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Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows eIve it two stars for However thend of chapter assessments give Me Serious Credibility Uestions serious credibility uestions I have found about four or five The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) errors unknown to my instructor in chapters 2 and 3 assessments This is not including therrors my instructor already knows about in the assessments which are very freuent as in multiple per chapter Seriously lowers the credibility of the overall book I could see one or two Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, errors but almost six per chapter assessment in the first five chapters Two stars for compiling information but other than that I would advise your instructor to read the book and look forrrors before reuiring the class to purchase #It This Book Has A #This book has a of good information in it but it is not written in a way that s A Fairly Honourable Defeat easily to understand There are many terms highlighted in the book that are not defined in that paragraph forcing you to reference the glossary for anxplanationMany paragraphs have long run on sentences and have so many undefined words crammed into one line that it took much longer than it should have to learn the materialI found many times doing the chapter review uestions that the uestions were worded in a way that made it hard to determine the correct answer different wording in the paragraph made it tricky and harder to learnMy MLT program at a community college used this book for the first time this semester and based on the suggestion of my ntire class it will be the la. S safe from infectious agents Their practical focused and reader friendly approach first presents the foundational concepts of renal function and urinalysis Then step by step they focus on the xamination of urine cerebrospinal fluid semen synovial fluid serous fluid amniotic fluid feces and vaginal secretions The 6th Edition has been completely updated to include all of the new. ,
Good bathroom reader Easy to consult good informations good book My book arrived uickly with no problems The item

was in good 
in good condition as described This book is filled with great information and I actually njoyed reading it while I studied for tests The only downside was that some of the multiple choice answers in the back of the book gave the wrong answer Too much writing in the book Wrong answers circled I just finished this course as part of a CLS program and it was one of my favorite classes This book is interesting and asy to read There are some spots where a little detail was desired but I really did The Man Without a Face enjoy this text Inded up with a high A in my class thanks to reading and rereading this book I had to purchase this book for my MLT class It is horribly written I always rely on the nd of chapter uestions to nhance my studying but the majority of the answers given are WRONG This is really bad Sentences are often long and wordy The majority of my class has the same opinion of this book and hopefully our program director will go back to another text previously used that has great ratings The book is brand new #but I m not too satisfied with the packaging It is a paperback book so #I m not too satisfied with the packaging It is a paperback book so think it should at least be put in a box and not a bubble wrap bag There were a few wrinkles and a small fold at the corner That makes the book not new any The book itself so far is informative so I ll Here’s a concise comprehensive and carefully structured introduction to the analysis of non blood body fluids Through six Gone (Gone, editions the authors notedducators and clinicians have taught generations of students the theoretical and practical knowledge very clinical laboratory scientist needs to handle and analyze non blood body fluids and to keep themselves and their laboratorie.

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St This book seems like someone just slapped some facts together to get a book and did not give much thought to the user There were several pictures that "WERE LABELED INCORRECTLY ONE PICTURE WAS " labeled incorrectly one picture was twice with different descriptions underneath which forces the user to look up what which one is accurate another picture had a granular cast labeled as a suamous pithelial cell and there were not All Seated on the Ground enough pictures of the different components in urine This may not seem like a big deal but when you have to look upverything just to make sure your book is in fact accurate what is the point of having the bookThe Untitled. end of chapter uestions had at least two to three uestions that had the incorrect answer options when the student has to go through the book anddit to get the correct information then the book is not a good study tool Also the case studies were good but the answers did not make any sense at all it was as if someone matched up the case study with the wrong answersOne thing I remember is the book said a uric acid crystal could be mistaken for a cystine crystal which did not make sense to me since #the book said that uric acid crystal were rhomboid shaped while a cystine crystal is hexagonal I had to #book said that uric acid crystal were rhomboid shaped while a cystine crystal is hexagonal I had to it up and it turns out that uric acid crystals can have several shapes including one that is hexagonal but the book never Wiring explains this fact This is just one little detail the book does notxplainI go. Information and new testing procedures that are important in this rapidly changing field Case studies clinical situations learning objectives key terms summary boxes and study uestions show how work in the classroom translates to work in the lab Redeem the Plus Code inside new printed texts to access your DavisPlus student resources including Davis Digital your complete text onli. ,
Urinalysis and Body Fluids

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