was called names and then lived up to some of them Her grandmother Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, did her best but as soon as she finished high school Angie lit out for anywhere but Maine She ended up in Mesa Arizona where she worked for a private investigator So now ten years later she has a gun license and experience investigatingShe s been through a lot but she s a survivor And when her grandmother calls to say They ve found your mother Angel It s time to come home Angie s on the next plane Back in the home town she both loved and hated she setermined to find out what really happened to her mother And she agrees to help her grandmother find the agent who s put Gram s Mainely Needlepoint business at risk Gram and her Mainely Needleworkers Born Fighting do custom needlepoint for boutiues and interioresigners They also help identify and restore old embroidery Those who loved the antiues information in the Shadows series will like Sarah Bryne a Needlepointer who is also an antiue Dr. Simon Forman dealer and the bits and pieces of information about old embroidery that is at the beginning of each chapter And most of all I hope you ll get to love Angie Curtis Welcome to Haven Harbor. Lled Mainely Needlepointers But when a shady business associate of the stitchersies suddenly under suspicious circumstances Charlotte and Angie become suspects As Angie starts to weave together clues she iscovers that this new murder may have ties to her own mother’s cold cas. Twisted Threads Mainely Needlepoint #1I ve recently ecided to challenge myself to finishing series I started in the past and left unfinished I tend to A Wartime Nurse do this when I have too many NetGalley books that need to be read and then Ion t come back to the series I m glad I picked this one back up because the first installment Twisted Threads is actually uite goodThe main character Angie Curtis returns home to her small hometown in Maine after the body of her missing mother has been found There s Split definitely aark side to this cozy mystery which might not 35 stars I really enjoyed this story but I always like mixing a cold case with a new one I When Stories Clash did not see the ending coming with the cold case I liked the characters and the setting and I look forward to seeing how Angie fits in with the Mainly Needlepointers Good start to the series This book has been sitting in my TBR pile for far too long and I am very glad that I finally read itI was reading another book by the same author in another series and I really enjoy her writing The mystery is well written and paced With multiple suspects it had me guessing until the very end There were two murders within the book and the older one brings up ugly town secrets that no one wants to believe until the killer finally confesses Have already ordered the next in this series Highly recommend This was a fantastic and gripping read that had me reading allay and night just to see how the two mysteries were going to unfold I liked the idea for a cold case mystery being the reason for the main character Angie to come back home That made a big ifference than an "Usual Broken Marriage Or Brake "broken marriage or brake with a boyfriend story line that most cozy mysteries have It might have had a arker story line for a cozy because of what happened to cause the cold case but it was interesting to see how both cold case and present case came together at the end I really enjoyed reading the first book in this series I m looking forward to reading of the series when they become available in the future I loved the little needlepoint related uotes or sampler examples which started each chapter of Twisted Threads It s nice touch which lured me into reading an extra chapter or two each time I read itI really like the way the two plotlines one hot case one cold were woven together by the end It s a little slow to get going but really gears up toward the conclusion I really liked that Angie had a plausible reason to be an amateur sleuth and the skills to pull it off she used to work for a PI it makes it a bit realistic She s very sensible and oesn t fall into the heroine pit traps of putting herself into angerous situations without appropriate backupI felt that the secondary herself into Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 dangerous situations without appropriate backupI felt that the secondary everyone except Angie and her grandmother Charlotte were a little 2imensional There s plenty of potential with some interesting characters the elderly erotica writer the ex sailor with a poison garden the Ouija board collecting minister who s ating Charlotte but none of them popped for me Maybe this will evelop through the seriesI Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society didn t really get what was going on with Angie and policeman Phil Itidn t feel like a romance angle there was something awkward and mysterious the author hinted at which was basically forgotten about. Returning to the uaint coastal town of Harbor Haven Maine a place she once called home Angie Curtis finds her memories aren’t all uite pleasant onesAfter leaving a ecade ago Angie has been called back to Harbor Haven by her grandmother Charlotte who raised her following her mot. Even if this is something which runs across the series I think some Kind Of Resolution Was of resolution was Pro I love when main characters in cozies have a job that makes their murder investigating make some sense so I was thrilled that Angie had been a private investigator in Arizona It made her investigating make sense I loved Harbor Haven It s a pretty town filled with interesting people but it s also a town that s been hit hard by changes in the lobster industry and it s struggling to survive That was portrayed very well without over oing it There were really 2 Lawn Boy Returns different mysteries going on but itidn t feel overwhelming or chaotic The characters were interesting and even the ones I Yolandas Genius didn t like were believable The pacing was good and even though I figured out the why before the book was through there were still plenty of twists and turns to keep me interestedCon For the most part I loved this book but Iid find Angie s interactions with Officer Pete Lambert a little strange I liked that she took the time to The Fairytale Hairdresser and Sleeping Beauty deal with her pistol carry permit but then her calling andealing with him over her mother s murder in a vaguely flirtatious way The Light Beyond the Forest didn t seem to fit her character Overall I really enjoyed this mystery but I m even excited to see where the series goes There s a lot of potential for some great mysteries and I look forward to visiting Harbor Haven and the Mainely Needlepointers soonFull Review Dollycas s ThoughtsThis is the first book I have read by Lea Wait Iidn t know about her other series I was on searching for books to add to my Books Coming Soon page and the cover just pulled me right in The book arrived and story picked up right where the cover left offAngie is uite a woman as is her grandmother Charlotte To survive having your motherdaughter isappear without a trace is "Just Tragic Then All These Years Later "tragic Then all these years later body is found so very close to her home That is heart wrenching Angie and Charlotte had moved on with their lives but they had grown apart Angie ended up in Arizona and idn t visit very often When her grandmother call her home her number one mission is to find the person who killed her mother But her grandmother needed her help with another matter as well Once she is home the women pick up like they were never apart and Angie starts to feel at home again in Harbor Haven There have been some changes some good some bad but Angie learns you can go home againThese are 2 extraordinary characters and I was able to relate to them so easily The needlepoint thread that pulls the plots together is a strong one I loved that both men and women were part of the Mainely Needlepointers Needlepoint can be very relaxing and challenging at the same time ANGIE IS BARELY A BEGINNER AND HER GRANDMOTHER IS is barely a beginner and her grandmother is expert and the rest of the group falls everywhere in betweenThe murder from the past collides with the murder in the present and Angie is like a Jewelry Making For Beginners dog with bone as tries to untwist all the threads to solve both cases As sheoes this she reacuaints herself with the people of Harbor Haven She gets together with her old friends and meets several new residentsThe town is a hot spot for tourists so it is the perfect setting for a new cozy series The author has really grabbed my at. Her’s isappearance when she was a child Her mother has been found and now the uestion of her whereabouts has sadly become the mystery of her murderThe bright spot in Angie’s homecoming is reuniting with Charlotte who has started her own needlepointing business with a group ca.

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