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Ure as I don t listen to much rap few 41 year old men should say hip hop any Let me "explain i have long admired ay z s "I have long admired Jay Z s delivery and the oy with which he seems to embrace his talents he sounds like he knows he s good values his craft and enjoys the hell out of what he does And although William Gibson is uieter and uh Canadian I felt the same way about the author while reading Zero HistoryAfter the have to admit it was kind of a letdown Spook Country Gibson proceeds with Zero History as if he has a nerdy chip on his shoulder He sparkles in detail and rhythm interspersing long wraparound sentences with short noiresue dialogue The characterizations are taut and durable This book s natural partner both in theme and uality is Pattern Recognition In both novels Gibson scythes through cultural static and creates a present that while swirling all around us seems ust beyond our comprehension I don t want to make this novel sound like homework Reading Gibson when he s on point or anywhere close to on point is exhilarating Throughout Zero History he blends thematic depth with intricate industrial espionage and thank God reads as if he s locking in on whatever it is that makes him so excellent He like the self proclaimed greatest rapper alive makes it look easy I don t know from what roborant Gibson s been drinking but please don t stop now The flow between the three Bigend books Zero History is the third of a trilogy troubled me I read both Pattern Recognition and Spook Country so long ago that I felt as if I were missing from faulty memory subtle links between the novels Listen You ve probably already formed an opinion on "mr gibson if you like his work you "Gibson If you like his work you understand when I say Zero History is one of his best If you ve never read Gibson start with Pattern Recogition and work your way through the trilogy Although I doubt he d be so bold as to speak up on his own he s one of the greatest writers aliveAlso Tad RULES for getting me an autographed copy inscribed to me of Zero History I am forever in your debt si. Hen things go sideways They all have something Bigend wants as he finds himself outmaneuvered and adrift after a Department of Defense contract for combat wear turns out to be the gateway drug for arms dealers so shadowy they can out Bigend Bigend himse. ,

Meh Perhaps it s Fix Her Up (Hot and Hammered just my disinterest in a lot of the themes explored in these books I care not aot for branding advertising fashion and trends and so much of these books are bound up in those "themes that I struggled to stay awake in places Perhaps Gibson ust isn t for me As "that I struggled to stay awake in places Perhaps Gibson ust isn t for me As your mileage may vary Hollis Henry stay awake in places Perhaps Gibson Chinas Search for Democracy just isn t for me As your mileage may vary Hollis Henry ex punk rockstar is called in to do anotherob for Hubertus Bigend and his PR company Blue Ant This time he wants her find out who designs a particularly underground clothing label Assisting her will be Milgrim the ex unkie who can translate Russian this is seriously his only skill but given that Hollis has no skills at all it s a step up They wander Europe on Blue Ant s obscenely expansive expense account asking people about the clothing label This is literally the entirety of their plan to walk up to other clothing designers and ask them if they know about this underground label Over and over again It doesn t result in much plot or dialog but it does give Gibson an excuse to describe ad nauseum the outfit of every single character in every single scene Around page 300 Gibson seems to recollect that books reuire plots and randomly there s a kidnapping Hollis and Milgrim are as in everything useless in getting their kidnapped colleague back Somehow Hollis s boyfriend turns up with a plan Random coincidences occur everyone speaks in clipped non seuitors and the kidnapped colleague gets free I never knew what was happening or why I should care nor did I like any of the characters no matter how cool their haircuts and boots although apparently their hair and boots are very cool indeed Gibson Expends A Great Deal Of Effort And Page Space Reminding a great deal of effort and page space reminding of this It s a terrible dull book Gibson was known for his prescient views of the future but given that every page is a list of brandnames his current stories will seem dated very uickly Skip this seriesActually I uite enjoyed Heidi Hollis s former drummer and a physically fearless bad ass William Gibson is the Jay Z of his genre I think I can t be Much so that he spoke it with his therapist in the secret Swiss clinic where Bigend paid for him to be cured of his addiction Garreth doesn't owe Bigend a thing But he does have friends from whom he can call in the kinds of favors powerful people need Gibson keeps his finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist in this third instalment of the Blue Ant trilogy delivering a high tech internet dominated present which seems as futuristic as his cyberpunk SF novels In a world of industrial espionage iconic fashion and branding he highlights the amoral "darker side of marketing Can be read stand alone but I would advise readers new to Gibson s "side of marketing Can be read stand alone but I would advise readers new to Gibson s to read it in seuenceExtract Brand vision transmission he said Yes She raised an eyebrow Narrative Consumers don t buy products so much as narratives That s old she said It must be because I ve heard it before She took a sip of cooled coffee To some extent an idea like that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy Designers are taught to invent characters with narratives who they then design products for or around Standard procedure There are similar procedures for branding generally in the invention of new products new companies of all kinds So it works Oh it works he said but because it does it s become de facto Once you have a way in which things are done "the edge migrates Goes Where That s where you come in he saidReviewed on "edge migrates Goes elsewhere Where That s where come in he saidReviewed on William Gibson builds his novels the way the way a sushi chef would build grand complicationsHere in the third volume of what might be called his Blue Ant trilogy he continues the process of refining and stripping story down to its essential elements leaving room for the seductive arcana of his finely tuned obsessions The edgeworld fetishes that have always been the materia of true import in Gibson s work The extra space in the narrative also allows for a stron Well here I am at the end of the Blue Ant trilogy and I m left feeling about the same as I did throughout the entire thing The books are undeniably intelligently written but that s about all they are in my opinionAt no point did Gibson make me care about the characters or their activities Their goals were uninteresting the world they inhabited was uninteresting and I ust couldn t raise my interest level above a resounding. Hollis Henry never intended to work for global marketing magnate Hubertus Bigend again But now she’s broke and Bigend has ust the thing to get her back in the game Milgrim can disappear in almost any setting and his Russian is perfectly idiomatic so. .

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